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  1. Hey! Me too! As a kid living on Long Island, it was an awesome treat to go into the city and stop by the Batcave. If memory serves, the front door was a half flight below the sidewalk. I remember being super excited going down those stairs...
  2. I really dislike chiming in on threads like this but it feels like there’s a couple of critical concerns that are being missed. 1. Contrary to what everyone that presses books will espouse, the entire market does not accept pressing as a harmless intervention that magically improves every book without consequences. In fact, there are many cases in which it looks like continuous vertical color-breaking creasing along the spine may be just one of the many hazards of pressing. But CGC doesn’t downgrade for this. This can happen in many other ways outside of pressing but it’s still as much of a concern as stress on staples, shrinkage, and all the other signs that have been identified as consequences of pressing. It’s something I didn’t even notice until a friend pointed it out to me. 2. The real concern for the long term health of any and all collectible market is doubt. Doubt that the item in question is legitimate creates an environment of risk that is to the greater collecting public, undesirable. I’ve been collecting for over 40 years now and remember when all restoration was considered “beneficial” and unnecessary to disclose. The consequence was that for the last 30 years, collectors have been finding out the hard way that their prized copy was altered and less valuable than believed. Essentially, they were tricked and left feeling disenchanted and bitter as a consequence. The primary value of the introduction of CGC grading was to remove doubt. Doubt of grade, doubt of restoration, doubt of undisclosed alterations. And yet, increasingly, this game of allowing certain alterations but not others, not disclosing grading standards, and encouraging resubmittal, has only institutionalized doubt into all books that have been graded by CGC. I personally, would rather purchase an ungraded book than one graded by CGC and would pay more for the ungraded copy. Because right now, as crazy as it sounds, it’s probably less likely to have been messed with. I get why CGC does this. It’s all money and more grading fees. Why get paid once to grade a book when you can get paid over and over and over again? I consider it an obvious conflict of interest. 3. I keep reading people post analogies between pressing and the way that books were reportedly stored by Edgar Church. Please stop. There is absolutely no similarity whatsoever and I’m pretty sure the people that post that know it. There was neither a humidity bath nor intense heat introduced to alter the structure of those books. I get how associating pressing with the most prestigious pedigree in comic collecting makes pressing sound more legitimate. But it really is a disingenuous analogy. Many people are fine with the current environment of non-stop CPR (usually those that are profiting from it). But others aren’t. That’s fine but it should be discussed accordingly. And to RMA, I for one have always appreciated your openness and honesty in your posts and disclosure. Even if I rarely agree with you.
  3. A dollar each? FWIW, I don't think anyone here knows much about individual values of Playboy or other non-comic magazines. From what I've seen, they have about as much value as any other magazine from that time period, which is not much. Up there with National Geographics.
  4. I think your looking at an 8.0 maybe 8.5. A press wouldn’t help much or be advisable, nor would encapsulation. It’s a great raw copy for reading. Love that cover!
  5. That’s just straight up truth-talkin’, right there. Harem of hep-kittens... kids these days!!
  6. This is a tough book. Some of the adventure magazines are really uncommon. Cool stuff!
  7. Yeah, those guys moved pretty fast! Sorry, Greg. I'll keep an eye out for other copies for you.
  8. I get it. You guys don't just jump on any deal. You're discerning. You're patient. You wait for a really good deal. Well here it is: all books in this thread are now 50% off
  9. Vampire Tales 7, VFNM 9.0, Another cool Morbius book. These all seem to be getting hotter and hotter. $30 Sold to n2wdw
  10. Rampaging Hulk 9, NM 9.2-9.4, Classic cover and tough in high grade. $75 Sold to N e r V
  11. Marvel Preview 8, VFNM 9.0, Super hot book with Blade and Morbius. Prices are all over the map on this one. J&S sold a raw 8.5 for $261 at auction and a CGC 9.6 sold buy it now 2 months later for $225. I'm asking $110 for this copy. Sold to N e r V
  12. Spirit 14, NM- 9.2, Nice glossy copy of a tough book in high grade. One of my favorite covers of the run. $30
  13. All of the following books are not subject to the previous discount and are priced as is. First up: Creepy 1, VF- 7.5, Last Frazetta art on a full story and the continuation of the EC legacy. These are getting hotter and hotter. Recent sales on ebay are much higher than this price. $130 Sold to JustJimN
  14. Here's an update of all the books still left before this post. All of these are now available at 30% off or buy 2 get 1 free: Page 1 Famous Monsters 53, NM 9.4, $60 Sold to JustJimN Famous Monsters 57, FVF 7.0, $20 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer Famous Monsters 83, VF- 7.5, $25 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer Famous Monsters 87, VF 8.0, $15 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer Famous Monsters 89, NM 9.2-9.4, $25 Vampirella 22, NM 9.2-9.4, $90 Withdrawn Blazing Combat 4, VFNM 9.0, $50 Sold to Key Largo Comics Page 2 Spirit Special (nn), FVF 7.0-7.5, $40 Eerie 30, NM- 9.0-9.2, $40 Sold to JustJimN Eerie 32, NM 9.2-9.4, $70 Withdrawn Page 3 Eerie 33, VFNM 8.5-9.0, $40 Sold to DavidtheDavid Eerie 34, NM 9.2-9.4, $50 Sold to Key Largo Comics Eerie 39, VFNM 8.5-9.0, $95 Withdrawn Eerie 41, VF 8.0, $80 Withdrawn Creepy 17, VFNM 9.0-9.2, $80 Sold to DavidtheDavid Creepy 18, NM 9.2-9.4, $80 Sold to Key Largo Comics Page 4 Creepy 62, VFNM 9.0, $40 Creepy 32 CGC 8.0 OWW, $60 Withdrawn Creepy 29, VF 8.0, $70 Sold to bounty_coder Creepy 37, NM 9.2-9.4, $30 Sold to N e r V Eerie 2, VF+ 8.5, $75 Sold to N e r V Eerie 3, VF 8.0, $40 Sold to DavidtheDavid Eerie 18, VF+ 8.5, $40 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer Eerie 26, NM 9.2-9.4, $35 Sold to JustJimN Eerie 50, VF 8.0, $40 Sold to Key Largo Comics Feel free to PM with questions or offers. As a default, if anyone is interested in 5 or more of these books, I'll do 40% off for the group.