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  1. You'll have to check to see if they ship internationally.
  2. They always take liberties with the storylines in DC movies. I can't think of one DC movie where they haven't. Don't write it off just yet... Besides, I'm not seeing a downside to Michelle Borth playing Mary Marvel
  3. I would attempt an answer but that episode is long forgotten. Who's Lin?
  4. As long as it's Kate Beckinsale playing James Bond playing Kate Beckinsale. There is, after all, only one Kate Beckinsale.
  5. Kate Beckinsale should be the new James Bond.
  6. Kate Beckinsale should've been the new Doctor.
  7. You should be grateful Graham - 5 Yaz - 5 Ryan - 2 Nan - 7 (she should've been the companion).
  8. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5.
  9. He's certainly not the best artist I've ever seen however I would say yes he can draw. I hear he specialises in making wallpaper look a little bit like a door but not very much.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, it's Roge Antonio.
  11. Bill Potts wasn't as bad as the new lot but that's about as far as I'm prepared to go. It's difficult to draw comparisons to the older characters because the acting style - and feel of the show - has changed completely. Adric will always be at the bottom and deservedly so. Mel and Ace did what they were meant to do... play off the Doctor in that hammy, overly theatrical style we'd become accustomed to. Going back to the new bunch, I think Yaz or Graham would work on their own, they just don't work as a group. I would be more inclined to watch the show if it was the Doctor and one companion.