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  1. Well that is disappointing but thanks for at least trying to make it happen.
  2. Stone Cold tickets went live this past Monday for Saturday packages after the original Sunday packages sold out within 6 hours. I think his 2 autograph packages are $198 and then you can add as many autos as you want after that for $100 each but I think those are cash only while you are in line. Shawn Michaels packages are live and $155 for 2 autos and he is only going to be there Friday from 11am - 2pm. I think Adam Copeland (Edge) will be there all day Saturday and his auto prices are $50 if you pre-order and $60 the day of the show.
  3. Glad to hear that this may be happening. Once you decide either way, please post here so we can start preparing as soon as possible. Thanks!
  4. Just curious. Is there any retired wrestler not announced yet that would get a CGC witness to attend if they were to appear at Wrestlecon? I know the Rock would be out (too busy) but say someone like Stone Cold Steve Austin? Stone Cold doesn't do a lot of autograph signings or appearances so someone like him would put the line up over the top. Update: Stone Cold Steve Austin will now be attending Wrestlecon!
  5. I know it is a long shot especially since C2E2 and Fan Expo Dallas are the same weekend but any chance a CGC witness will be attending Wrestlecon in New Orleans the first weekend in April. I would love to get some WWE comics signed and be able to submit them. If you are going, please post here or message me. Thanks!
  6. You made me sad. I have two more I was going to SS but I'll let you and TD have them if you're still interested. Thanks!