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  1. LOVE this book and super jealous. Give me a buzz if you ever decide to sell it ...
  2. I predict he's around for the first 5-7 issues then bails for something else. (i.e. Alias, Lost, Star Wars ... etc)
  3. I like his baby stuff ... even-though it's become waaay too oversaturated at this point at Marvel. His non-baby stuff is REALLY cool as I liken the style to 90's era Tim Burton. Makes me reminisce of my youth.
  4. 1) Keanu Reeves 2) Samuel L Jackson 3) Barack Obama 4) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 5) Vin Diesel Ditto on books in hand for each of these ...
  5. Sad to see this happen man... will keep an eye out if your stuff pops up anywhere in DFW.
  6. The idea behind this was to get a sketch featuring a Colonial Marine running from Twister. Not sure if I'll crack it though... RIP Bill Paxton.
  7. The folks over at Scorpion Comics have an Edge of Venomverse blank for sale. They also still have some Spawn blanks too. http://www.scorpioncomics.com/shop/5nsi26mcqr1fsoo3rwb15t900on23e http://www.scorpioncomics.com/shop/spawn-265-red-blank-variant
  8. Fantastic books! @Captain Canuck Did you just use cut bristol as the "blank"?
  9. Resurrecting this thread as I've recently come across some of the older "Troy" covers. Has anyone else had success with this or have know whereabouts of ".Troy"?
  10. Throwing it out there in case anyone can possibly facilitate for this event. https://www.themsv.org/event/alex-ross-signing-event