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  1. Yes, but they have to be done in John Byrne's presence (witnessed).
  2. Now that other people are looking at it, I suspect $15.
  3. I haven't submitted any yins or yang's yet. Which has the best 10.0 return rate?
  4. ‘The Batman’ Finds Its Selina Kyle In Zoë Kravitz https://deadline.com/2019/10/the-batman-finds-its-selina-kyle-in-zoe-kravitz-1202759926/
  5. They are still paying a sales tax on it. Or they should be at least.
  6. Nobody is, ha. Per that story it said they don't think any will last long. Could be killed off like Slipknot in the first one.
  7. https://geektyrant.com/news/set-photos-from-james-gunns-the-suicide-squad-show-nathan-fillion-pete-davidson-and-jai-courtney-in-costume
  8. Yea, I don't understand why it's just accepted but is does not stop people from buying in.
  9. Kirkman buys as much Liefield OA as he can get his hands on. Not surprising he said this.
  10. No, nothing official yet. But I like the research done here: https://geektyrant.com/news/set-photos-from-james-gunns-the-suicide-squad-show-nathan-fillion-pete-davidson-and-jai-courtney-in-costume
  11. Secret Origins #46, 1st Arm Fall-Off Boy saw some nice sales this week. However, it’s relevance may have been short lived. No matter, the damage is done now.
  12. I typically enjoy Chucks stories. Then you can also have fun determining fact from fiction.
  13. It seems you’re asking people to spend their time to provide you information for free. I think you have brought up some good topics that could start conversations with your own input first.
  14. What Second Blight is not saying is that Al Ewing is coming on to write Guardians since Cates is going over to Thor and he will be bringing in Marvel Boy. https://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/10/04/guardians-of-the-galaxy-al-ewing-marvel-boy-noh-varr/
  15. That's something I could get behind. Easier to gauge as well due to more frequent sales, presumably. This has variants: https://www.sellmycomicbooks.com/most-valuable-comic-books-modern-age.html
  16. I think you may be the first person to ever say that. Hulk 180...181 Jimmy Olson 134....Forever People 1
  17. Ah, well that makes sense as it has been done regularly now. That wasn't mentioned before.
  18. I have been very pleased with these: https://www.papermart.com/p/brown-corrugated-sheets-pads/4652
  19. All it means is the winner declined to buy. I believe you can make as many offers to buyers as you want. It's not like you have to go down the line and wait for them to decline.
  20. A bid retraction can only happen when the auction is live. Once it closes the buyer can request to cancel the sale, contact the buyer to cancel it, etc...