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  1. Hulk 181 showing some good strength in 2020 - a good sign. In tonight's HA Sun auction the 9.8 went for $37,200 and the 9.0 for $5,750. If I was the consignor I wouldn't want that book sold while a lot of people are watching the super bowl but that's a good price realized.
  2. Glad this discussion can happen in the open. I had some concerns that due to the fact the boards is also a marketplace where there's sellers and dealers, it would mostly be bullish sentiment. What I've read have been some real good insights and candor. I personally want prices to go up as I've collected somewhat extensively but also want to make informed decisions on picking good moments to buy more.
  3. So I've noticed as I sift through GPA that prices seem to have been soft for alot of SA keys towards the end of 2019 and a bit of that trend carrying into 2020. Not one particular book per say, but really quite a few keys. I've heard a variety of theories and none of them totally resonate with me so I thought I would take the boards. Feel free to challenge that they are not dropping, it's just been my observation. Some theories I've heard are: various end of the world/economic panic type scenarios and collectors getting spooked on buying books some collectors are buying retro video games instead books being taxed at various auction sites a bit of hangover after the culmination of the Avengers movies a correction was due after tons of growth The Titans almost making it to the Superbowl w Ryan Tannehill at QB (see end of the world theory)
  4. I agree in general yes, but I've seen Bats 1 trending down slightly in some recent GPA sales - unless those copies were outliers due to something beyond the technical grade.
  5. prices are retreating almost across the board for Silver Marvel keys, will GA correct a bit in 2020? I'm cautious to be a buyer right now of any big books.
  6. Howdy folks. I saw another member post about their youtube channel on this forum so thought it would be ok to follow suit. Recently I launched a comic related youtube channel and hope you enjoy. Focus will be on GA and SA books from a collecting and investing perspective. On this episode I talk PCH and showcase some books in my collection. Yes, I wear a cowboy hat but I don't collect Western books
  7. filled in a big gap in my X-Men collection with this pickup off clink. The 9.4 copy in the auction sold less expensively than I thought. As far as 9.0's go, I'm very happy with this copy.
  8. fresh in from CGC. Was stoked to get the 3.0 as the seller listed it as Fair condition on the Bay when I picked it up in raw state. One of my top 5 favorite covers of the era.
  9. I enjoy when boardies talk about games. I trust these voices and I've speculated on games so always good to get some insights.
  10. my thoughts on the lots I followed MF73 4.5 (Voldemort) $32,400 - nice pickup there for someone, thought that price was a bit low for such an important book and was a real nice copy. This book still doesn't get the full respect it deserves in my opinion. I almost threw a bid in there last minute given this relatively low price but wasn't prepared. Sub-Mariner Comics #1 4.0 $16,800 - sold about where it should if one were to follow gpa and I thought a really nice pickup for someone at this price. Still an undervalued book in my opinion and tough. I can see this book really breaking out in the future. AF15 5.0 $38,400 - I know I know it's SA but it's a bellwether for almost the entire era. Continued the slight downward pricing trend of late. I liked this copy and wasn't bothered by the tape on cvr. A 5.0 under 40k is a nice grab.
  11. Entire lot - $250 shipped $150 Shipped my estimated condition: #4 GD/VG #5 VG/VG+ #7 VG+ #8 VG- #9 GD (cover almost detached) #18 GD+ (4 inches of lower cover separation) #20 VG (two copies of this) #20 VG