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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I was hoping he would be a little closer to the Canadian border. I want him to sign my shield... Its a bit heavy to ship plus I would a brick if it got lost or damaged. It was custome made.
  2. Hey, looking for info on Brie Larson and Chris Evans signings. Also, prices and facilitator + grading fees would be handy as well.
  3. I know its still early but I was hoping you might have an idea on whether certain artists may be available. Trying to decide between Fan Expo or NYCC. -Jamie Tyndall -J. Scott Campbell -Artgerm -Inhyuk Lee -Jeehyung Lee -Mike Debalfo -Elias Chatzoudis -Richard Ortiz -Nathan Szerdy -Clayton Crain **Celebrities** -Chris Evans -Brie Larson Also, are Peter Cullen and Frank welker only available for sigs through the package offered or is there another option for sigs?
  4. Anyone know what Mattina charges for a cgc witnessed signature?
  5. Any chance you can grab the SDCC magic the gathering Planeswalker set from the Hasbro booth?
  6. Awesome. Also looking for the Batman#50 Aspen Turner poison ivy SDCC cover. What's the word on those?
  7. Anyone have any info on appearances for the following! Inhyuk Lee Adi Granov Greg Horn Natalie Sanders Thanks for your help!!!
  8. Disney controls the movie and merch aspect of things but Marcel comics has functioned on it's own even after Disney bought them. Disney doesn't hire, fire, or direct anything to do with Marvel Comics. However, if it can't make a profit and the comics sell less and less then Disney WILL step in and begin overseeing operations.
  9. Marvel is a garbage fire. I'm convinced they are running it into the ground so Disney takes over and pumps a ton of money into it.
  10. Oh, I won't be able to go regardless. I just need someone to facilitate Dawn McTeigue and a couple other Sig's.
  11. Few questions. Where do I send the books? Do I get to choose ink color if supplied with books? Assuming you want these all window bagged before shipping? Address for payment?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone who DOES collect for the nudity would openly state that here due to some ppl being... not nice ppl. I myself have covers that have nudity on it, but the same as OP, not because of it. I like Lady Death and a bunch of covers i have show nips (through fabric) but I have them because they only print so many and I love the artists. Dawn McTeigue, Ula Mos, Elias Chatzoudis, Sabine Rich etc. The characters could be fully clothed and it wouldn't matter to me. I would still own the cover. I do have the XXX variant for Savage Dragon #225, but I didn't know what the image actually was until i opened it. It was a spec book but I don't think it's going anywhere.