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  1. That and the fact there are no comic shows on the horizon. But yes, I must say that after all the personal grief and sadness that this Covid situation has brung (trust me my life has been a country song of late) I am still grateful for MCS because they have helped me bring much needed money in for me and my family/best friends. It's just that a lot of those are books that have been in stock for over a year... Oh well.
  2. Don't get me started on them. That's one I can agree on.
  3. I'm not trying to paint myself up as being special because I am not, I just sell a lot. I see this courtesy as the same type of business nod that I personally get at the main shows. I haven't paid for an entrance into a comic show for years. Why? Because of the unspoken that dealers have with my kind that go there with the main purpose to buy from a lot them. They realize the more discretionary money you have, the more you have to spend and it comes back around to these dealers to comp badges. This is a business for me, a side one but still a business. For one that goes to a show to buy from sellers to the point of exhaustion I see courtesy going a long way. Besides that, I'm probably one of the most honest people you will ever meet and I have helped watch booths for sellers that needed a smoke or whiz break. Anyway, I've spoken my peace here. I can call Conan or Buddy and figure out what my next move is.
  4. There is a difference, the time it takes to do that. Everybody has a process. Mine is based on percentages. Sellers should LOVE my practices. WHY? Because I have set fire to so many books getting GPA highs because it SOLD at those prices. The two up top were part of that as well as dozens of others before Moon Knight was super hot I took a WWBN 32 and listed it for about double guide the CGC 9.0 flipped and it's gone gangbusters ever since. I'll never apologize for how i run my show, because unlike the hoarding jerks with TP and Hand Sanitizer that place these items out there for sky high - bottom line PEOPLE DO NOT NEED COMICS!
  5. I assure you that isn't me. But on the other hand, why is that even an issue??? If I see a seller that has a certain book out there listed sky high, I WATCH IT and pray that someone buys it because I like to see my books mature. I see this new MCS business practice as a chastising for all their consigners. especially ones that have tons of books there.
  6. and for the record, all those that cheering with the notion that all of a sudden the MCS consignment prices will be dropping like rain, think again... There is solid reason why the prices are what they are, I can assure you. I've been selling there for over 8 years so my knowledge is pretty solid. Here's the way I see it: #1 - MCS absolutely doesn't like any returns from books (its a loss they incur so I don't blame them). #2 MCS under grades raws big time to avoid returns. Whenever I send in raw books I can guarantee MCS will call it a full one to two grades lower than my grading. I have been grading comics for over 30 years and I have a solid standing here in the grading competitions. I have submitted hundreds of books to CGC and it is ultra rare that I am surprised by a CGC. But on the other hand, MCS will call a VF a Fine or less in a heart beat. Now, how do I deal with this issue you ask? I do the honest "right" thing and price the book on what I think it is. If this is why you think the raw prices are high. I would employ anyone here to just look at the book and make your own assumption. I am not trying to throw dirt on one's business practices, it is what it is. I sell so much there I felt that what I was just saying was a no brainer. Peace.
  7. I sure do. Funny thing is I've been flipping A lot of stuff in the last few weeks that have sat for quite awhile. I've had a FF 1 in CGC 3.0 sit for a full year at 3k and I had a FF 49 8.5 (old label) sit for a full year at $500 and that just two that I pull off the top of my head.
  8. BINGO! You would think that if you are making a solid percentage of sales it wouldn't matter what space you were taking up. You are not alone Poka! Anyone that knows the comic business knows that it is cyclical what is cold today can be blown up tomorrow. I personally don't think I price my stock sky high, but I don't price it too cheap either.
  9. Anyway, I am a Huge Fan of LB. And apologies to the OP for the light derailment. One last thing though there is another classic in Power 1 (if you want to have some real fun, try to count how many different points of perspective is in that background, I double dog dare you!) funny thing is again, IT WORKS! I bet there were more than a few pop artist of the 60's that used this as a springboard for their style. Great stuff!
  10. yep, I said that to point out what it is, but my attempt was to highlight the odd stylization.
  11. sorry, this is one of those once you see it, you can't unsee it...
  12. oh, I'm not saying it's not a classic. Just a different kind of classic to me. It's almost like if someone snuck a Charlie Brown jetting out of the back of Mona Lisa's head type of classic.
  13. Now that it's sold, it's time to drop shade #2... Every time I see that Power 3, I find it so amusing that Cole would put something on it so out of place. That ultra racist asian depiction I know is part of the times where they demonized them because of the war, but it is so nuts how the non-modeled style of it looks just stuck on. The fact that it's so cartoony in style when compared to the others is only magnified when the figures front teeth looks like it was replaced by popsicle sticks. The ginormous bow tie is just the icing on the cake. The most fascinating aspect of this is that even with this odd campy placement the composition is STILL in balance. It's almost like someone bet him that he couldn't do it and he won.
  14. Thanks guys. Luckily I plan ahead, so considering that I'm in pretty good shape. It's just another set back - and when you get as old as I am you realize life is full of setbacks. Just planning the best you can helps for the softest landing.