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  1. I did a video talking about the sale of the X-Men 1 6.0 tonight if you want to check it out:
  2. as a bidder on some of these lots, I'm refraining from commenting until after the auction closes. I don't want to invite too much competition in
  3. I still have my copy I bought at auction a number of years ago and got a pretty good price on it Pressed it and increased a full grade
  4. I don't have access to the data but I feel like there's been a gradual slowing of selling of GA material, particularly key and/or significant books, in the golden/silver/bronze age forum. I'm curious to know if other members have noticed this, or perhaps it's just my perception and I'm incorrect. I thought with the proliferation of instagram, fb and all the other sale outlets, there are just too many places to sell books. Personally, I love buying off the boards so I rather see it in increase than decrease. That said, I'm not finding as much to buy as I did say a year ago. Thoughts?
  5. Mister Mystery #8 - SOLD for donation. Free shipping but can only ship in the US. Nice showing lower grade copy, cover barely detached, coupon cut from interior page (effects art on reverse). This book in any grade is hot and this is a good price.