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  1. Looks like he already gave it a “good press” in the scanner.
  2. I would put them somewhere around the range of the #3 NYCC variant value. Not a mainstream book for the casual collector but a “must have” for a TMNT fan.
  3. Missed the DHC 13 on comiclink. When I clicked “yes, proceed” to confirm my bid my iPad zoomed in instead of processing my request. I was not happy but picked this up off eBay. One book closer...
  4. I knew Marvel was going to go variant crazy on Aliens. I’ll wait until they’re $10 a piece then I will grab them, lol.
  5. This right here is how I think about completing sets. That’s how I felt about the first Aliens mini series. Number 2 cost me twice as much as number 1 but I got number one on the cheap compared to current prices.
  6. @valiantmanI feel the same way about books. I generally wait till they’re graded by someone else. I have submitted books and gotten pretty lucky. But it’s just easier for me to get them post submission. I do have a pred vs Magnus TPB that is definitely 9.8 potential. I wish I didn’t pass on the one that sold on eBay. Oh well, hopefully more get subbed.
  7. Nice book!!! I love the Mask. I wish the movie followed the Ipkiss, Kellaway storyline. Probably would make a pretty good Netflix series. Do you still have that Predator Vs Magnus Robot Fighter TPB in 9.8? That Dorman cover is amazing.
  8. @Dr. Dank I think I have a copy of War Child #1. I’ll be home on the 16th. I’ll hit you up when I come across it.
  9. Don’t wait, bite the bullet and get it if you can afford it. You’ll regret it later if you don’t grab it when you have the funds. I’m speaking from experience🤣. ASM 134 9.8 white pages seems to be my white whale at this point. I had multiple opportunities and passed every-time because “I’ll have another shot. I want this other thing right now.”
  10. Casterano is his EBay name if my memory serves me correctly.
  11. They’re also the same ones that if they had purchased said book when it was cheap they’d be toting, “finally this book is getting the recognition it deserves.”
  12. I was working with the same seller Dec 2016 for that book. I offered $3k and he turned me down. Funny how he ended up selling it for less than I offered. Same seller had a 9.6 first print for sale as well if I remember correctly.
  13. The thing about the #3 NYCC variant is that it’s only sought after by TMNT fans. The mainstream market is focused on the first three printings of number #1, Raphael #1 TMNT adventures 1988 #1 and issue #2. Those are the key books that have major first appearances where is #3 does not. But that’s just my opinion.
  14. DHP 117, great story. I really liked the artwork, B&W, no inks.
  15. Awesome books! Nice work! Easy decision for $1 a piece.
  16. Great Chris Warner cover! Should have bought this last year, lol. Oh well, sometimes you gotta pay to play.
  17. Love that book. Nice and clean with great signatures.
  18. If it’s this book it’s not Earth War issue 3. This book is Aliens Vol 2 issue 4 variant. Ripley has a full cameo on the last page introducing her into the last part of the trilogy which was Earth War.
  19. Do you have a pic of the Aliens Earth War 3 variant? I’m not familiar with that one.