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  1. I saw the movie last night. Movie was completely sold out. Two of my friends got there late and couldn't get tickets. I thought the movie was just okay. I thought Joaquin Phoenix acting was excellent but I didn't really care for his final act as the Joker. If he would have transformed into the Joker that Heath Ledger played I think I would have been more satisfied at the end.
  2. The bottom edge of the book is especially rough and there are burrs. I've never seen this before. I'm guessing it was just a dull blade from the factory?
  3. Just looked and it looks like there is some rust on both the staples.
  4. Pictures attached. 1 1/4" spine split on top of cover and 1/2" spine split on bottom of cover. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bought this on ebay. Advertised as Fine. There is a 1/2" tear on the front cover which was disclosed in the listing along with the wear that can be seen in the scans. It arrived today and when I opened it up, I found that it had 4 interior pages with a 2" tear. I'm probably going to be asking for a partial refund since the interior tears were not disclosed, but I'm curious what this book would grade now knowing this has 4 interior pages with tears. Thanks in advance!
  6. Alas, it seems its true.
  7. Has this been rumored? I assumed when Tony snapped the Stark gauntlet, all the bad guys just went into the soul world like the first snap and are not dead but trapped.
  8. There is a petition to have Danny Devito play wolverine. Let’s make it happen!
  9. Paramount has agreed to change the look of Sonic.
  10. Someone on instagram rendered Sonic to what they felt like he should look like.
  11. I went and saw it last night. Sold out showing. It was everything I hoped it would be. I loved it.
  12. Rotten Tomatoes has removed the Want to See score. Last I saw it, I think it was down to 24%.