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  1. Watching period piece dramas with the lady and looking at Mahfood art
  2. Wisconsin too the past 5 years or so.
  3. Nice !! I've had this Color Special #1 on my want list for a while and finally went online. If you can pick nice copies locally they may well prove a real bargain IMO, as comichron numbers show typical orders at 7-9k copies with troughs of less than 4k.
  4. +1 As soon as my temp job is finished I am cashing out too. Saving a handful and the rest go up for sale.
  5. Some picks from Kowabunga Comics in Oconomowoc, WI Sometimes I focus on the spine so much I miss the forest for the trees
  6. Thank you thank you, @Ryan. A great mix of comics, media & apparel. There is much to here
  7. The last of my gifts arrived in time for a Christmas exchange with my sister and her kids in the garage last night. My last SS package is looking set to arrive before Friday. I've gotten lucky. The UPS truck I'm a helper on has gotten lighter all week, Saturday we finished our 110 stops by 2pm and we were helping other drivers by taking stops. I can't explain it. I've heard that helpers are staying on thru mid-January.