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  1. Crazy to see how low this show has fallen. Remember the really good lineups back in the day? I remember the artist lineup with tons of Batman artists in 2013. Now, this show is kinda sad. And I guarantee you I am not the only one that feels this way. Many of the old fans of this show really regret what happened to this shows since Fan Expo. The summer one is good, yeah, but February and October used to be really good too and now are a half-assed afterthought. Oh well, I don't con anymore due to what the industry has become so I guess I'm happy I got to live the years of Ben and
  2. CGC SS Richard Dreyfuss from 2014 signed MAD cover JAWS 5.0 I have it for $250. I can let it go for $200 here.
  3. Spoiler alert: They won't be able to handle him.
  4. have my MAD $180 SS 5.0 signed by Richard Dreyfuss. 3 on the census, this is the middle child. I can do $550 to avoid eBay fees and the shipping is on me. The 4.5 sold for $500 on eBay. Also posted this on a FB slabbed comics group.