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  1. 3 hours ago, Stevemmg said:

    I finally added a copy of the ridiculously elusive #3 to my collection this week. It took several years in my case. Not the normal grade range I prefer, but this isn’t one where you get much choice. 


    I don’t know enough about these to tell if this is the price variant or not but assuming it isn’t, there are a grand total of 4 copies graded with the highest graded being a 7.5.  :insane:

  2. 4 hours ago, buttock said:

    Just a letter and a date for the RCs.  

    I've never heard how people came to the conclusion about the extra number on Church books, deciding that it notes the number of each book received.  If you sold through, then you wouldn't be able to review that information.  Maybe, and this is complete conjecture, since the Church collection was so complete, he was getting them from somewhere before they hit the newsstand, and that person used the number for inventory reference?  

    My understanding was that the coding was date and total number of books ordered.  That way, the vendor would know how long something had been out and could count the copies remaining, subtract from number received and adjust orders for next issues.  In this case (apologies, I’ve posted before but it’s the only Church book I own), D1-15 is January 15 arrival and the 8 is the total ordered.  At least, that was my understanding of the coding.  2c


  3. 1 hour ago, speedcake said:

    I assume to circumvent the barbarity that was the comics code?

    Yes, the first issue of the Battle Cry magazine was end of 1955 and the comics code had just been created but I suspect a bigger motivation for transition to magazine was that comic sales in the mid to late 50s fell through the floor for many publishers.  Magazines (and pulps) were produced by the same publishers and I think magazines were far more stable and lucrative.  That’s why many comic/pulp artists ended up doing illustrations for these (and other) magazines.  The comic market was just too volatile.

  4. On 1/13/2020 at 8:13 PM, Electricmastro said:

    Probably not. It's rare for me to see old pictures of comics displayed front and center like that. Attention like that seemed to usually be reserved more for regular magazines.






    Forgive my confusion, but I do think it was not uncommon to display comics and magazines with a clothes pin as shown in these photos you posted.  Also, this thread has many, many images of comics being sold that way as well.

    Finally, I’ve personally owned and seen many, many golden age books that had what I used to assume were bundling tie marks at the top of the cover but have since realized at least some were dented by clothes pins like shown.  
    Just wanted to clarify the response to @gadzukes original question.

  5. 3 hours ago, oakman29 said:

    I see so many of you guys that just buy buy buy . You buy so fast you dont even appreciate the books you do get. I keep things slow and easy.

    I used to get burned out with buying so many silver and bronze age keys. I took a step back and asked myself "was I happy" I realized that I would rather start collecting the Warren horror mags because they made me happier than just adding a key to the book shelf.

    And it’s a one way journey into that vault...   The Oakman don’t never sell! :headbang:

  6. lbcolefan is putting on an amazing show for sure.  For the uninitiated, most every issue he’s posted (assuming gender, apologies if I’m wrong), is scarce in any condition.  Many of these Man’s Actions are books you’d be lucky to find any copy after looking for years!

    On a side note, just upgraded this little beauty.  :cloud9:


  7. 12 hours ago, KEY ISSUES Comics said:

    I am curious. Why all the hate for Leto? What is it about him and/or his acting that makes people react so strongly? Lots of people I know tell me they "hate him."

    It’s a valid question.  I think it’s that he just always comes off as pretending to be character rather than inhabiting a role.  Which pretty much always makes me cringe.  I don’t hate the guy, I just don’t think he knows how to be real.

  8. 3 hours ago, James J Johnson said:


    You don’t really think that’s some sort of command performance by Leto, do you?  It’s not even a very good movie.  I know lots of people flock to it and celebrate it and I’ll be railed on for daring to disparage Fight Club, but the story pretty much sucks.  It’s really not that clever and Leto doesn’t make it better.  And this scene is one of the worst in the movie but sure, yay!  It’s ultra-violent which makes it amazing, right?

