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  1. Thank you for sharing. Always nice to hear other people's comic collecting stories. I wish you the best of luck in obtaining the remaining books you need. A complete signed run of X-Men from #94 and up would be incredible. The search is fun, but finally getting them is going to be better!
  2. Get an outdoor Nest cam and next time you will have proof that the delivery guy signed it. I had the same issue with UPS and I am glad I had the proof because otherwise they would not have even cared. A friend of mine caught the Amazing delivery guy throwing the package from his truck and he posted the video on the Nest site and got 2 free years of Amazon Prime, a $1,000 Amazon credit, and a free year of Nest cloud service.
  3. I lived in Vancouver for a few years and would hit up The Comicshop and another comic shop called Elfsar all the time. Elfsar closed up about 8 years ago. Sad to see The Comicshop close down as well.
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    Birthday Books

    I loved those Blade Runner comics. They did such a great job adapting the movie (which is one of my favorites of all time). I still have mine that I bought straight off the newsstand. I read them so much that they are in tatters, but I will never get rid of them!
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    My own comic room???

    This made me smile. Thanks for sharing.