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  1. ASM100's storyline is just classic. I could only imagine the look on some of the readers buying it off the rack...
  2. Nice orange strike on this copy Dan! Good luck brother and Happy New Year!
  3. That's actually a funny cover Dan. I don't know what the artist was intending, but the bomb's trajectory is definitely gonna blow sweet britches right outta her hot lil pumps. It's like she's looking up and knows it while the jerk of a pilot is shining her on with a howdy doo wave... Classic!
  4. Thanks JB. Mad Genius: Here is my design site - wallylambdesign.com I'll pm you.
  5. The decoder badge breaks the secret code that says "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine".
  6. oh the irony, the subject on the cover is one of the big reasons this comic is rare.
  7. “I love the smell of pre-code in the morning,... it smells like victory.” -Kilgore