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  1. Cool adapted use! These are great for organizing photos too. One of these replaced boxes of stuff on a recent reorganization.
  2. If this were a Spawn comic there'd be multiple collectors competing to own it, which would drive up the price instantly.
  3. https://www.conventionscene.com/schedules/comicbookconventions/
  4. In 1953, I imagine parents weren't saying nice things about comics. This would be an interesting temperature check right before the Senate subcommittee hearings in '54. Edit- upon closer inspection I see the author is Wertham.
  5. I've been in the process of winding down with them. They haven't solicited several Spawn variants (302 D E and 306 D most recently) and that's the whole point of me preordering / subscribing with them. Not sure where I'm going just yet.
  6. I don't feel comfortable offering a grade in the 9s without the back cover. It appears the book has a slight spine roll too, as well as a some white showing along the spine (often a manufacturing defect but one that should be minimized). That said, based on what I see.. 9.0 with a press. Finally... Make sure the book still has the poster in the centerfold.
  7. Is this possible!? My observations have led me to believe that books are still coming out of CGC with Newton rings... Am I wrong?
  8. Nice I read and enjoyed Heart Shaped Box by Hill but never got into LnK. Consider... As a fan of books... that variants in comics mean variant covers only. The content inside remains the same.
  9. In the indicia of the comic book (inside front cover). Fair market value is a dance of keeping your book valued low enough to go Economy tier but also maximizing it within tier in order to safely insure the graded books back to you. Or... Canada and treefiddy!
  10. I sold some extra Spawn and completed a longterm goal of X-Men #1-19, with this FN+ or better X-Men #6 Was able to add this X-Men #35 in FN+ (always admired this book)... Thank you @blazingbob!! Best regards, Justin
  11. If I had to send a short box of comics in one box I'd probably opt for UPS Bound Printed Matter (BPM). I think that's still a thing...
  12. These work! The key is to make sure the books are secure and don't bump about. Depending upon how much I'm charging or how much the books went for I may opt for a Gemini media mail $2.80 for 1-2 comics and under $4 for a small stack. And it comes with tracking which is good for PayPal (one USPS will check my media's, one never does; I claim it's a book with no advertising).
  13. Priority flat rate bubble envelope. Secure 6 comics together safely in a magazine bag. Use 1 bubble mailer, seal and tape snugly. Insert into second bubble envelope with a stiff piece of corrugated cardboard. Seal and ship for $8.40 with tracking and $50 insurance. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/priority-mail-padded-flat-rate-envelope-P_EP14PE
  14. Sometimes I use Comicvine Sometimes CLZ app Neither are perfect. eBay is usually the best for me in a pinch. What book?