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  1. Anyone else tried the compressed air for Newton Rings? Anyone tried the other air blower above? Would appreciate Your opinions. Haven't had any newton Ring problems myself on less than 50 Books.
  2. Thanks, Kevlar, for posting the Video above comparing all three Grading Companies. Gives me some insights. I have used CGC and CBCS(for signature verification)> Just sent in 39 Books. Still more to send CGC, soon. Won't know the results until the Holiday, probably. Hopefully, sooner!?
  3. Thanks for the great ideas You guys. Many options to try out. Appreciate it!
  4. Born (again?) with the Silver Age : 1956. No looking back ever again. Pleasant memories, but don't dwell there anymore. Very grateful for Comic Books and all the good times they have given me since age 8. Would love to return to a good, vintage Comic Con show circa 1994. Someone told me about San Diego Comic Fest? Anyone ever been there? Any reviews? Good times?