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  1. **For Sale** $225 posted HFH 1 CGC 6.5:- Origin & 1st Luke Cage (comic in the U.S)
  2. **For Sale** $450 posted (Comic in the U.S) Conan 1 CGC 9.0:- Origin & 1st Conan
  3. **For Sale**$325 postedGhost Rider 2 CGC 9.4:- 1st Full Daimon Hellstrom, 1st Son of Satan (cameo)
  4. **For Sale**$475 postedAvengers 3 CGC 7.0 UK edition:- 1st Hulk & Subby team up
  5. **For Sale**$175 postedBrave and the Bold 85 CGC 8.5:- Green Arrow dons new costume
  6. **For Sale**$125 postedFantastc Four 33 CGC 6.0:- 1st Attuma
  7. **For Sale** **ALL the slabs below are with me in the UK unless stated otherwise** $625 posted Fantastc Four 25 CGC 7.5 UK edition:- Thing vs Hulk battle issue (killer cover) Paypal only and no returns on slabs Sent out using Royal mail signed, tracked and insured All questions welcome. Thanks for dropping on by
  8. Wasn't offended in the slightest....I often find that people get tired of questions...so if I am self deprecating I find peopel are more willing to answer So...thanks for the answer. I have loads to learn
  9. Well I certainly prefer the cover of 2. Suppose you can;t say either which one you prefer in this case regarding content, as they can be so different from one another with what happens to be inside I have now sold almost ALL of my SA/BA to buy my pch's. Something will have to budge soon I guess. Perhaps the house and I live in a caravan....Yes..yes that is what I will do
  10. Ok so I know I am being simple here so treat me as you would a child. So you say yours has x,y & z inside. Why does the inside vary for this particualr annual...and others from what you are saying. Is the answer just...it is what it is or was there a reason behind it? Thanks
  11. Why is this btw? Also I agree that many people buy for the cover over the contents.....I myself am one of these people tbh. I don;t read much in general but when I do it is golden age madness ha I think for lots it is of course a nostalgic thing. I wasn;t brought up with comics...just the Beano really. However the more time that passes I am finding myself more interested in the content and the stories of the artists life etc etc I'll get there eventuallydon;t worry
  12. Well I have this en route now....will keep me company until one day its older Brother turns up