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  1. Hi, Looking for GI Joe America's Elite 11B 1:200 Variant. Thanks!
  2. If you have a 9.8, don't send it back next time for a regrade, just reholder. There was a problem with the cases a few months back, they will fix it for free if you let them know....If you resubmit a 9.8, it is near impossible to get a 9.9 or a 10. Most would be lucky to get that 9.8 a second time, especially with bindery tears!
  3. Hi, I'm looking to acquire an Empire of the Dead 1 1:75 Suydam "bloody apple" variant. I would prefer raw, but would consider graded as well. Any PM's with this for sale are welcome
  4. It looks to be in the 9.4 range, that lower corner looks bent, its near impossible to fix foil with a press. The back looks like some slight scuffing as well.