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  1. Even before indicia and before cover logo- I believe the first time the X-Men were ever referred to as "The Uncanny X-Men" was the splash page of Giant-Size X-Men #1.
  2. The label text on the MMC #17 state that the cover is re-attached with tape. So, the cover *is* attached to the book, just not by the staples as it was when it was manufactured.
  3. Hey David! It's not really an "EC cover swipe", but simply "EC swipe". The reason is here:
  4. In the case of a clerical error like this, the owner has to pay for shipping initially, but will get reimbursed for the shipping after the package is received.
  5. The grade is fine. It's just that when it was entered into the computer system, the wrong "Fantastic Four #243" was selected.
  6. Yes, it's an error label. You can send it back to CGC and it will be fixed for free.
  7. Since CGC opened its doors in 2000, it has had the policy that, at CGC's sole discretion, a book from 1950 or before with an extremely small amount of color touch or glue (e.g. one or two dots) will still get a Blue Universal label. HOWEVER, any color touch or glue detected will still be disclosed on the label, regardless of color.
  8. Hey Bob! A book that is otherwise a 4.0 is really right on the cusp of whether a book with a missing page (or more) merits being Qualified. Any lower, and I'm sure it would have been given a Universal 0.5
  9. No, it's always been this way. Some people assume that if a book is incomplete, (and it is not Qualified) that it is an automatic 0.5 Really, it depends on just how incomplete the book is. If the book is incomplete because it is missing an entire page (or more), and it is not being Qualified, then it will be a 0.5. However if it's incomplete just because it's missing a part of a page, say the size of a Marvel Value Stamp (and it is not being Qualified), it can still be in the Good/Very Good range. That doesn't happen often though, because if a book *is* missing the Marvel Value Stamp, it's usually either high enough grade to Qualify, or low enough grade that it doesn't merit Qualifiying, and will be somewhere in the 0.5-1.5 range.
  10. CGC still uses Green label to Qualify books, but when a book is incomplete, the book still has to be in mid-high grade to Qualify it. If a book is already low grade because of other defects (creases, tears, stains, etc.) the book doesn't merit Qualification anymore (since the grade difference would between the Qualified grade and the Universal grade would be minimal). In the case of the Katy Keene comic, the book probably would have graded around a 4.0 if it didn't also have the missing piece.
  11. This one is an error. Even though the restoration found was listed on the label, the category didn't get changed from "Universal" to whatever the Restoration category should have been ("A-1", "B-3", etc.) If you would like to send this book back in, CGC will print a new (corrected) label for the book.