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  1. More ending tonight, specifically very high grade raw runs. Check every Sunday night!
  2. FS on Ebay: Super High-Grade Amazing Spider-Man Ending this weekend I have some very high-grade ASM issues and lots starting around issue 360. Get awesome first and early Carnage! These are from a collection that was meticulously accumulated and collected. There are also some older National Diamond Sales insert variants as well as a single lot of Whitman variants. Ebay store - comics
  3. Amazing Spider-Man 100, 101, others For Sale - National Diamond Sales inserts -ending soon Items for Sale - ASM 96, 97, 100, 101, etc.
  4. I am sure this has probably been covered so forgive me. We have all purchased comics at an estate/yard/garage/auction sale and quickly discovered that they have that old, stuffy, musty, smell about them. Does this degrade the comic and if so, by how much? I recently purchased many comics/playboys from an auction and man, they really were musty smelling. They stunk up the entire room in which I was storing them. I have sold many of them and have had no complaints. What are your thoughts? If two Hulk #1's were identical, with the exception of the smell, would they be graded differently?