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  1. Entire lot - $250 shipped $150 Shipped my estimated condition: #4 GD/VG #5 VG/VG+ #7 VG+ #8 VG- #9 GD (cover almost detached) #18 GD+ (4 inches of lower cover separation) #20 VG (two copies of this) #20 VG
  2. Howdy folks! Got some war books for ya, sold in one lot. Nice lower grade copies. -Paypal only (US buyers only), no returns, shipping included in price (USPS priority mail med flat rate box), books shipped bagged and boarded, books ship out from SF, CA. First take gets the lot. Not sure how to price these but #4 is a tough, cool book.
  3. I've gone before and got some nice books, fun show.
  4. cool thread. Prices are cheap on these original Avalon ballroom posters. So when are the Dead posters being listed? jk
  5. may I ask what the posted price was?
  6. The Saint #5 Not sure about you, but I love myself a platinum blonde and you can take one home for only $225. In that VG- range but presents better than that as the problems are mostly on the back cover.
  7. The Saint #2 A 5.0 sold for $408 this past June and I would put this at 5.0. To mitigate any risk for you and leave some upside in, let's sell this book at a really nice price. SOLD
  8. Famous Funnies 191 Cool book, tough to come by. The non-Frazetta covers get no love but I like this book. Condition would be much higher if some kid didn't fold the book in half decades ago. $75
  9. Adventures into Darkness #14 Next up a book I really like with probably my favorite cover in the run. Held it as a placeholder for a long time as it was really hard to upgrade it. Beat but complete as they say. A much lower grade copy but still hanging on at the top staple just like that guy in the water is hanging onto life. Probably Fair condition. $50
  10. Ginger #4 Lower grade, nice entry level copy in the GD+ range. Colors show really well for a lower grade copy and presents very nicely. SOLD
  11. Howdy folks, listing a small amount of cool raw books here. -First "take it" in thread gets book, trumps PMs that have not closed the deal in thread -Paypal (preferred) or personal check accepted -No returns, no international purchases (US only) -Books shipped priority mail USPS incld in price, no returns. Books ship from San Francisco, CA 10/12/19: Take 20% off prices on all remaining books
  12. forgive me because I have sinned, I started buying WATA sealed games and I like it.