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  1. Thank you is the new FU. Have a blessed day.
  2. The price increase is what it is but having a website that is not stable or functioning properly for a prolonged period of time during normal hours is terrible. Coupled by a completely tone deaf response from an administrator who lacks basic customer service skills is just the icing on the cake. I’ve been a customer for a while but completely put off by my own recent experience trying to submit (unhandled errors thrown on the site) and the blase attitude of CGC staff on the boards. Look forward to the CGC white knights responses.
  3. Don't do it, you're bound to damage books. I use mylite 2's and fullbacks and it is snug enough with 1 book. FTR half backs are flimsy as hell and will not use them again.
  4. It's fairly common place to take a 9.6 slab and replace it with a 9.2 comic? GTFOH. Ebay will probably make you take it back but this buyer is a clown. Blocked! Send him a link to the blocked buyers list and his addition, would love to hear a defense from him.
  5. Life is getting in the way of me listing other items so closing this one down tomorrow. Will send out invoices Sunday evening. Take 15% off anything that is still remaining!
  6. I was going to use PSA to get some of mine graded however they suspended service on certain tiers, so unless you want to spend $300/$600 a card maybe try Beckett however I think PSA might go for a premium over them. Beckett is between $20 - $250 depending on service tier. I'm just holding on to mine at the moment hoping PSA opens up the lower tiers. I wish CGC started grading the marvel sets.
  7. I was able to snag a couple of graded books, but agree the prices are mostly through the roof on most of the lots, not to mention the 20% BP. I wouldn't touch the raw books at some of those prices. There were some neat PCH you don't see every day up for grabs. The chamber of chills 19 was SWEET!
  8. Here's a 3rd set of 3 Wax Packs of sealed Star Wars trading cards Series 2,3,5 (again, there will be more of these at some point later in the thread) Price: $75 sold to jharvey
  9. Walking dead 19 & 27 - 19 is VF, 27 is NM. (19 is brought down by the CB bend on the back top corner.) Price for the pair: $200 sold to MiamiKnight3434
  10. Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Edition 19 (cover A) CGC 9.8 Signed by Michonne herself, Danai Gurira. Price: $175 Sold to jbpez.
  11. The Last Ronin 1 Obscurity Variant COPY #87 NM, Ninja Turtles TMNT 30 Homage (cover painting by Brian Parks) Price: $300 sold to Comicshows
  12. Usagi Yojimbo 6 NM Chibi Variant signed & sketch by Julie Sakai - limited to 500 - Albedo 2 Homage Price: $75 Sold to Gsims718
  13. That's it for right now. I have tons more to go through and sort out. I'll try listing more tomorrow. Happy Easter (and Passover) everyone!
  14. Here's a 2nd set of 3 Wax Packs of sealed Star Wars trading cards Series 2,3,5 (again, there will be more of these at some point later in the thread) Price: $75 Sold to incredible pulp