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  1. 1st appearance of Milk & Cheese... Everybody booze up and riot!!
  2. ...........................................................................................................................^^ Not a Keith cover.
  3. 1st Joe Madureira (I think he was like 17 and an intern)
  4. I pulled these bone white Marvel Comics Presents #85-97 out of 50c bins on FCBD The Sam Keith flipbook covers always catch my eye as they came out when I first started to collect seriously (#88 is bad tho )...
  5. Not only RI covers through IDW 1:10, 1:25, and 1:50, but it looks like store exclusive variants have finally hit Usagi Yojimbo. I've seen one from Tess Rose? and one from Mike Choi shared on Facebook. Usagi Yojimbo virgin variant *shudders*. I'm out of my element.
  6. Cancel culture comes for counterculture comics... https://reason.com/2019/04/29/cancel-culture-comes-for-count/?fbclid=IwAR34ObWQcMwjg8CvlkV5oOf-xT4MRN7aYl-_CYYA0nK1SmWrT-9WuJ-dm30
  7. RE Simpson's... Yes. Bongo is done publishing Simpson's comics for the near future (indeed comics) as of late 2018. #245 was the last issue. Check it out here- https://www.comicsbeat.com/as-their-last-comic-goes-on-sale-today-its-time-to-say-farewell-bongo-comics/ RE Disney... There is a unique Disney book that should be widely available, as it is a Gold level sponsor. It is original content (new story), 1st appearance of Dizzy, and could introduce your grandchild to a whole new subgenre of comics. RE: post-apocalyptic horror... Check out comics' golden boy writer in a new original story. If you get lucky enough to find a copy... Pick up Fantagraphics' My Favorite Thing is Monsters, pop a cold bevvie, while reflecting on the gloriousness of the ball-point pen drawings (simplified for this book)
  8. I have up to 11 FCBD pulls across the 3 local stores I support. Some of it depends on cosplay. I'm looking forward to Spawn FCBD (even tho it's just a reprint #1 w/ a Mattina cover), interacting with fellow fans, & stocking up on supplies...
  9. After my Freak Bros 12 purchase, I scoured the local store and bought a couple of undergrounds, which is odd for me these days. Large Cow Comix #5 (7.50) Binky Brown Meets the HVM ($22 for both) Mostly I stick to a handful of modern pulls and the handful of books I have to complete my Spawn and Usagi Yojimbo runs. Usagi Yojimbo vol 1 #16 ($14 shipped) Happy collecting!!
  10. Here's some text from a Feb 22nd newsletter... 1,000 Silver Age Comics Arrive - X-MEN #1, more Howdy! Forty-five years ago, I voluntarily relinquished my full ride ROTC scholarship to live in a borrowed 1963 Chevrolet. I slept in the back seat on top of frying chicken boxes (the precursors to long whites...) for four months while traveling all across America in the hope of becoming a full time comic book retailer. I made $800 that summer, and that was the seed money that I used to open the first Mile High Comics retail store on September 30th, 1974. I made this truly life-changing decision to give up my scholarship when I was barely 19 years old. 1963 Chevrolet I mention this oft-told bit of my personal history because it speaks to a fundamental characteristic of my personality. Simply put, I left the army not because I necessarily thought that I would necessarily be successful as a comics retailer, but rather that I choose to live a life of homelessness and abject poverty in preference to acceding to other people the power to force me to do as they wished. Under 21 Drag Show Flyer That core principle is particularly pertinent this week, as we have had a remarkably nasty group of homophobic people (most with fake profiles...) telling me online that they will never shop with us again because we are sponsoring a youth drag show next weekend here in Denver. If that is their position, then I have absolutely no problem with never seeing, or hearing, from them ever again. I truly do try to be understanding of divergent perspectives, and how/why someone else defines morality is entirely their own business. That having been said, under no circumstances will I ever allow someone else to tell me what I can, or cannot, do in my own life. I did not knuckle under to bullies when I was dirt poor, and I sure as heck will not capitulate today. If some of these haters choose to return to us at some later date, they will be greeted with love and understanding, as I hold no grudges over mere differences in opinion. Love is love. 'Nuff said.
  11. Yeah... It's been building for a while now. He's been actively involved with an organization that helps LGBT community youth for the past 2-3 years, last year he took a leadership role and hosted fundraisers and 1-2 drag shows. This year he stepped down from the equivalent of VP role and since has started performing drag under the name of Bettie Pages.
  12. This amount of wavyiness is totally normal for new comics and yes pressing would help.
  13. The lady bought these... She's always loved Docs and the B&W pair do recall Zap style art. I thought they were going to cool and really encouraged her (going so far as to pay for half). I tried to post the pic I took on the Alternative and UG Facebook page but suspect it wasn't due to blurring the lines between advertising / sales