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  1. oldmilwaukee6er

    This week in your collection?

  2. Share the top two copies of Zap Comix 7 & 12, as well as top one copy of Zap 9
  3. Close... I think I had it for a short while
  4. I submitted my copies from Fantagraphics vs my Amazon copies without the price sticker
  5. oldmilwaukee6er

    Having a hard time believing this is a 9.8

    Reholder would result in the same grade. I'm gonna guess with all the signatures this book was not signed all at once? It probably started out life as a blue label 9.8 but has since been handled and signed, handled and signed and that has resulted in slight wear. Maybe it was a wall book for a spell, and faded just a little from display?
  6. oldmilwaukee6er

    Cherry Mini

    The other guy that might have this stuff is Jim Pitts. He's on Facebook and used to be (almost) partners with Fogel back in the day. I think Pitts ran Cherry's fan club too. If you don't have his contact, PM me and when I'm on the full computer I can share it.
  7. oldmilwaukee6er

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    Jim Pitts got some of the Donahue stock (I had heard)
  8. oldmilwaukee6er

    Cherry Mini

    @icefires - send an email to Dan Fogel through the Hippy Comix website. If he doesn't have them, I'd bet he could source some.
  9. oldmilwaukee6er

    Spawn #9 newsstand with manufacturing error

    RE 156 As a general rule Spawn's print run drops significantly after milestone issues with multiple variant covers. Estimated presales at 27k copies. And 156 has a black cover. Spine ticks like CRAZY on this issue! It's almost unreal - copies with 8-12 spine ticks consistently. I watched eBay for a few years trying to source a 9.4 or better copy for my collection before finding one locally in a new-to-market collection.
  10. oldmilwaukee6er

    Spawn #9 newsstand with manufacturing error

    FWIW... +1 I've handled a lot of raw Spawns in my collecting days and I haven't seen this particular example. But... I also collect underground comix where we see odd ball manufacturing errors. I cannot discount RMA or LB when they say it was probably some leftover guts to which a newsie cover was attached. But that's exactly how these errors happen! And... Don't sweat too much that you set the market. It's an excellent example of a first appearance character with a fair amount of history to her (what with Gaiman suing McFarlane). And now we will be on the lookout for another one!
  11. I'm hoping for some advice on how to best source modern toys in a post-Toys R Us environment. The problem is that when I visit multiple Milwaukee Walmart's, the toy section is a desert. There may be one or two toys of any given line but more often there's two thirds or more empty shelf space. Target is a little better, but also further away with added overhead cost. Does anyone use an SKU finder app? Or a website? What techniques can I employ to compete better? I'm not trying to buy for resale or replace the pros, but I am frustrated by having to source toys on eBay, pay a premium (e.g. Usagi Yojimbo), or see items damaged in shipping. Namely I am looking for a couple more examples of the Vintage SW Doctor Aphra figure 3 and 3/4 inch. Also, I will be looking for a few SW Black Series 6-inch Doctor Aphra, BT1, and 000. And eventually any new Usagi Yojimbo toys that result from his cartoon. Appreciative of any tips you might share.
  12. oldmilwaukee6er

    365 Days of Spawn!

    Day 45- Nov. 1, 2018- Spawn #117 (10th Anniversary Issue) Writer: Brian Holguin, Todd McFarlane Artist: Angel Medina Cover: Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo Published: May 1, 2002 Arising out of young Eddie's search for revenge on the Hellspawn, the Redeemer finds Spawn in the desert and intends to finally settle the score. As the battle between the two is taking place, the mysterious stranger visits Eddie's bedside in the hospital and reveals the truth to an unconscious Eddie that has always been impossible for him to admit: His father was an abusive, drunken brute. While the truth could kill Eddie, it has the Redeemer examining his own motives. After receiving a final crushing blow from the Redeemer, Spawn lays on the desert floor while two patiently waiting scorpions do what they have been sent to do: drag the Hellspawn down into the bowels of Hell (Image Comics, 2018).