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  1. Looking for a book in the CGC 2.0 range - $3k budget. Thanks!!
  2. Looking for mid grade copies of Batman 155,171,and 181 graded or ungraded thank you
  3. Looking for VG - Fine copies - raw or ungraded is fine - thanks!!
  4. Thanks is he on the boards? I am interested - can you help me connect with him?
  5. Looking for any fair priced copies 1.0-5.0 with no restoration - thanks
  6. Looking for any fair priced copies in 1.0 - 5.0 CGC graded or ungraded thanks
  7. Looking for the best copy I can get in the $1500 range. Please let me know if you are selling one. Thinking in the CGC 3.0 range - I have some flexibility Thanks
  8. Thanks I will look at GPA to see if any are repeat sales.
  9. I wonder how many - if there are 41 total in 7.0 - I wish I knew how many had white pages - how often would these come up for purchase. Thanks
  10. Thanks I agree I doubt many of the graded 7.0s have white pages, I would like to see how rare it is. I wish the census had page quality/color as a sub section. 🧐
  11. Thanks for whatever reason for my super keys i always go for White Pages.. Most likely my OCD. When you say premium - 5% or 10% just trying to factor that in - thanks for the help!
  12. How does White Pages vs Cream play into the bidding? Not sure how to factor that into the pricing when I bid on books - Thanks!!
  13. Haha - I thought it looked under graded 7.5 ish or better.