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  1. Hello, Looking to buy 1 set of the new J Scott Campbell SDCC variant set for ASM 14 I thru L unsigned. Please PM me if you're selling. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm selling my Amazing Spider-Man 667 1:100 ratio variant (rarest modern variant!!!) . I am asking $20,000 or Best Offer. Please PM if interested and please serious inquiries ONLY. NO RETURNS. Acceptable payment methods are check, money order, and bank wire. If paying by check I will only ship once the check has cleared. Thank you for looking!
  3. No, I did not mean it that way. I meant that these aren't books valued in the hundreds, but in the thousands. I asked a simple question that's all. By the way Bob, I've purchased from you in the past and say hi every time I see you at shows. Hope all is well!
  4. Thank you to everyone who responded and some of you I’ve met/bought books from in the past. The moderns I’m submitting are more valuable than many high grade silver age books so these aren’t your “run of the mill” issues...
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a very reputable individual or company in which to send a few of my modern variants too for pressing as I do not want to wait for CGC. I do plan to get these graded this month or in February. I live in PA and would like someone on the East Coast if possible. I've heard of Avery Pressing and plan to ask them for references, but am not familiar with anyone else. Thank you in advance!!
  6. This latest reboot is technically volume #5 NOT 6 if it matters at this point.
  7. IMO, I think over 50% of the reason these sell out so quickly are as follows... 1) Flippers 2) Collectors were allowed to purchase 2 sets per order and it's simple math...order 2 sell one for double the price and boom you just got your set/comic for free
  8. did not intend to direct the comment at you personally, just cannot believe all the comments that jump to false conclusions. Hopefully, my last post clarifies everything. I can tell a lot of posters do not understand how these types of things are handled...I know I did not until this happened. This entire experience has been awful and Diamond could care less. My point was to bring light to how poor they are at what they do, but since they are the only Distributors for comics there is no choice. The large majority of comic retailers are not very fond of Diamond to begin with.
  9. OK, to clear up everyone's replies here is exactly what transpired AND MY POINT IN THE POST IS MY FRUSTRATION WITH DIAMOND DISTRIBUTION... I pre-ordered the set of ASM #25 from a retailer a month before the release date of March 15th. On March 14th the retailer emailed me with pictures that the book came damaged from Diamond due to poor packing. He explained the process to me and that he was required to destroy the book provide the "proof" to Diamond in order to receive a replacement (BTW, this happens A LOT in the industry)...ALA the shredding. I was then in daily communication with the retailer (who has been an absolute stand up person to work with) and he provides me with the tracking number for the replacement. I call him the day the 2nd copy is delivered and he tells me that this book was damaged as well (with pictures via email) as the cover was detached from the interior. They yet again destroyed the copy and Diamond has now shipped a third copy. I am crossing my fingers that "FINALLY" Diamond can do something right, but at this point am not holding my breath. I thought I could somehow "joke" about the whole mess, but apparently some of you are so quick to judge and make false claims. This bothered me a great deal and upset me being it was a significant investment, but I'm trying to turn it around and "highlight" how utterly PATHETIC I think Diamond IS. Rant over and I sincerely hope this clears things up.
  10. YES, it was a joke (i.e. SARCASM IN PARENTHESES!), both issues came damaged FROM DIAMOND DISTRIBUTORS NOT MARVEL. The HAIL HYDRA comment was a joke, sheesh...