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  1. I'm taking the fam up for spring break at the big apple... Other than the touristy stuff - I was planning on dropping by Metro to maybe see their warehouse. Is there anything else comic related that would be cool? I love to look at rare GA or OA and I love to sit around and drink a few pints while talking comics.
  2. that's real nice looking Jay! Good luck with the sale brother!
  3. Someone need to tell this Faun to stop eating the Moon colored bubblegum!
  4. A lot of FC covers are this way. It's just one more awesome nod to the GA! GLWTS!
  5. you gotta love the crazy perspective on this cover! That woman is 9 ft tall!
  6. I guess this is take it or leave it,... So vi et.
  7. I thought this movie was ok. A 2.75 out of 5. There were some neat surprises. But this will be a watch at the theatre and no need to see it again type of flick. I thought there were some less than interesting messages in the under tones of this movie. One of my millennial buds said "it will be very annoying if all the heroes that we've been watching for over a decade (that got their arses crushed in IW) just take a back seat while Captain Marvel destroys Thanos with ease." Take it for what it is. Meh!
  8. I'm not sure how well of a deterrent that would be because some people would pay good money to receive this type of treatment.
  9. This kind of makes me wonder what is going to be next... A color copy over a John Byrne ASM 1 from 1999?
  10. Slabbing a book that that has a photo copy of that book is one thing... But slabbing a book that has a photocopy of a different book??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/401722345721 Come on Man!
  11. does the hole punches only go through the cover or do they go through the whole book?