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  1. Thanks all! I appreciate the comments and suggestions... even the dancing one I'm not OCD, just very, very detail oriented and knew that there are others like me (god help us). The article linked above by Will_K was informative but doesn't talk about how the security measures can actually harm the art with IR emitting sensors. For now, I'm not putting in the camera, just the adult Bengal Tiger to patrol the Man cave, in case anyone has any ideas on trying to get my art. Oh darn, now you know to come prepared with meat to distract the tiger... I guess I am OCD. James
  2. Part of a simple plan to maybe put a few cams in and thought about my man cave. I think it is more about catching my son taking one of my ties and seeing what our next puppy does while we are out.
  3. I used to keep an alligator in the room but he got too big so I released him into the NYC sewer system. ... still looking for a serious answer though.
  4. I've been looking into adding a security camera to my Man Cave but have some concerns. The room has a window that I have hung a Black Out curtain to prevent sunlight in. I only use a Cree non-UV/IR bulbs. All framed art has museum glass with UV protection. If I add a camera with motion detection to my room, will the Infrared light emitted from the camera defeat the precautions that I've put in place? I'm not talking about high-end pieces but I still want to enjoy my art for many years to come without causing harm. Any thoughts, comments? Thank you for reading. James
  5. I just heard about this and hope my donation helps my friend towards her recovery. James
  6. I was talking to Terry and Robyn Moore at a convention last year, either Baltimore or NYCC, and they mentioned that they were going to do a Gallery edition. I have the variant cover to SIP volume 3 #1 that they didn't have a quality scan of, which I provided. A call went out to others for scans of early SIP pages and covers in the collector world from before technology let them scan in the resolution needed for such a book. Many thanks to those that sent Terry HQ scans. Terry tweeted details about the book, including a photo of the print that will be included in the Limited edition. When I saw that I inquired about the availability of the original art. It was and I jumped on it. You can see the art with the link below or the attached photo. CAF link to the art and my story - Feel free to leave a comment, if so inclined. The SIP Gallery Edition comes in two ways: Order the SIP Gallery Edition limited version directly from Terry Moore here The regular edition is available through your local comic book store (LCS). Please support them. Thanks for reading! James
  7. Definitely a fake site. They have one of my books listed that I have legitimately on eBay. Fake Legitimate Thanks to fellow Boardie, zrco, for bringing this to my attention. James
  8. I was fortunate enough to purchase this from Denis Kitchen (Kitchen Sink Press). Concrete: Land and Sea cover Thought I'd share. James
  9. Same here. I was hoping to take the Strangers in Paradise #1 spot this year so I entered about a dozen new books but every one results in the same error. Is the Admin addressing these? Here is an example Strangers In Paradise Vol 3 14 1330858011 This comic is not valid for this slot. Please check the slot's list of eligible comic books. This entry has been added to the admin queue. If your book is valid for the slot, it will be resolved by the administrator.
  10. Me too. Same boat. All of the above. please see my Strangers in Paradise set, for example. James
  11. Hello all, My Baltimore and NYCC books are all back and posted on eBay. Many of them are Signature Series. If you see something you like, please contact me through these boards. Comix4Sale eBay Store - CGC Comics I don't have a Kudos thread but over 1000 positive feedbacks in the past few years should count for something. Thanks for looking! James
  12. A 9.8 with white pages for a 50 year old book... Amazing, Incredible, Uncanny! James
  13. 2016 is only my third year collecting original art. Please take a look at my favorite pieces: - Batman: Dark Knight III - Master Race #3 page 19 - Interior Page - Dark Knight Batman and Robin by Joe Giella, at 88 years old - Sketch Cover - DK3 Francine and Katchoo by Terry Moore - Sketch Cover - Strangers in Paradise v3 #20 page 10 - Interior Page - Superman by Greg Hildebrandt - Sketch Cover My Best of 2016 Lowry Submissions James
  14. Mike, We will always have the story of how I saved your life at that biker bar Hopefully we get to see you at a show this year. James