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  1. My favorite Joker will always be Mark Hamill. Matter O'fact, he did the character so well, I really don't see this actor as "Luke" any more.
  2. This movie to me is a "one and done" I wanted to give it higher but I can understand why critics are on the fence...
  3. that's what you get for walking down an alien graveyard in the middle of the night!...
  4. One of our boys getting hurt on the cover in battle... That's kind of rare on the cover isn't it?
  5. These books are RED PANTS HOT! Good luck Guv!
  6. On the CGC boards it's hard to get a head, buddy...
  7. I always thought that Wings 91 was a funny cover in a morbid way. The pilot is waving like he's either being a jerk saying bye-bye to her... because with the momentum that - the bomb's trajectory is heading straight for her, and even if it wasn't the concussion would make the rocket she's tide onto fall and probably blow up. maybe she knew too much and the pilot was afraid she'd spill it - so bomb away! In a black comedy sense I love it, but I'm not sure the artist meant that...
  8. Great Stuff brother! Just amazing! Gives me a good feeling to see you blessed, you deserve it!