    But what kind of a messed up lesson do you think the viewer learns from this?  What do they learn about other people?  Or heaven help us, what do you think they learn about themselves?  Terrible story.  But apparently spectacle is all that matters to most people.  Reminds me of the movie showing at the theater in Idiocracy...

  9. 13 hours ago, God Sized said:

    Are married pages the same as siamese pages?

    No.  Married pages are when you take pages from one comic/magazine (often incomplete, coverless, or much lower grade) and use them to complete a copy that is missing those pages.  Siamese pages are pages in the book that the trimming process drifted during production to exceed the fold of the sheet and results in the (usually top) edge being joined with the next page.  Like Siamese Twins- conjoined.

  10. 8 hours ago, marcusj50 said:

    Thanks all for the feedback. Makes me feel better about the magazines I've collected recently. 

    On a side note, it seems that those who have responded to this thread have some great experience with Warren magazines. If you have any advice on where I should be looking around for higher grade copies please let me know. I try to monitor a few different sites now but I'm always looking to add more. I also try to visit shops when I travel but that is hit or miss. 

    Thanks again! 

    As Oakman said, there are a lot of great magazines sold here on the boards.  @bountycoder @Stevemmg @The Lions Den and others are often selling quality material.  Occasionally, I do also.  In fact, I need to cull the stacks pretty badly right now...

    Otherwise, ebay had been the most fruitful for me and many others, although it's pretty hit or miss on grading.  Also, mycomicshop.com is a very strict grader and they often have some nice magazines.  (thumbsu

    And as Johnny said before, welcome to the boards!  The magazine section is my favorite place on this forum.

  11. 20 hours ago, zosocane said:

    I've been focusing on Vampi Warrens these last few months, ideally in 9.2 or better, although with some exceptions I will drop to 9.0 or even 8.5 if the cover otherwise has exceptional eye appeal.  I think they are incredibly undervalued for the stunning covers and interior artwork they bring. 

    This is one of the most enjoyable runs to collect in all of my years of comic and magazine collecting.  And not as easy as it may seem.  There are certain issues that are legitimately difficult in 9.2 or better!  And I think the interiors are so commonly underrated.  I have absolutely no interest in selling my Vampirellas and there aren’t many comics I can say that about.

  12. 2 hours ago, oakman29 said:

    Of course #1 . I thought zoso wrote with the exception of #1.

    You’re absolutely correct.  Believe it or not, I continually set aside #1 in such considerations because it’s such a killer, iconic cover.  It seems funny to me to elevate #12 or even #7 (as much as I love that cover) to equal status.  I end up having to remind myself that #1 is probably the undisputed heavyweight champion of all Vampirella covers.

    But I’m with you, I love just about every Vampirella cover, especially the first 60 issues.  Probably the only cover I’m not a big fan of is #84.  (thumbsu

  13. 2 hours ago, zosocane said:

    I've been focusing on Vampi Warrens these last few months, ideally in 9.2 or better, although with some exceptions I will drop to 9.0 or even 8.5 if the cover otherwise has exceptional eye appeal.  I think they are incredibly undervalued for the stunning covers and interior artwork they bring.  All it takes is Netflix or some other streaming service announcing a Vampirella TV series, and then the train has left the station.  But to answer your question, if I were to buy Vampis in FN condition if I didn't have them, I would say the following (excluding #1):  19, 27, 30, 36, 46, 51 (my favorite of the bunch (a San Julian masterpiece)), 56, 58, 63, 89, 92. Most of these covers are by Enrich, and they are just breathtaking to look at, especially if you have the book in a clean Mylite.  Also, with some persistence you can find, at relatively cheap prices, copies with a 7.5ish technical grade but nice gloss that they present like 9.0s. 

    Now, you want to see something really cool that knocks your socks off?  Go to the 14:10 mark of this video on Jose 'Pepe' Gonzalez and the rest of the Warren Spaniard artists ... The live models inspired the covers for 29, 30, 57, 110.


    This is an awesome video!  I highly recommend watching the entire thing.  Thanks for posting!!:applause: