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  1. I’ll slowly be adding to CAF as I have time to scan, but here are some of the prelims
  2. No prices on the back.
  3. I generally don’t love talking about prices, but my experience with Dan Thursday was easy and fair. The New Mutants page was quoted at $600 and the X-men 219 page I bought was $750 - both I felt in line with market. So I said I’d take them both and gave him cash.
  4. I ended up lucking out and purchasing the prelims for the book. I’m probably happier than if I had gotten a page or two. It’s gonna take me a while to get them all scanned in. There’s a lot.
  5. Not to disrespect Dan at all, but in my brief interaction with him yesterday, I got the impression that age is having some effect on him. According to a boothmate, he was late yesterday because he had to go back home for some type of issue. And he was out of his booth quite a bit once there. So I don’t know if he was distracted from the day, having memory issues, or a combination of both... Maybe he quoted you the wrong price first, maybe when you came back. I’d say ask again today and see what price you get if it’s still there, then let the situation end regardless.
  6. I’ll try to do the same when I get back home and have a chance to scan this weekend.
  7. Probably did. I was wearing a bright orange ball cap. Yeah, Bill had a few other pages he pulled out to show us that were gorgeous. I really hope the buyer shares with the world at some point. It’d be a shame for that beautiful art to go in a black hole.
  8. I’ll survive. The more expensive art I go for, the more I have to expect somebody will be a bigger BSD. Lol hopefully I’ll have some good alternates to show for the trip out. But yeah, the black and white work I feel is even better than the published stuff. Hopefully whoever bought it will share on CAF or whatnot so everybody can check it out.
  9. Person, I believe. I was first in line (hoping to buy a piece) waiting for Bill to get there so him and Sal could talk prices. Pretty much right after Bill arrived, a guy showed up and went off to talk to Sal. Next thing, the entire book was sold. The pages were gorgeous, too. I’m assuming the ones he has on the wall will stay up through the con, so you should at least get to see a few of them.
  10. I only saw two pages from 219, and I bought one of them
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I caught him right as he was setting up and got a Leonardi New Mutants page and a Blevins X-men
  12. Thanks for the info. Do the cue lines start pretty early each day?
  13. This will be my first time going to NYCC. Are there multiple cue lines to get onto the floor each morning like there are at SDCC?