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  1. Probably. Seemed like what was happening during Pedigree’s ill fated auction attempts.
  2. Can you guys maybe start a separate shill of the day thread and keep this one on sweet, sweet flippin?
  3. Sold on eBay last week Now available at probably 3-5x markup...
  4. Liking fine ales in San Diego is just a Tuesday.
  5. Yeah, not my collecting focus, just rang a bell on eBay since the pages were on Heritage for weeks and weeks. Not bad art at all, but I feel like they got what they were worth on Heritage. But best of luck to the seller.
  6. Sold for $138 on 1.6.20 on Heritage... Now on eBay with a starting bid of $250|parentrq%3A3a4c0eae1700a16d1448c9a0ffdcea6c|iid%3A1 Between Heritage and eBay fees, seems like a hassle of a flip, if they can even get $250...
  7. Which is accurate. I worked on commission, so now that I don’t, it’s more a matter of desire than ability.
  8. I prefer the personalization but I’m sure there are several characters that people always request that you could have ready
  9. I was in sales for a while, and now that I’m not I’m fine not interacting. Lol. I rarely find phone calls to be a few seconds. People tend to babble, and it annoys me to be on the phone for 5 minutes for something I could have read in 10 seconds over text or email. That and I tend to zone out pretty easily on the phone. Or it’s just I like dogs more than people. Who knows.
  10. So it was flipped twice in a month instead of once? Because it sold on eBay, then I guess you’re saying it was then sold to you, then you sold it. I guess that’s what I’m deciphering from that sentence.
  11. Is the shipping more expensive with something framed? Between tax, bp, and regular shipping, the last thing I want to do is pay extra for a frame I don’t want.
  12. So I guess there’s never been an item I wanted at Heritage that was framed, so I haven’t noticed before. But do they not take any pictures of the art outside of the frame? I’ve seen horrible fading before, so seems weird to not show all of the art.
  13. Sienkiewicz New Mutants page. Sold on Heritage Nov 23 2019 for $1680 Now on CAF for make an offer. Feel free to check out the heritage link so you can read any condition issues the new seller left out. Los Bros teaching seminars now or something?
  14. Sold for $750 Dec 27 Now $1800