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  1. he should have mentioned it but actually on a fair grade it can be missing panels FAIR 1.5 TO 1.0 1.5 FAIR / GOOD 1.0 FAIR This book has seen much better days and tends to be heavily worn and tattered. A copy of a comic in this grade has all pages and most of the covers. A book in this condition is worn, ragged and unattractive. Heavy creases and folds are prevalent. Paper quality can be very low. The spine and/or cover may be completely split. Staples may be missing. Coupons cut from cover and or inside pages. Panels can be clipped out. Parts of the front cover may be missing. Soiling, staining, tears, markings or chunks missing will interfere with reading. Brittleness may be a factor. Extensive amounts of tape are acceptable on the comic in these grades.
  2. they should remove that, you also shouldn't have received the neutral,
  3. On a similar note, I've noticed Youtube live comic auctions, don't most states require auctioneers to hold licenses?
  4. I got one and my balance is paid. I'm assuming eBay error. But I've never received one before always pay automatically.
  5. Your responses have been unreasonable and flawed nothing you mentioned isn't solvable by technology. And if you suggest the technology would be too costly you'll be wrong about that too.
  6. But what happens to the comic off camera? The more you push back against my idea the more I think it's a good one. CGC could create a slab that could only be opened by a CGC representative. Perhaps with a special key. The raw comic can then be inspected and returned to the undamaged but locked slab all under the supervision of the representative. They could roll out the service at the conventions they attend. Or the other solution is buyers could notify and request permission of their sellers that they intend to break open the slabs they purchase and there is a slim possibility that the comic might be returned. To which this seller would say. NO
  7. Good job portraying it as inconvenient as possible. I just read 10 pages of comments with no real resolution. I'm thinking buyer beware on untampered slabbed books then.
  8. I am serious. Peace of mind for both buyer and seller. How much is it worth to someone? This isn't the first time I've heard of a story like this. Obviously this would apply to high value books.
  9. The grading companies should provide a service to open slabs in the presence of both parties of a sale. otherwise caveat emptor
  10. For the most part you won't have that type of trouble on ebay but definitely make sure you don't sell to a low feedback buyer. I recently had a real nightmare with a newbie that didn't know any better. It worked out in the end but the hassle was legendary.
  11. I put one up on the can you Spare a Grade thread. I think I have a bunch of 9.6's as of now no 9.8's I don't think
  12. I have about 60 bagged, some newsstand, the non newsstand issues all had the vertical printing defect on the cover, none of the newsstands did.