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  1. Eerie 45, VF+ 8.5, Excellent, glossy black cover. Extremely tough in high grade. $40 Sold to JustJimN
  2. Eerie 44, VF 8.0, Such a gorgeous black cover which would grade much higher if not for a couple of surface impacts. Super tough black cover. $30 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer
  3. Eerie 41, VF 8.0, Arguably the coolest cover by Sanjulian. Just gorgeous colors and gloss. Such a tough book from the scarcer part of the Eerie run. Withdrawn
  4. Eerie 39, VFNM 8.5-9.0, This little is one of the really hard ones in any grade over 7.0. They rarely come up and when they do they always get snapped up. First appearance of Dax the Warrior. Withdrawn
  5. Eerie 34, NM 9.2-9.4, Very cool Boris cover with excellent gloss and color. As anyone that's collected these has found, many of these books are easy in grades 9.0 or less but very tough in higher grades. This one is no different. $50 Sold to Key Largo Comics
  6. Eerie 33, VFNM 8.5-9.0, One of my favorite covers of this period and a tough black background. $40 Sold to DavidtheDavid
  7. Eerie 31, NM 9.4, A stunner of a copy that looks like it was printed yesterday. If you like glossy fresh looking books, this copy is for you. I don't mind keeping this book as it's pretty tough to replace. $110 Sold to Norrin's Lawyer
  8. Eerie 30, NM- 9.0-9.2, Another glossy book with great colors. Very pretty. $40 Sold to JustJimN
  9. Eerie 29, VFNM 9.0, Very glossy with excellent color and luster. This is an early Ken Kelly cover and pretty awesome. $40 Sold to JustJimN
  10. Eerie 28, NM 9.4, A fresh, tight glossy copy of this tough magazine in high grade. $60 Sold to JustJimN
  11. Eerie 10, NM+ 9.4-9.6, This is an absolutely stunning white, glossy, colorful copy of this excellent Gray Morrow cover. I've only ever seen a couple of copies that are as high grade as this guy. Just amazing for a 50+ year old book. $80 Sold to JustJimN
  12. Also, I wasn't suggesting that maybe I'm the girl and you're the teacher. That would have been very wrong. I probably shouldn't have even said it.
  13. Next up is Eerie but I have to get my scan on and catch up. Taking a break and will resume at 9:00 CST. Feel free to PM with questions or offers.
  14. National Lampoon Sep. 1975, VF 8.0, I paid good money for this book as it's a classy cover and one of my favorites. Hard to find in higher grades. Classic. $60 Sold to JustJimN
  15. Spirit Special (nn), FVF 7.0-7.5, Very cool copy with Will Eisner's best known character. $40
  16. Comix International 1, NM- 9.0-9.2, Tough book to grade as it looks 9.4 to 9.6 but has a slight bend to the top corner that's only visible on the oblique reflecting light. Simply awesome work by Richard Corben and all 5 issues of this series are tough in high grade. $80 Sold to toto
  17. A note about my scanner- it does weird things with white and black covers. Sometimes, it exaggerates greatly a slight discoloration that is barely noticeable. Just a heads up.
  18. Blazing Combat 4, VFNM 9.0, Nice bright white cover on this classic from the Frazetta catalog of cool covers. $50 Sold to Key Largo Comics
  19. On the Scene featuring Super Heroes (nn), NM 9.4-9.6, Super fresh copy of this 40 year old magazine. Looks like it was just bought off the stands. $60 Sold via pm
  20. Vampirella 86, F/VF 7.0, This is a real shame. I purchased this as a 9.4 and it looks all of that from the front but the back cover has a small stain at the top of the spine. Tough book to grade but I think CGC is pretty hard on such things. FREE to the first person that makes a purchase!! To JustJimN
  21. Vampirella 22, NM 9.2-9.4, Very cool early Vampi with that awesome Full Color Dracula section! A clean copy. Withdrawn
  22. Vampirella 11, NM- 9.0-9.2, Just an awesome, classic, incredible Frazetta cover and this copy is bright, glossy and beautiful. These are really becoming hard to find in high grade. $80 Sold to JustJimN