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  1. Dip that sheet and read this comic, change you and your friend's life (j/k) But Leary did a comic book in '79 that doesn't even need a tab to trip out
  2. Obviously it's Crumb from the Big Brother & the Holding Co album, but I remember these blotter acid sheet art coming out in the mid 90s thru venues like Art Rock. They repopped several designs and then had Leary, Burroughs & Hoffman sign. Here's an article from the LA Times.
  3. R Crumb 1969 1st print No Rip off Press logo, no copyright, blue color block lower left.
  4. It looks like a stain but the book also looks to be foxing (mildew) in several places. Edited - after reviewing some copies it looks to be foxing by design but I think I'm also seeing slight staining incl red color transfer
  5. There was once a board member, @MutantKeys I believe. He put together a collection of high grade XMen books and used to say RE lack of focus... "this is why your collection sucks." I've always remembered that phrase as it relates to my own collecting.
  6. I backed the Spawn action figure Kickstarter. I'm getting an unsigned Modern and Classic figure, which I thought was the best deal.
  7. This thread is SO close to delivering the goods. But as we all know... Close only counts in hand grenades and . . .
  8. The great newspaper shortage of '73.
  9. Doomsday Squad #3 was one of those books that was $1.80 on sale at Mile High for a while. I scooped up a few. Cover cameo, a full color story and a 1-pager that introduces the character.
  10. Agreed. A few of us on the FB pages were pizzed that it was essentially a Space Usagi style story and sarcastically were calling it Space Usagi. I think it kinda just spread from there. It's so strange to me personally, for the longest time I was never even going to collect Space Usagi. But over years of run collecting they would just make their way into the boxes. And for a brief flash they may be worth something. I can't help but be fearful because Usagi fans have been down this cartoon road before with precisely this Space Usagi concept. Bucky OHare tanked on Saturdays and Usagi never got made. I'm looking at you Panda Khan and the Anthroverse.
  11. And that's kinda my point. DC is learning (arguing from a biz perspective, doing it anyway) that it doesn't need the direct market and creators are too. At it's core Cartoonist Kayfabe is a channel for makers. They talk about the process of making and selling comics. The power of 1000 fans. Or in the case of McFarlane, the power of 10000 fans.
  12. As a general trend, people aren't leaving cities. Urbanization is increasing and expected to reach 60% in the next 30yrs or so. The amount of megacities is also increasing (cities over 10m). In the US, rural populations declined for the 2010 census and are expected to decline again in 2020.