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  1. Once again, the Lion has opened up his den and is selling a bunch of Warrens in reasonably nice shape. As usual, very reasonable starting bids! Check them out here https://www.ebay.com/sch/lionsdenbooks/m.html?item=324302005062&hash=item4b81e7e346%3Ag%3AJAIAAOSw0aNfZ4fZ&autorefresh=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  2. I've been thinking about this one. I think it looks like Walter Popp's work. He had many different styles and this looks very much like his mark-making for the grittier stuff. Here's another one of his covers (a little more refined).
  3. @Hamlet had a bottle and I think he's a fan. Maybe he'll show up here as a lot of Gene's books are right up his alley.
  4. Blanton's is a high value whiskey, often allocated and tough to get.
  5. That's yummy stuff! You got an "S" on yours!
  6. Hey Gene! Looking forward to what you've got here!
  7. Oh, Charlie. This time I'm here for the action. No more finding you scooped up all the good stuff. It's time for a little competition!
  8. FWIW, @Timely (among others here) has forgotten more about comics than most here will ever know.
  9. Another Phantom. This one is probably the nicest condition copy of any of them that I've seen. Just gorgeous. Of the first 14 US Phantoms, I now have 10.
  10. Very sad to hear the loss of a fellow collector. Wishing his family the best during this time.
  11. This is from a time when people could disagree with each other without feeling it necessary to hate each other in the process. To argue passionately about things one cared about against the opposite viewpoint, without fear of offending someone or losing a relationship. Because people were more than members of a particular tribe, they were individuals with their own unique experiences and values developed by the many singular experiences of their lives. Man, do I miss those days. Thanks for sharing this.
  12. An amazing bunch of books, Ken! Anybody buying your comics should brace themselves for freshness!
  13. That's normal. Many golden age books used half leafs with staple flaps like that.
  14. That is a very nice copy! FWIW, I wouldn't send it in or do anything with it unless you're thinking of selling soon. Otherwise, I'd leave it in it's glorious state!!
  15. Awww, man... that's lame. I've definitely had my fair share of messed up shipping with both pbs and mags but this one is very tough. Sorry to see it, SA! My least favorite (aside from this kind of damage) is when they use so much tape that just trying to get the book out is a risky endeavor. Worse still, when some of that tape is on the book...
  16. Nope. There's no equivalent here. Just places that sell milk in a bag (it's messed up).
  17. Every time I see this picture, I wish we had 7 Elevens here in Minnesota. We grew up in the south and they were all over. But not in the upper midwest... I miss Slurpees!
  18. I would choose Slurpees! But it wouldn't be easy...