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  1. Remember if you dont get what you want from ebay call back and get another guy. Theys seem to be all over the map over there.
  2. Boomerce is in France, his location is Ukraine-you do the math. Report to ebay.
  3. He's your Huckleberry.
  4. I always try to be kind to Oakman he gets stung by bees a lot and also watches awful singing videos!
  5. Pls send Oakman the signed print thx
  6. You might like this steranko piece:
  7. Its the cheese rollin-makes em tough.
  8. No smoking guns, either-
  9. Yes let's hope they dont just drop charges like happens with many TV stars....
  10. aha so it's not such a idea after all.
  11. He did end up setting a good example, tho-steal and you go to jail.
  12. Maybe @Guardian Comics can comment on ages of his offspring/henchmen.
  13. Thx to those finalists that have contributed to prize thread!! That's class.
  14. Each color sticky note denotes regular, conserved, sig or resto.
  15. I'm pretty sure theyre gettin all kinds a messages about now asking WTF
  16. Not sure you can make use of eyeballs 'proprietary'.
  17. Verification 'tools'? Like what, eyes?
  18. "Our amateur experts provide great grading-"
  19. "EGGS is here! Expert Godawful Grading Service!"
  20. "Our patented tamper-proof cases are easily opened-"
  21. -with a name like Smuckers, it has to be good.
  22. -that will also go on sticky note. "signed by Stan Lee or something"
  23. This business model isnt much different from just putting a sticky note on a book denoting grade.