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  1. oh the irony, the subject on the cover is one of the big reasons this comic is rare.
  2. “I love the smell of pre-code in the morning,... it smells like victory.” -Kilgore
  3. The baby with a tommy gun did it for me... Reminds me of that infamous Bugs Bunny cartoon with the baby crook "Finster". lol!
  4. First Stan Lee work with Timely/Marvel...
  5. This rocks! My favorite Spidey villain and I took my time finding my copy to complete my run. It was a nutty story too. I bought my CGC copy from a board member in China and once it was mailed - not only did the Feds ask me 50k questions on what it was, but slammed me with 25% in fees and tariffs. But, it's mine and I got it before the spidey run became sky high. So I try to look at the glass half full benefits...
  6. Finally some good news. My #1 hate, is bad things happening to good people. I've already been through a hurricane and a flooding that miraculously didn't take my house (just took 2 weeks to clean up). This year has got to be the worst I can remember for a long time, I feel like I've been running to stand still for an eternity.