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  1. This thread is why it's usually better to say something like "the best I could offer is $X"... But I find myself saying it sometimes. Usually it's something that is already in my price range, I'm gonna buy it at whatever price they say and I'm just looking for a nibble. When I set up at a large flea market with my brother I often get the pros and early birds asking after stuff that isn't priced yet or I'm not fully knowledgeable... Pro: What's your best price? Me: What's your offer (me wanting the pro to state price first)? Pro: I can't buy it and sell it Me: Aha, but that's precisely what you do.
  2. Is she still THE BEST selling comic writer that NOBODY (in the hobby) knows about?
  3. Series is over after #30, right? When I get a chance I'll post all the small freebies that I got from the newspaper guild.
  4. These are Mardi Gras doubloons from various New Orleans parades. They would have been thrown from parade floats.
  5. Dusted off the ole Voldy login...
  6. I use Bags Unlimited graded comic sleeves... https://www.bagsunlimited.com/category/288/graded-comic-sleeves
  7. Quick question... Voldy as pee gee exx? or other Voldy? The first one has graded UGs (I tried them in 2004). And also, yes, Fogel's guide needs a regular publishing schedule.
  8. The answer is actually pretty simple. A regular reference guide is one indicator of a healthy collectible field. Check out Harry Rinker's writing on the topic- https://www.harryrinker.com/col-1206.html Fogel's guide, while pretty comprehensive, is published too sporadically (e.g. 2006, softcover supplement 2010, and 2016). A small section in Overstreet would be beneficial to the genre.
  9. I went to SDCC in 2004 and 2006 (Fogels underground guide) and have been couch surfing since. Back then I'd have $600 cash, "$1000" in trade & a whole mess of Hilton rewards. Splitting time between two booths to earn my badge, pulled a volunteer shift at Mile High once watching for theft for a badge & $60 cash (bought a $50 Vaughn Bode book that I still have), and ate nothing! My surfing technique was to pack my bag with cold Cokes and Snickers and then feed the booths where I surfed / shopped. The best was all the people in and out of the underground comix party in Dan Fogel's room, buying S Clay Wilson Ketel Ones at the Marriott bar, and getting to ink a small corner of a Mark Texeira Wolverine page (he was working away while everyone raged around him). As far as this year? The Spawn #299 SDCC variant ($10, limit 2 per day) is an easy flip at $40-50.
  10. Prices HAVE been low in recent months/years... So odd to me that Forbes was in front of this. I read this and my stomach sank a little, just like Sandman recently, I just worry somehow it will fail or worse yet nobody cares. I do feel content with what I've collected... Would have liked to secure a HG #2 1st or a nice HG #13 before any runup, but overall I love the Freak Brothers books I have 😄
  11. @Get Marwood & I - Hey, I thought about your question and reviewed the timeline... It was basically a combination of extra online courses, vacation (Toronto) & then leaving my job. Since, I've been refocused on selling a little on eBay, living spartan, disc golf & otherwise spending time with lady & fam. It's easy to be poor during Milwaukee's summer. I still collect Spawn (still need #150), but I've been trying to pick up all the variants off the shelf and it's been frustrating as the hype and competition have risen. I now order them online through Things From Another World. Also glad that Usagi Yojimbo is back but fighting the FOMO of 25 exclusive and incentive covers. That's about it!
  12. Spawn 216 completed auctions seem to have been (partially) inflated by misinformation that it is the Freak's first appearance. It is not.
  13. I read some his Uncanny & Battle Chasers back in the day, and the lady plays the Darksiders & Battle Chasers games... So we were discussing the two articles below regarding Joe Madureira not delivering on donor-funded rewards for the 2015 Battle Chasers Nightwar Kickstarter project, namely the promised issues of Battle Chasers #10-12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1548028600/battle-chasers-nightwar/posts/2527154 https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/06/16/joe-madureira-battle-chasers-10-12-image-anthology/ https://www.newsarama.com/45640-joe-madureira-says-battle-chasers-10-12-still-happening-but-with-a-catch.html There are lots of interesting discussion points [crowdfunding by established artists, his start at Marvel at 16, squandered potential (in comics), motivation in young artists]... and while Joe Mad always struggled to put out more than 3 months of consectuive issues, the most fascinating to me is that you could LITERALLY give Madureira 850K, 18 years, and he still would not finish a Battle Chasers comic.
  14. I was listening to one of his interviews recently and Sakai stated that with two exceptions he hasn't sold ANY of his OA pages either.
  15. I pre-ordered the Mike Choi store exclusive set (Knowhere Games) and a 1:10 incentive (Johnson cover). Desperately trying to hold the line there.
  16. A $55 set of covers from J Scott Campbell... http://comicsandponies.storenvy.com/products/27664155-usagi-yojimbo-1-j-scott-campbell-variant-set-presented-by-cnp
  17. 1st appearance of Milk & Cheese... Everybody booze up and riot!!
  18. ...........................................................................................................................^^ Not a Keith cover.
  19. 1st Joe Madureira (I think he was like 17 and an intern)
  20. I pulled these bone white Marvel Comics Presents #85-97 out of 50c bins on FCBD The Sam Keith flipbook covers always catch my eye as they came out when I first started to collect seriously (#88 is bad tho )...
  21. Not only RI covers through IDW 1:10, 1:25, and 1:50, but it looks like store exclusive variants have finally hit Usagi Yojimbo. I've seen one from Tess Rose? and one from Mike Choi shared on Facebook. Usagi Yojimbo virgin variant *shudders*. I'm out of my element.
  22. Cancel culture comes for counterculture comics... https://reason.com/2019/04/29/cancel-culture-comes-for-count/?fbclid=IwAR34ObWQcMwjg8CvlkV5oOf-xT4MRN7aYl-_CYYA0nK1SmWrT-9WuJ-dm30