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  1. This has been the bane to comic collectors for 40 years. It's come up a bunch over the years. I actually went tapeless and just folded the flaps of Mylite 2s with no sealing for over 8 years until almost 12 years ago when several sage and wise board members recommended these: https://www.amazon.com/Post-Standard-Flags-Dispenser-680-BE2/dp/B00006JNO8/ref=sr_1_27?dchild=1&keywords=3M+post+it+flags&qid=1589480734&sr=8-27 3M post it flags never stick to comics but work brilliantly with mylites (and all other bags I've tried). Truly, a godsend for me as I've had them catch on books and they come right off, clean as a whistle. No more tears.
  2. I've been using Gerber Fullbacks for 20 years they always have some sort of very minimal curve. It's not an issue. All the concern about the boards curve damaging books (given how small it is) seems a little over the top to me.
  3. Just looked at that and was shocked that it got pulled. I get the suggestiveness of it but, wow. BTW, beautiful piece by McGinnis!
  4. Lord, I hope not. The last thing I want to see is that whole mess being done to paperbacks. Seriously, please don't do that.
  5. That's an awesome instrument!
  6. This is a job for @Surfing Alien and @Pat Calhoun. I'm still learning.
  7. It's actually a typical paperback binding but it is thinner (I think that photo makes it look a little thinner than it is). But it's not like some short novels that are stitched (staple bound).
  8. Eye of the Beholder from Eerie 2 (Jay Taycee at his best! ) has always been one of my favorites along with Werewolf from Creepy 1 (The GOAT draws his last published comic work ). Also Hatchet Man from Eerie 4 (Who doesn't love ink washes from Gene Colan??!!). Pretty much any of Steve Ditko's work on Warren magazine is must reading, IMO. There's a collected volume by Dark Horse but I most enjoy them in the original mags. Here's a quick preview: https://www.cbr.com/steve-ditko-warren-creepy-eerie/
  9. Just an open question for the board. I regularly search magazines on eBay (it's a tough market but I still look). More and more, it seems, I see listings that don't give a grade but use other words to suggest condition. Sometimes it's "pre-owned". Other times it's "new, unread". But the one that gets me is when they describe the magazine as "used"... My question is this- Am I the only one that feels a little dirty buying a "used" magazine? It doesn't sound like the kind of thing I want. I don't know how it was "used".
  10. Completely agree. This book stands way out in the run and is completely undervalued.
  11. Great book! I'm still working my way through it.
  12. 66 is the Murderworld cover but 65 is the first part of the story arc.
  13. It's like saying Tales to Astonish 1 is a key. Or perhaps a better example, Marvel Spotlight 1 is a key. Not sure that makes sense to me, but I get what you're saying.
  14. In response to the OP, apparently the following is true: -MTU 141 is a big key (symbiote) -MTU 95 is an important key (mockingbird) -MTU 65 is a solid key (captain britain) -MTU 55 is a mediocre key (soul gems) -MTU 1 is not a key I personally have been looking for a well centered copy with white pages in 9.0 or above for a reasonable price for 20 years or so of MTU 1. But there's nothing that makes it special, just my nostalgia from my childhood collecting Marvel Team-up.
  15. Every time you post one of these photos, I think "I get it, you've got a giant ottoman in your living room. It's enormous!"
  16. No matter how much I try, I just can't like his work. It's like I'm looking at one of those magic eye posters from the 90s. Everyone is like "I can see it" and I'm like "what, what, I can't see it, is it a sailboat?". To say nothing of the vast number of ways his name can be pronounced (it's shin-kay-vitch, people!)
  17. I know! It's kind of a revelation after 40 years of collecting comics to find the amazing styles employed on paperbacks. It's a different thing, but cover illustrations for paperbacks is definitely where the big boys were playing. Matt Baker is an awesome comic artist with his depiction of women, but he doesn't even come close to Robert Maguire in terms of quality, IMO.
  18. People ask me "How far does your magazine collecting go off the beaten track?". Answer-
  19. I've always wanted a clean copy of this book and finally found one. Simple but awesome!
  20. You're the man, Greg! I really appreciate what you put together and keep running!! Also, I highly recommend his blog. If you're into analysis, it's got a bunch of cool charts looking at trends from different angles. http://www.slabdata.com/blog/
  21. It's my absolutely favorite tool for looking at census data from CGC http://cgcdata.com/cgc/ Just enter in Warren into publisher and search. Scroll to the bottom and there's totals by grade (universal, sig, restored, etc.) The site was put together by a boardie who's a star, IMO, @valiantman. He's very good at data filtering and graphic analysis.
  22. Of the entire Warren catalog, CGC currently shows only 2 10s and 18 9.9s. Of the 18 9.9s, there are only 2 Vampirellas in 9.9- a 19 and an 85; 4 or 5 of the 9.9/10s are Eeries, 3 or 4 are Creepys and the rest are Famous Monsters and the misc. titles (Rook, Spirit, Warren Presents, etc.)