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  1. Watched a Pawn Stars episode and a guy brought in Hulk 1-6 and had to have #3! Love the cover. Low grade is fine with me. Also picked up a high grade X-Men 40 needed for my run.
  2. Beat up Hulk #3 and a high grade X-Men needed for my run.
  3. Priced super cheap compared to recent comps online. $310 Shipped and insured. Payment due upon commitment. PayPal ONLY. Claim in thread 1st trumps everything and everyone else.
  4. Thank you guys!!. The original owner who sold it to me said it was about 8.0-8.5, but wouldn't be surprised if it got a 9 after a press. Either way, the comments are much appreciated. $400 out the door seemed to good to pass up. One of my fav books!
  5. 400 Looks 8.5. Pics suck. Other than the 2 corner touches, I think a press would really help it. I could be wrong.
  6. Out of the bag... The best I could do with the lighting in my cave. There are no creases. Color is great. Back is sharp. Never been pressed.
  7. I will when I get home tonight and I would really appreciate it!
  8. Been looking... over 2 years now, for nice copy at an affordable price.
  9. I've been patient! FINALLY after 2 years of looking for this one in a certain grade for a certain price...yay!.