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  1. A good design definitely suited for the more robust Batman... Including the Bat logo...
  2. It's a little too arthouse for my liking. It's also out of character. We all know Bruce would put the gun in a glass cabinet to brood over...
  3. Did I say you?? Did you see me single you out and state 'STOP BEING NEGATIVE'?? Now if you feel that way, then maybe you are taking this film more personal already than you should. The real secret sauce isn't out there yet as scenes from the film. If that trailer comes out and things look horrible, then I would think to worry. My reply was nothing more than a light-hearted quip which was intended to be humorous (see winky thing). The opportunity for a funny was there following the flow of the conversation. I didn't take your comment personally. For the record, I also don't take anything "personally" about this film. So far I haven't seen anything I like but that's just my opinion. I don't expect people to share it. Whatever the outcome, I hope the movie does well at the box office. As I've stated before, WB/DC have one shot at getting this right following Justice League. If they don't, no one will be interested in another Batman movie for many years. Reaching. Really reaching just to pick apart the film. Now that is going to get old. You may have taken this post out of context following the first post. That was me joining in the conversation with another humorous remark. Kimik's post made me chuckle and having studied human anatomy and physiology, I couldn't resist commenting with an embellished diagram. The only thing I'm guilty of here is being a comic book geek I should mention the post was picking apart the story in 'Tec #1000 rather than the movie From my perspective I was commenting on the Batsuit screentest following it being posted on a public forum. Whilst I agree with Capra's view, I wasn't "jumping in the middle to take his side" (quoted from another post above). I have no interest in "taking sides" over a movie discussion. I like to agree/disagree in what should be a fairly informal chat but that's about it. I admire your enthusiasm for movies, Bosco. No one has put in more effort to champion each and every movie, and you rarely have a bad word to say about any of them. But I have to say you have a tendency to overreact when someone doesn't share your point of view. The only one taking anything personally here is yourself
  4. I'm not sure my complaints could be described as "consistent" but I'll give it a go
  5. We shall see. Have to agree with Capra. That bat logo is a bit naff. And let's hope that suit is just a prototype.
  6. Welcome to the boards, BmoGreen. I think it would be more accurate to say you’ve put yourself in a hard place. The book was sold as a CGC 9.8 and that’s what you received. If you are unhappy with the book, it’s not because it hasn’t been graded correctly to CGC’s standards, it’s because the book doesn’t meet your standards. It isn’t defective or “not as described” therefore the seller isn’t obliged to pay return shipping (see eBay guidelines on returning items). As this is just a case of you being unhappy with item, the correct thing to do would be for you to pay the return shipping costs.
  7. You're both missing the point. The purpose of Dr Who is not to entertain... It's to enlighten. It worked on me. I'm off to write a letter of complaint about the amount of plastic used in Dr Who DVDs.
  8. Ooo… Episode 5 had some interesting bits in it. But, of course, you're not watching it, are you? So you wouldn't know... Well, not unless you watch Newsround John Craven is the new Doctor Who.
  9. Episode 4 "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror" - terrible villain. Is anyone else still watching...?