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  1. This isn’t mine, so I’ve linked to the gallery owner. Love it.
  2. As a follow up, a Clink rep saw my post and emailed me. I gave him an example of a piece I consigned in the past that would have benefited from some additional info that I provided. He agreed and apologized. So I do appreciate that they’re open to constructive criticisms and are willing to do better.
  3. I haven’t sold anything in a while, but I stopped consigning with Clink because so many auctions would end on holiday weekends, Fridays, etc... horrible for sellers on those days. That and there were a few pieces I sent that I wasn’t impressed with the write up, gave them additional info, but no changes.
  4. I’ve seen it touched on in other threads, but I’m always curious to see the random art that’s sometimes on the back of an OA page. I've found a few on my pieces, but this is definitely the most detailed. On the back of a Sienkiewicz NM page
  5. I like this better than the last BWS NM cover that went up a few years back. Curious if this will stay in a collection, or be offered up at SDCC for double like the last one.
  6. If it is the page in the deleted link... pass. Great artist, but don’t see the appeal at that price.
  7. I do stained glass work when I have the time.
  8. Just got the Cockrum Artifact in the mail today. I don’t get a ton of these, but might have to start. Love it.
  9. I don’t disagree, but I find Facebook a little predatory in their estimates. Whenever I see somebody inquire about pricing, it’s usually tons of lowballs followed by ‘pm sent’.
  10. Yeah, it’s them. It’s one of their many eBay accounts. Gotta control the market of unused covers.
  11. I love seeing them. So many of these guys have amazing talent beyond pen and ink, so I appreciate them getting to show those skills off.
  12. The devil bid was mine, and it was more than I really wanted to pay and a little more than I thought it was worth. Made sense once I realized I was bidding against a “dealer”. I actually like this one better, but I’m not bidding crazy just to outbid los bros, so I’m out.
  13. Maybe spend more time vetting your pieces than measuring yourself in front of us children. That’s not Jean Grey. It’s Colleen Wing.
  14. Do you even read this thread, or just come in to humblebrag when your name is mentioned? Because 3 of the 4 pieces on the page you posted are over 3 times, which is ‘have at it’ territory by your own statement. But you’re complaining about us having at it? 550 to 2000, 175 to 850, 6K something to coollines - so 3x minimum with some alterations... And the Jim piece isn’t a crazy markup, but it’s probably only being called out because everybody is sick of him spamming this forum and mailing lists with ‘new art’ posts just for it to end up on your site within the week. So as usual you miss the point. Nobody cares that YOU are selling the art. You’re a dealer and you can and should sell whatever you want. People, at least me, are just tired of his sale posts masquerading as sharing personal art.
  15. Well, if anybody wants a chance at another unused cover (that’s better than the last imo), here it is Better get it before los bros butcher it and jack up the price