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  1. I know not of this "him" you refer to.
  2. @Get Marwood & I - Shouldn't you be referred to as "Withnail" rather than "Marwood"...?
  3. Nominate @porcupine48
  4. I switched off when the bad Michael Caine impersonation started.
  5. Appearance wise, he's a better choice than Tom Hardy. And he's managed ok in one or two movies.
  6. That would be my guess. Would've been much better off with a November release.
  7. Despite it being let down by the incredibly poor ending...? One of the good things about Shazam! was it maintained consistency throughout.
  8. I'd say that's fair although the actor needs to be able to act Batman. FYI there were no Star Wars films released after 1983. What are these "new" films you're talking about?
  9. I agree most of the blame should go to the writers/directors, not the actors. However, I don’t think Clooney was entirely faultless, ghosts of ER or not. He wasn’t suited to the role. I’m not sure Pattinson’s role as a vampire qualifies him to be the next Batman but very good We don’t need to have a tough guy incarnation of the character to see some grit. There’s room for all aspects of the role: detective, hero, vigilante, but when it comes to the crunch the character should be tough and intimidating. Kevin Conroy managed all the characteristics as voice actor. I’d like to see that transposed to a live action movie.
  10. You guys are way off track. As happens so often in these threads, the discussions become about the poster rather than their opinion. Words like "hate", "anger", "disgruntled", "nerds", "fanboys" are presented as genuine arguments as to why someone is wrong rather than rational debate. There is no acceptance that someone has a different opinion. The Pattinson decision gets a facepalm because it's a poor and somewhat naïve choice, not because of "hate". DC/WB has one chance to get this right following the poor start of the DCEU. If they get it wrong, no one will be interested in another Batman movie for years to come. Going with Pattinson was not a good choice; more of a gamble that he'll bring an audience with him. Pattinson, in my opinion, is not right for the role... Wrong build (too slim), wrong face type (too thin) and despite being 33, too young looking. More importantly, I haven't seen anything that has impressed me in the way of acting. I want to see someone who makes me believe they're Batman and that doesn't mean just putting on a gravelly voice when wearing the suit. They need to exude grit in that suit. DC/WB has a habit of shoehorning just-past-their-best actors into unsuitable roles. Jesse Eisenberg and Amy Adams being prime examples, not to mention some of other the Batmen. What I see here is no different. A couple of you have touched on why you think Pattinson would be good in the role but haven't really gone into detail. I would be interested to hear why Pattinson would make a good Batman...