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  1. Interested too, will you be doing presale of cgc ss 9.8 for that?
  2. I got that as well. I wonder how much he's charging for those, though most likely lots of $$$$ lol.
  3. I like cover A the best too, but personally I think all of them looks awesome. This might be my new favorite Campbell covers from his recent work, I like the fact that he finally drew some BG on it.
  4. Their packaging are great, I never had a problem with that. My books always arrive in NM cond or better. It's just the way they handle things that disappoints me. I've always ordered almost immediately when the product is up, but when the book is finally released I never get a shipping notifications. It is after I see everyone else gets their book that I realized it has been shipping and I always had to contact them, then they finally fullfill my order. This really annoys me, since I actually like alot of the covers from the store and am a Campbell collector myself.
  5. If you haven't got a shipping confirmation for blue/gold, email them. They NEVER fulfill my order for shipping up until I asked, then they start shipping mine. It's pretty annoying because I have to email them every single time to remind them that they should ship mine. They should really fix their customer service, I think this will be the last time I ordered from them I guess.
  6. I think they just started shipping out, got an email for tracking today.
  7. The sketch variant is sold out now. I'm glad I was able to grab a set last minute before it shows unavailable.