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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.comicsbeat.com/the-retailers-view-trying-to-find-worth-in-a-bad-idea/
  2. The latest tight phase also seems to coincide with the uptick in SS events that CGC is hosting. Volume increases. It's like two pipelines for books, a fast tracked get it signed turn and burn, and the normal 9mos process of grind / undergrade. I've seen some soft 9.8s and 9.6s in yellow labels, especially during the McFarlane event.
  3. I think it's reasonable to assume collectors are now targeting character appearances in the Spawn Universe. Some I'm trying to clean out locally are (still fodder) Hellspawn 7 - 1st Raven Spawn and 1st app of Micheal Moran (Miracleman) in Spawnverse Hellspawn 15 - 1st Nightmare Spawn
  4. Opened the Spawn Kickstarter and the comics go into the collection Wondercon @ Home pickups from Stan Sakai's website
  5. Opened the Spawn Kickstarter and the comics go into the collection Wondercon @ Home pickups from Stan Sakai's website
  6. I feel like that was a WELL known warehoused book, even for a casual collector like me. I remember some guy selling dozens upon dozens of CGC 9.2s, 9.0s and 8.5s ... I got one 9.2 for $19, less than the cost to grade. At Comicverse show the other weekend it was a $300 wall book for 4 dealers tho.
  7. Normal. Slabs we're sonically sealed at the corners back then, which would crack and break upon tampering with the slab. They were not designed to be airtight. The newer CGC slabs have a more uniform seal / seam.
  8. Comics are typically solicited to retailers 3mos in advance ... So while you got your order in before the ship date, you were well after the final order cut off, and thus copies of the book were allocated.
  9. Plus Kirkman had Skybound, not only to handle TWD merch and licensing but also as a 'higher touch' (vs Image) ala carte publisher of books. He really was bringing some value to the Image brand when they made him partner. As an aside, Invincible is weird ... I haven't read it or paid attention so only based on the show, more than a little derivative but with just enough of a twist to keep me interested thus far.
  10. It's the worst part! Not having the books for almost 9mos depending upon tier. You can also walk the books through Sarasota or submit to CGC directly at a larger regional / national convention to help reduce the stress of shipping to CGC.
  11. Yes and no I had the goal of a Spider-Man #1 for a long time and the closest I got was a GD copy at WWChicago that was $2k at the time. That would've been all my money, plus all the lady's, plus dinner and then maybe some more (just couldn't justify it at the time). I wanted to put together the best runs of Freak Brothers (1sts) that I could afford. I made that goal back in 2004. But I sold my best copy of Freak Brothers #1 and I cannot find Freak Brothers #12-13 much past VFNM. I think IF the cartoon hits I'm probably priced out. I did finish X-Men #1-19 (Lee/Kirby run) right
  12. RE your question about crypto buyers ... Yes we do have evidence of other hobbyists eg. Card collectors entering our markets at higher price points. There is a good thread in Modern that challenges some old guard assumptions RE price vs popcount. We don't have specific evidence of a crypto buyer yet, but it supports the general theory that part of the runup during pandemic is due to other hobbyists entering comics speculation. RE... Your quote above. The thread in Modern does establishes the idea that the new guard doesn't care for the old guards rules. And that's probably true. And powe
  13. Spawn was a top 10 book for almost 2 decades. It outsold X-Men the same month the X-Men movie debuted with the 6th highest opening weekend (at the time) in 2000. Some moved away from the book when Al was replaced by Jim Downing (after endgame storyline), others dropped off at a milestone issue like 100 or 200. By the 240s the book was down to about 12k copies. Then 250 came around and saw a bump, add to that the movie -script talk, Blumhouse hype, Spawn Resurrection #1 which brings back Al Simmons, damn near effed the book up in the early 260s with some rushed Larsen pencils ... But it really
  14. And if McFarlane accomplishes what he is talking about RE universe building over the next 20yrs... Spawn pushes past 500 issues... ?
  15. Carl - This is a good question you are asking tho it does seem odd that you are of two minds when you were the one asking. For myself, Carl, the short answer is yes it does bother. The longer answer is most all writing on comics bothers me except when allowable at lower grades.