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  1. The Roy Thomas reprints of Phantom lady and Planet are good...he did other stuff too.
  2. Thanks for the insight everyone. If it were me, I would say in the listing why the shipping was $10. Yes...I agreed to $10, so it really isn't a problem. But it would have been better if he had explained why in the listing. At the end of the book with early Toth art.'s all good.
  3. It was from 14241...but the written return address was in Kitchener.
  4. Yeah...I would go to Heritage on this one too.
  5. I suspect you are correct on that count. Maybe he accounted for the drive and mileage in the shipping cost!
  6. Anyone dealt with this seller before on eBay? The book, Secret Hearts #4 was fine...pretty rare Canadian version of an early Alex Toth romance book. Bug it just bugs me that the guy said $10 for shipping when in fact it came USPS first class from Buffalo...for $3.21 Irritating.
  7. Hi...I am looking to pick up a book from Comic Connect and just wanted to quickly ping the group here since I have never bought from them. If you have dealt with them, have you been generally pleased? I think it is a consignment house the books are not necessarily in their possession...or is that not the case? Any info would be appreciated!
  8. The negligence is just a fact...and it's in the past. You, hypothetically of course, did the right thing. but those actions just covered the consequences of the negligence, not the negligence itself. My two cents.
  9. This is a good idea...the bundle. I also always have some good stuff off to the side. If you get a more serious collector, and you have books that are higher end that you may want to part with, it's good to be prepared.
  10. We just built a new wife made sure that a small room was set aside as my "comic cave"...bless her soul! The cave is already full though....time to cull a few books.
  11. Focus is for the weak. Organization, however, is essential. Agreed! Collect what you matter what it is...and have no shame in culling the collection every now and then! By the way...The Chuck Rozansky mantra of "never sell" just can't work for most people. I have culled twice...and only really regret one or two books of the ~1000 I got rid of. (Avengers 4 being one....argh.)
  12. Ain't that the truth...I don't have a good grip on what I have at this point and my collection isn't that big...about 5000 books. It is sort of fun though, rediscovering the collection!
  13. Been a while since I did any work on my blog. Decided to take a look at Phantom Stranger data.
  14. Random question.... Does anyone understand Thor 193 selling for $3250 in 9.8? It's not new news...prices have been over $3000 since 2010. But I am just curious why this book is getting so much. Is it just rare in high grade?? (10 copies in 9.8...none higher)