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  1. First original Star Wars character not from the films to lead a Marvel comic series… Can I get a for the bad Doctor? Who's still on the series? Anyone picking up the 6-inch figures? Who wants to see BT1 and 000 on the big screen tearing it up in SW's first R-rated movie?
  2. My moderns are pretty much down to Spawn, Usagi Yojimbo & Dr. Aphra... The last 6 weeks have been maddening for Spawn I started ordering with Things From Another World, joined a Facebook group, and still miss so much of what's released. Ross B&W exclusive. Also have the Crain virgin exclusive coming in ~2 weeks. The 302 d & e covers were solicited late & not avail for preorder on TFAW. Had to buy these off the Fb group. Seems like about half of collectors missed these. Bought a nice lot of 40 NM Marvel Angela books off FeeBay (85c shipped each). Digital downloads unpopped. Also included Original Sin 5.1-5.5, Asguardians ot Galaxy 1-10, Asgard's Assassin 1-6
  3. The initial response on Fb seems to support these as prototypes. Apparently 285 blanks have surfaced a few times. And the scuttlebutt on Fb is that the above books have sold already.
  4. This book looks to be a printer error or proof or one off? The tradedress is right for 285. 285 had the half sketch covers R and L and the presales jumped due the sheer number of covers. IF it is a one off cover variant it's probably $500-1k to right buyer. It's also possible it's a foreign version that I am unfamiliar with. I belong to a Spawn Facebook group that includes collectors that chase this sort of thing. Nice books 👍
  5. Definitely seen EVOs before. They published lots of comic material including many core underground comic artists, incl Crumb, Shelton, Spain, Trina and more. Larry Hama even worked there for a spell. They are important to underground comix and countercultural collectors, particularly the Gothic Blimp Works #1-8 (all comic supplement; though hard to store flat unfolded), and the Crumb covers fetch the most (sometimes a few hundred dollars).
  6. Happy to be going after the Dr Aphra SW Black Series figures ... Aced out at local Walmarts and GameStops, I ordered these two from Hasbro Pulse & Triple Zero is coming next week from a GameStop in Illinois. Even BigBadToyStore sold out.
  7. Spawn newsstands are the ones that turn my head
  8. This book captures so much of comic history... The comics code, the loss associated, subversion of the code, comics for adults (comics as art), an alternative distribution system for comics... Frankly, I would not want to read a history of comics that glosses over the importance of underground comix!
  9. This thread is why it's usually better to say something like "the best I could offer is $X"... But I find myself saying it sometimes. Usually it's something that is already in my price range, I'm gonna buy it at whatever price they say and I'm just looking for a nibble. When I set up at a large flea market with my brother I often get the pros and early birds asking after stuff that isn't priced yet or I'm not fully knowledgeable... Pro: What's your best price? Me: What's your offer (me wanting the pro to state price first)? Pro: I can't buy it and sell it Me: Aha, but that's precisely what you do.
  10. Is she still THE BEST selling comic writer that NOBODY (in the hobby) knows about?