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  1. Looks like you found it! Great book, congrats
  2. Paul, I think this book is the bargain of the day on the board. If nobody else takes it by the end of the night I will have to out of principle. Very cool. Thanks Rick
  3. Ghost Rider 28 CGC 9.8 1978 DOUBLE COVER 1st cover 9.8 2nd cover 9.8 PART OF THE TONGIE FARM COLLECTION Overall Grade 9.8 Ernie Chan cover $210 (way below what I paid)
  4. Cracked out from it's plastic tomb and is therefore Ex-CGC. CGC label is provided with the book. Strange Tales 160 1967 DOUBLE COVER 1st cover 3.0 2nd cover 5.0 Overall Grade 5.0 Dan Adkins cover $50
  5. Finishing off the thread now with another 7 books, all discounted down, and remember it's free shipping. A little printer overspray as shown. Incredible Hulk 222 1978 DOUBLE COVER 1st cover 7.5 2nd cover 8.5 Overall Grade 8.5 Ernie Chan cover $45
  6. That's the last of the GA stuff I think. The rest are SA & BA stuff which will be posted later
  7. Crown Comics 1 Winter 1944/45 Overall Grade 3.5/4.0 Matt Baker & Alex Blum cover $70 SOLD VIA PM
  8. This from 1949 is a DOUBLE COVER.The book presents as a whole cover, but you can see from the pic there is a chunk missing on the first cover, top right. But the 2nd cover underneath shows thru' so you have a complete pic of the cover. Also there is a small chunk missing from the inner cover (see pic). Unfortunately the centerfold wrap is missing, but everything else is there. Some eye popping colors. You don't see this one every day and it's a 'Double' Pages are OWW and it's a Kurt Schaffenberger cover. $50
  9. This last FF is a Platinum age book from 1936. A lovely solid book. I've graded it down to only a 1.5 because of two small cut-outs. Otherwise complete & full of history inc. an article about the Hindenburg Captain who died when it crashed the following May. Real historic book. $70
  10. This is also a very solid book from 1938. I've graded it at only a 1.5 because there is a 3" spine split at the top, and there is a page detached in the book but still complete & present. Nothing is cut out or missing. $40
  11. You really get your money's worth with these Famous Funnies. They are crammed with stuff to suit everyone. Adventure & Mystery stories, cartoon strips, funnies, articles etc.etc. This one grades out at about a 3.5. It came out the same month as ACTION # 1, Sept 1938. Nice very solid book. $60 SOLD
  12. First up is this rather lovely Planet. It grades out as a 7.0 with OW pages. Really nice. $180 SOLD
  13. Hi Fellow Boardsters, This thread contains some books not offered before and a few other items at clearance prices. GA will contain a beautiful PLANET book, some FAMOUS FUNNIES, a MASTER DOUBLE COVER etc. Also a few nice SA & BA slabs. Not open to those who hang out by, sit on, or generally plan skullduggery on the naughty step. FOR THIS THREAD ONLY I AM OFFERING FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE ON ANY BOOK. RETURNS ON RAW BOOKS ARE ACCEPTABLE. AS SHIPPING IS FREE, YOU RETURN AT YOUR COST, but there should be no need to return because the books are not mis-represented in any way, as you would expect from a Board sale NO RETURNS ON SLABS for obvious reasons, a CGC graded book is what it is. REFS FROM PEOPLE I HAVE SOLD TO ON THE BOARDS INC; Quicksilver, telerites, comick1,Gregreece,Blazingbob,Norrin's Lawyer,goldust40, stevenrams,mattereaterlad,ninjasealed,mediajunkie,lizards2,Azkaban,oldshady, Meeklo,comcav, supesfan1981,ttfitz, WeR138, 143ksk, Mark 1, tennisump, BorderlineHoarder,UncleGalactus,entalmighty1, blue808, crnbrd, The Resurrection, AmazingComics413, NP_Gresham,DCman, rjpb, redknight99 First in thread or by pm takes it, judged by time stamp. Many thanks for looking. Payment by paypal only please. I do not charge extra for paying by paypal. Payment due promptly please. Prompt payment means within 48 hours please. paul
  14. Wonderful cover. Love the way one of the rats is wearing glasses
  15. Sorry to hear that. Such is the lottery of cracking slabs. I've experienced outrageous internal page damage before, such as burnt pages which were ignored in the grading process for some reason. I'm sure this kind of thing doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Cracking a book out, and then immediately regretting you've done it, is not a nice feeling.
  16. Now *this* is more like how the masses would call an unseen, terrifying force that emerges upon them! What is it? Well, "IT" is it! Unlike all those pre-hero Marvel covers, where everyone seems to know the emerging monster is called "Googam," "Dragoom," "Gorgilla," etc. IT! Always a good standby when Writer's block strikes