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  1. Marvel comic presents splash. Sold on Clink July 14 for $456. Now available on eBay for $1700.
  2. Comic Art Live edition... Sold in July for $8400 through heritage... Now available for $15,000
  3. Uhh, two posts below yours is a thread on it. But here’s the link.
  4. If you’re asking about cgc books, the Art thread forum might not be the best place for a robust discussion. I have no onions on the matter.
  5. I’d have Bret Blevins, Walt Simonson and Marc Silvestri do a huge Inferno battle scene.
  6. I picked up something for low five figures earlier this year and it has $100 written in the corner.
  7. This cover is giving me The Boys S2 E6 vibes.
  8. I’d never list art as trade only. Having said that, there are definitely pieces in my collection I’d only trade. Why? I don’t need the money more than the art I'd have to pay more than I did originally to get another example, and the way the market is, it would probably end up being more than I get for selling Some pieces I’d want could probably only be pried loose with trade bait
  9. Sold 10 days ago for 189.95 Now available for 575
  10. Be careful not to say Donnelly three times if it’s an unused cover...
  11. Without you naming the artist, it’s hard to say what you should do. As grape said, there are definitely some well known deadbeats. I don’t stress about commissions. I’ve rarely had an artist meet a date that they quoted, so I stopped asking. I’ll get it when I get it. I usually send an email checking in every month or so. Sometimes I get a response, sometimes I don’t. I never try to seem impatient or antagonist. Not because I don’t want to be blacklisted, but more because I don’t want them sending me something sub par just to get me off their backs. I’ve had artists turn around in a month, some closer to a year. I’ve heard stories about way longer. Commissions overall to me are an exercise in patience, but you do you. If you get the feeling that you’re getting screwed, put them on blast. Otherwise, just keep checking in now and then.
  12. I actually like having to rearrange portfolios when I get new pieces. Gives me an excuse to look at and handle art that might otherwise get a little neglected.