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  1. Children, drugs and akcohol have ruined my life...
  2. That cover is about as strange and esoteric as it gets... Those funky 70's... Dig It!
  3. I accept you bro... I don't know if that has any intrinsic value though, because I accept so much I could easily be a politician. My main goal was to be a Norm at the end of the bar type. I made it and I'm happy. Anyway Cheers to you and welcome to the club!
  4. And I agree with you 250%... I'm not throwing stones. I'm just defining what a PCH Junkie is to me. People want to quote my goofy made up title and I felt I needed to define it. I have a lot of buds in this biz that collect what they want to and they're awesome all the same. Don't take what I'm saying as some type of purist, because it's actually the opposite. Funny as it seems I care too much. lol!
  5. I never meant for "PCH junkie" to be some time of premium status that I was claiming, I see it as the exact opposite really... I did a lot of stuff that wasn't considered the smart money path for the love of it... For example, when I was at many a con I wouldn't go after the Hot SA Marvels that could be flipped for the big win. I was in a dirty old bin flipping through box after box of LG books of Pre-code. I would have stacks and stacks of not the Premium books, but just picking up the GA jewels in hopes to find a solid read. To me a PCH junkie isn't just about the price tags, covers or j
  6. I hope you're right. I 'm a pre-code junkie and would love to see the bump like SA marvels are currently enjoying... I do however find it amusing the upside down airplane of pre-code is a book built out of remainder issue stock.
  7. I totally love the cobra and hyde story in copper ASM by JR2... Congrats!