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  1. kav

    Manufacturing error

    I thought manufacturing errors didnt affect grade
  2. kav

    Manufacturing error

    thats one slim book
  3. WHY didnt someone shove a book under his hand when he was gasping his last breath??
  4. This is exactly why I have one. I dont have anything in it but I go there frequently and get treated like a big shot. Plus the legs.
  5. It's a SAFE deposit box. A deposit box that is safe. Safety does not enter into it as there is no prevention of injury factor.
  6. Hollywood has only 4 different bad guys-the crazy happy go lucky joker type, the uber powerful thanos type, the arrogant evil rich guy type, and the corrupt power figure type (bad cops etc). Of the four, I find the CrAaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzy happy type the most annoying.
  7. Liefeld Don Heck Humberto Ramos *spoon* Dillin Sal Buscema John Hinkleton Jim Mooney Lee Elias *spoon* Ayers Wayne Boring
  8. This is worse than moon unit or reality winner-
  9. Who names their kid Lord Ha Ha??
  10. Oh god it was Nick Fury's Gwen Stacy!
  11. pls tell me its not the black guy like in horror movies
  12. And WHY did this suddenly happen when he's web caught countless falling people with no issues???
  13. Ps how the hell does her neck snap upwards when she was falling downwards?? Physics FAIL.
  14. So, they brought her back then immediately sent her packing again. Sounds legit.
  15. if we know what city local LCS can be notified to BOLO
  16. @Mark Zaid If you say where they went missing from and any details it could aid in the search focus.
  17. If they ask you to ship to 600 Markley Street Port Reading, NJ 07064, DONT DO IT.
  18. Remember you did great till you started interacting with me-
  19. Wegotthisthisyearbrojustwatch