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  1. I believe the green cover is the Canadian version
  2. Lol obviously I’m a little slow this morning!
  3. I have never been able to snag a Horrific 3......if still available
  4. Almost $3k for a Mister Mystery 12 1.5? I know it was nice for the grade but wow. I was in for awhile but I’m obviously getting priced out of some classic PCH’s
  5. Just picked this one up. Been on my list for quite awhile.
  6. I actually had a local wood worker make a chest of drawers for me. It wound up not being that expensive. And I figured if I’m willing to spend as much as I do on 1 comic book, I should not feel bad about spending a little $ to give them a good home!
  7. Love the Vault. If I didn’t blow the budget on a CofChills 19 in the ComicLink auction I would’ve taken it long ago!
  8. Book has been sold via PM. Thanks everyone!! Mike
  9. Hi Everyone - just listing 1 book today. Hoping to let this go to a good home. Rules: No HOS or Probationary members please. First whether in the thread or PM takes the book(s). Timestamp rules all. Shipping: I will ship US free, via USPS priority shipping with signature confirmation. All foreign buyers will pay the difference in shipping. Returns: Allowed, but you must alert me within 5 days of receipt. Buyer pays return shipping via USPS priority if not satisfied with the book. For damaged goods, I will pay the return shipping. Payment Method: Paypal (preferred), check or MO Amazing Spider-Man 238 CGC 9.8 (White), First Appearance of the Hobgoblin. Newsstand copy . Sorry for the iPhone pics. My scanner is down for the count. Price: $975 USD
  10. Does anyone know what the hammer price was for this when it was auctioned at CC? I can't seem to find the info. Was just curious as this book is suhweeet! Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I am definitely happy to be bringing this LB Cole home