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  1. It's hard to gauge the gpa just by looking at the numbers because of copies with marvel chipping and copies without it, unless you look at each book. What do you think the price reduction is overall for a copy with marvel chipping as opposed to one without in the same grade and overall appearance?
  2. first appearance of the justice league and first appearance of the avengers, same thing. Who is the character that has a first appearance in either book?
  3. There are no key 1st appearances in Avengers 1 - whom are you referring to?
  4. First of all, I like Brave and the Bold 28 and I like the Justice League. But give me a break, all this book does is continue to go down in price. Has there been any SA key that has been punished as severely as this book? Are we still getting punished for the film that came out in 2017? Almost every time I see this book offered at auction, it comes in lower than recent gpa. This month a 4.5 copy sold for $2650. A 4.5 would have cost you more than that in 2014. I mean this book is just a total bloodbath in almost every grade and in every sale. I like this book and I hope it recovers.