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  1. Fun little story to share with everyone- Steve is incredibly hard to shop for when it comes to gifts. One year, I was super excited, I had found a copy Eerie 81 CGC 9.6 White pages. It was 8 months before his birthday but I didn't care. I grabbed it and waited, feeling pretty good about the find. When his birthday came around, I gave the book to Steve and he was so appreciative. We talked and talked about what a cool book it was. Success story, right? I found out later he already had 3 CGC 9.6s. And I don't think that took anything away from his enjoyment of the fourth. True story.
  2. What book is that? The interior art is awful!
  3. I've been telling Steve about some of my war stories. When you buy comic mags, the majority of people know they have value and they usually arrive in bags, most with backing boards. But when you buy virtually any other kind of magazine, it's a free for all. I'm talking raw mags in bubble mailers, mags rolled up in a tube, raw mags in a box, but wrapped up in saran wrap with packing tape on the outside making them impossible to open without damaging them. Everything you can imagine. And they almost never come in bags!
  4. Rob's a great guy. I bought a stack of books from him a few months back and talked to him on the phone, had a great conversation. I get the sense he's really into movie posters and it was apparent right away that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of things. I mentioned a very obscure movie poster that I own from a B-movie from the 60s and he knew all the details of it.
  5. One of my favorite Frazetta paperback covers! Time War (not my copy, image taken from internet)
  6. That's the prelude to MTU 59-60 which is a classic story arc.
  7. That does seem to be the going rate for nice looking, fresh feeling copies.
  8. Sheesh, there's so many good ones! Same with Popular Library and Berkley books. This will sound pretty stupid, but I had no idea how vast the material was for paperback books. I practically grew up in bookstores but always stayed in certain genres. And that was in the 70s and 80s. I've been collecting paperbacks to one degree or another for over 20 years and I'm still stunned at the stuff I find.
  9. As I said before, I’ve been on an acquisition phase as I’m finding some pretty good deals on high grade books right now. Most of these are upgrades but a few are new, and some were just too good to pass up! Water Witch and Wild to Possess are a couple of my favorites.
  10. Why the heck is it that every time I see a book that I've been looking for, it says sold to @speedcake!!
  11. Some- http://cgcdata.com/cgc/search/publisher/:Wizard:/title/:Wizard:/label/all/orderby/alphabetical/variants/yes/census/200428/
  12. Vampirella 30 is one of the most iconic covers in my book! And tough in anything above 7.5! Nice pickup!!
  13. I've owned a lot of cool and rare comics over the years. Just on the quality of the cover and material, Eerie 23 is one of my absolute favorites!
  14. I'm not knocking it. Those guys routinely come up with deals or unusual finds that I never see. But yes, I just don't really enjoy it that much. I think part of it comes from when I was manager at a comic store and had to routinely go through dozens and dozens of long boxes and reprice as appropriate.
  15. You have a crazy capacity and endurance for box diving. Only @Hamlet comes close to you (of the people I know). You guys both enter into some sort of zen trance that sustains you not just for hours, but for days, as you meticulously go through every box and examine any possible candidate for your collection or even if it just seems like a good deal. By contrast, my ADHD kicks in pretty hard and fast. I'm fast to assume if a store or booth has what I'm looking for or not and if they do, I'll look for specific books that I'm interested in and move on. Long winded way of saying I'm jealous.
  16. Depends on the day. Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. One of the more frustrating things is how inconsistent grading has been over the last 10 years. Simply put not all 9.8s are created equal, buy the book not the number.