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  1. A flip, to me, is buying a piece with the sole intent to resell. Nothing wrong with that. You see a piece come up that’s ridiculously cheap - buy it. Sell it. Make some money and buy something you like more. That aspect of the hobby doesn’t much interest me, but I’d be lying if I said resell price doesn’t sometimes factor in to my purchasing decisions. I don’t know anybody that wants to lose money if they want/need to sell. Except for commissions - I’ve luckily been happy with most of them, but those I go into expecting to lose money if I ever decided to sell. But yeah, there’s lots of ot
  2. I appreciate everything Bill does for this hobby, but seeing as how half his YouTube videos (and many threads here) seem more about the price of art than art itself, it’s pretty disingenuous calling out a flipping thread. Ignoring the fact that flipping definitely contributes to all these record prices is basically just gaslighting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I have no problem with people flipping. Heck, I’ve bought a few of the pieces that have come up in this thread. Do I find some of these flips comical? Sure - the same way I find regular pie in the sky prices on deal
  3. Man, this piece just can’t find a home. Coming up for sale again for the 4th time in a year.
  4. I generally consider anything relisted within a year a flip. The comic art version of short term vs long term capital gains. Lol
  5. Just to add salt to the wound, I did end up getting a text later. About an hour after the lot ended, and 50 lots after another lot I got a text about at the correct time. I was willing to go higher, so I’m hoping I see it in the flip of the day thread soon. Lol
  6. Of course the one piece I wanted today sold for about half my max, and I missed it because Heritage didn’t send me my text. Figures.
  7. I was curious what that was gonna end at, because even tho I think it’s great work, I wouldn’t want to look at it very often.
  8. x2. I like Leialoha just as much as Starlin, so regardless of who took the reins on this, it’s a great duo and great page.
  9. Lord. Lot of outdated sites. This is I guess the 3rd, most current website. I commissioned him a few years back emailing through this site, no issues. And I know whenever he posts new art for sale on Twitter, this is the website he links to.
  10. Not sure what games people are playing. You asked for examples, people gave, you explained them away. There are countless threads in the art forum detailing countless valid issues with them if you’re seriously interested in learning more beyond your positive experiences. Defending the Donnelly’s seems like a weird hill to die on regardless.
  11. I have definitely overpaid on a few items at auction, because my collecting wheelhouse overlaps with theirs.
  12. Gotta disagree with that. I’ve had the opportunity for commissions and art purchases the last few years, that I don’t think for a second would’ve happened if I hadn’t talked to and purchased from artists directly at cons to build up those relationships.