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  1. In case you didn't already see this on CAF, here is one that got posted earlier this week for sale. Good luck in your quest. And here is the link to his 'Outrage' book:
  2. Here's the link: Thanks for looking.
  3. Congrats to the winner bidder of the Artgerm Batgirl OA.
  4. Congrats to the new owner of Phoenix Pin-Up. Thanks to all for the interest.
  5. Anthony Snyder is his art rep. You'll find all the information you'll need right here: All the best on getting a cool piece!
  6. At least it's over. Thanks to all for spreading the word and the support. The $$$ damage could have been much worse for the successful bidder. Now I understand why many on this forum are not fans of Ebay.
  7. Kudos to Ebay user 'superboylives' for stepping-up and posting a competing Ebay auction, to warn bidders of the FAKE. It's starting to get down to crunch time. Let's hope bidders see it before the FAKE goes into frenzied bidding mode. And 'superboylives' so correctly pointed out that the FAKE has the lasso deliberately removed. You can see how the star (second from the left) on her shorts is only a half star because that's where the lasso was. @munster: Glad we could help. @KobaltDog: I too asked the seller for a picture of the back during his initial attempt. No reply from him/her. @Dayzen: Thanks for providing even more evidence. I originally posted a warning also on CAF, but deleted it when the initial Ebay attempt was taken down. I haven't re-posted a warning on CAF because Tigges' piece is there for everyone to see anyways (which 'superboylives' also noted in his ad).
  8. Well, that didn't take long. The seller has reposted the Ebay auction and it is active. I tried to help out unsuspecting bidders, but I'm done. I leave it to the potential bidders to fend for themselves. At least we tried to make a difference. I'm not making any judgement towards the seller as maybe he does truly believe it is an original piece. What I will say is that the seller states the item condition is "perfect conditions, mint like new", yet anyone can clearly see the 'finger dents' on the paper. Isn't that already kind of a red flag right there for any bidder?
  9. Hi Neuberello: Contacting fellow board member 'dscott' (Doug Scott) is your best bet in terms of getting a sketch cover from Artgerm. Or you can try contacting Doug thru his website He has done several sketch opps. thru Artgerm's agent in the past, so he already has an established relationship with them. From personal experience, if you contact Artgerm and he responds at all, he will just direct you towards his agent. And if you try contacting Artgerm's agent, you most likely will not get a reply. Doug would have the highest probability of getting a sketch from Artgerm at SDCC or NYCC, or even outside of the convention circuit. Other facilitators like 'Kwan Chang' or 'Rich_Henn' may be able help you at SDCC or NYCC. Doug, Kwan, and Rich are all contactable via this board, and all three are very reputable guys. Keep in mind, Artgerm's rate for a colored sketch cover is $750 USD. Expect the level of effort that you are seeing with his "200 sketches" that he is currently posting on his Facebook page. If it is just a black and white sketch, then his rate will be cheaper. They will be bust or waist-up type sketches only. I've never seen Artgerm do a full figure sketch cover. Goodluck!
  10. SearchForSpidey is correct about Artgerm's print sizes. Since Artgerm is based in Asia, they use International (ISO/metric) paper sizes as opposed to the North American ANSI system. Instead of 11"x17", they use A3 paper which is 11.69" x 16.54". And for his typical convention commissions, assuming he brought his own paper from Asia, they'll be on A4 paper which is 8.3" x 11.7".
  11. Thanks for the support everyone and a job well done!. I'm sure the sheer volume of reports from you all, finally convinced Ebay to take it down. Given the popularity of the piece (there were a lot of people watching that item), I was really worried the winning bidder was going to be out a good chunk of change. What really surprised me about all this is that Gregory won the auction for the true piece a couple of months earlier on Ebay. The results of that auction are still visible under the Sold results on Ebay. So both the seller and the bidders could have easily searched that beforehand.
  12. Here is the suspect Ebay item: The true owner of the authentic piece is Gregory Tigges, and he has it currently displayed on his ComicArtFans gallery. I contacted Greg and he also agrees the Ebay auction item is a copy. Both Greg and I have reported the item to Ebay, but it has not been taken down. After Ebay contacted the seller, the seller updated the post to say that, "it is a 100% ink drawing". Maybe I have better eyes than most, but in the magnified image on Ebay, I can see the vertical toner lines that come with a printed copy. Notice the seller has not posted any pics of the backside of the drawing; the real piece would show ink bleed-thru on the back.
  13. Catwoman #3 variant. It's not even out yet, but without a doubt, destined to be a fave for many. Even though I own some of his OA, I've actually never purchased any of his comics. In this case, I'm going to make an exception and pick up a copy.
  14. Thanks S.N. for starting this thread. Congrats on your OA pickup; I know first-hand how challenging it can be to obtain some Artgerm OA. It's cool to be able to link up with others who enjoy Artgerm's work. Here's my experience; I was browsing Ebay back in 2013, when I came across these two prints for sale: I knew right then and there, that he was only going to become more and more popular, and that I should try to obtain some of his work while I could still afford it. The best compliment I can pay to Artgerm is summed up by this statement: When I show his art to those who have no interest in Comics whatsoever, his art gets an immediate and unreserved, "Wow, that's pretty!". Yet I've shown art from Hughes and Campbell, to those same people, and their reaction is a much more reserved (more polite than enthusiastic), "oh, that's nice". I was fortunate enough to add a couple pieces to my collection before his parabolic rise in demand. Both have been posted on ComicArtFans by Alwyn (Artgerm's art rep), but in case some have not seen them, here they are. Enjoy! 1) Ms. Marvel Just love the striking, clean contrast. Her pretty face, the detail of the hair and eyes, and the pose, is what really attracted me. 2) Wondergirl and Wonder Woman Not only is Wonder Woman one of my favorite characters, but how could anyone pass up a rare multi-character piece. I love the realism of Wonder Woman's face.
  15. Auction ending today, June 26. Thanks for looking. J. Scott Campbell Superior Spider-Man #29 LaMole convention exclusive, CGC 9.6 Wolverine Limited Series #1, CGC 9.6 John Byrne X-Men 142, CGC 9.6