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  1. The Star Wars page is sold. Thanks for all the people that ask for it.
  2. Updated my CAF for sale gallery: http://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=99681 Thanks
  3. Hello, I try to move the following pieces: Brereton,Dan - World finest's II book 2 page 44 Size 14" x 20" 540$ Rick Veitch (2 consecutive pages) - Swamp Thing issue 62 page 20 and page 21 Size of each page 13" x 19" 850$ for the pair David Lloyd - Hellblazer issue 25 (Write by Grant Morrison) page 13 Size 13" x 19" SOLD Jan Duursema - Star Wars issue 92 page 35 Size 11" x 17" SOLD Blas Gallego -Music painting also published in a german magazine Canvas size 16" x 21'5" Drawing size 13" x 18" (Send rolled in a tub) 1425$ All the prices included the DHL 48-72h international shipping and the Paypal fees. Please don't ask for other pieces of my gallery in the CAF,because this is the only pieces that i want move at this time. Thanks for your time, Gerard
  4. Sold to Chris Thanks to all the people that contact me.
  5. Hi friends, I put in sale this amazing splash page of Sam Kieth with finishes by Dwayne Turner of the issue 120 of Marvel Comics Present,is the tittle Splash. The page lost some word ballons.And the size is 14" × 16",a rare format but mr.Kieth use in very pages. I'm asking 2500$ including the DHL 48-72 hours worlwide service. Thanks, Gerard Nadal
  6. Of course Mike,allways you are my first option
  7. Send me a PM because i have 3 pages of issue 1 and 1 page of issue 2 for sale.
  8. Hello, Daredevil issue 69 page 2 The page size is 10"x15" The original has some damage on the bottom left corner (it's cropped). Please see scan. Pencilled by Gene Colan Inked by Syd Shores 825$ shipped worldwide http://www.comicartshop.com/ComicArtShopsByCat.asp?GCat=37954
  9. Hello, I put in my Caf two pages for sale: X-Men vol.2 issue 35 page 27 by Liam Sharp with a nice 1/2 splash of most of the Generation X formers.550$ And the other Marvel Team-Up vol.1 issue 16 page 23 by Gil Kane with a villain in the page.450$ Both prices are with the worldwide shipping included. http://www.comicartshop.com/ComicArtShopsByCat.asp?GCat=37954
  10. Hello again, 5 pages are gone.Don't loose the rest. http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerynew.asp?GCat=33173&Days=30 Thanks
  11. Hello again, My friend Oscar Lozano have few pages of the last issues of the end of BPRD by Campbell and Arcudi. Here you have the link: http://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=137870 Thanks and have a great chritsmas holidays.