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  1. Up for sale are 03 copies of Spawn #303 Exclusives. 1) Copy A - Green Background [SOLD] 2) Copy B - White Background (Asking $600 OBO) 3) Copy C - Black Background )Asking $600 OBO) 4) Copy D - Signed (Asking $750 OBO) c/w toploader Asking prices inclusive of registered international mailing to a valid US address. Pls state which copy you are keen. +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ Condition: Books are near mint seemingly, not very good at grading but no major flaws. Please see pictures for reference. Location: Books are in Singapore, and will be mail
  2. hi guys, One of the comic resellers whom I placed order with may be screwing up my order. It's been months and I have not yet received my books. Ordered the connecting variants and I have only received the POX4 halve. But among the orders are some of others whom entrusted their orders with me and I do not want to disappoint them. If any of of you have stock for the book, would appreciate if you could reach out to me. I will not be able to offer full and current value for the books, but I am open for negotiation. Hope someone can help me out here. I am looking for 6 copies
  3. not sure if these are still around and eligible for the 25% off.... if they are, I'd take these, thank you Punisher war journal 74 vf $5 Uncanny X-men 193 vf/nm $4 Venom the madness f-vf lot 1-3 $5 Batman year 1 part 1,4 vg $5 Amazing Spider-Man 360 newsstand copy A vf $15 Amazing Spider-Man 360 newsstand copy b vf $15 Amazing Spider-Man 365 $5 vf/nm Spider-Man and his amazing friends 1 newsstand fn $8 Hulk 333 vf/nm $5 Hulk 345 $5 fine Uncanny X-men 201 fn $3 Venom 1-6 vf $50
  4. Avengers: Sentosa Sandsation #1 Limited Prints, Limited Release. Pages: 08 Condition: NM, but I'm no professional grader. I bagged it in a acid-free bag with a fullback as soon as I received it. Price: $85 shipped [02 available] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Book is in Singapore. Price includes Singpost registered postage with tracking to anywhere in the world. Book will be packed adequately with protection to ensure its safe arrival. No retu
  5. whathe whathe~~~~!!!! I was just out enjoying a Star Wars day activity and I missed all this good stuffs!!! Urghhhhh!!! Ah well. Hope the next one wont be too long.... Thanks for sharing...
  6. Family always come first me think. Books can be repurchased. Family can't... You're on the right path buddy.
  7. Looking for these 2 books with grade 6.5 & above. Raw copies only. Please PM me if you have any. Will need to mail international. Many thanks.
  8. $3 | Edge of Spider-Verse #1 $3 | Fantastic Four #286 :Return of Jean Grey $1 | Hawkeye #15 $1 | Hawkeye #16 $1 | Hawkeye #17 $1 | Hawkeye #18 $9 | Man Of Steel #1 : SoMuchFun! variant (Copy B) $12 | Man of Steel (Complete Mini-Series) #1-6 (Copy A) $2 | Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 $2 | Rocket Raccoon #1 : Rocket & Groot Action Figure variant $2 | Spawn #2 : 1st appearance of the Violator $6 | Spawn #9 : 1st appearance of Angela $2 | Spider-Gwen Vol. 1 #1 (Copy B) $4 | Spider-Man #1 (Copy A) as per pm