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  1. super easy to deal with and was very pleased with the book, recommended!
  2. why wait a year? the book is already a deal.
  3. final bump with reduction before the book goes away.
  4. Howdy folks, got one book here. Selling this copy because I recently upgraded. This book is one of the more difficult non-keys in the run in high grade due to the reds on the cover. I have been working on a high grade X-Men run for years picking the best examples I can find in the grade and this copy is no exception. I bought it raw and had it pressed. I was surprised it didn't grade higher as the book displays better than my 9.2 but buy the book not the grade they say. Offered here for a very reasonable $490 $475 shipping included. Terms: PP (preferred) or personal check No returns No international shipping (US only) Shipped USPS priority mail box (incld in price) First Take in thread gets the book unless sold via PM and marked in thread as such prior. Book ships from foggy San Francisco