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  1. I am alive. Breaking up major portions of the collection. Not Corben or Illustrated checklist unless I have a dupe (many many dupes are there) But still collecting. Just bought 50 Corben minor pieces etc. Looking for art but too expensive. In any case look to trade fro the true 1st freak and motor city1 I interested, 50 cent, let me know. I have 6 -7 cartons of minis for example. If any one want to buy send me wants. I probably have it. P..S. Saw the list for the 2 ladies, and nothing special unless it goes down down down from what they want.
  2. San Diego con is coming soon. I am hoping to have a list of ugs for sale to be given out at the show. As you know, my wife recently dies and my cataloging is amiss. But I am working on stuff. If there is any thing you are looking for email me at the email listed in my ad in any of the Fogel guides. Look for underground vault of Dr. Scheiman created by Lynch. If you are not going to the show, I will email you the list if you contact me.
  3. Why shouldI remove it, I indicated that it was ok for you to post it. Arnie
  4. There is a 1st print Cheech. It has a different front inside. I bought it from Jay Rogers (Bonzai) who got it from Kennedy. If 50 will send me an email, I will send him a scan. I have trouble up loading pics to this site and at this point, I do not care to learn. Btw, I am liquidating (at non-givaway prices) about half my collection. I am keeping, Corben, Crumb, and the Illustrated checklist. This does mean that I do not have duplicates in these categories. 50 can tell you what he seen me bring to SD. I have a list of about 800 Kennedy minis and off the cuffs made up. Email and I will send you a list. You can get my info from the Kennedy or any of Fogel Guides
  5. Back in the days when I dealt in Golden age, as well as ugs, I was friends with Overstreet. At that time there was a giveaway craze. Trapped, the Devil Will Talk, and etc. Twas me, who got Bob to put the Powermowerman in the guide. However, when Bob found out that someone raided the Harvey warehouse and about a thousand copies of Harvey giveaways were around, he took of dim view of almost all giveaways. By the way, I know a famous collector, and his brother, who scored a case of the Powers by writing to thecompany.
  6. Years ago it was one of my top wants. I went to Kookie Comics at SD con. and was actually leaning on it but did see it. Then one of the French collectors bought right out from me. However, the next year, I didn't see a second in Kookie's case. But at the end of the show, was were going to the cars, he asked me why I didn't buy it. After a brief exchange and $1500 he mailed it to me. Still got it.
  7. First, I felt good about the lot I got for $90,, But I is wish I saw the Major Make Believe lot. While I don't need any of them for my collection, It was a great resale lot As for the green vs blue, I have no idea what CGC takes off for the signature. I have a Zap 1 that is an 8 blue with the key words, writing of the cover, because of the Crumb signature. On the other have, I have a quadruple cvr for the Gold Turtlemania #3/10, that came in at a green 9.6. I know what I was offered for it, and the green label makes no difference.
  8. Good stuff. I think I have some, but the Snores are on my want list. As for the Heritage auction, the God Nose did go low. As Victor knows, $500 each is what I paid him for one and Eric paid me $500 each for the two yellow ones. The have gone for a k each and the Chicago Contemporary Art museum charged $1000 each when they had them at a Harry exhibit. The two big surprises to me were the low price for the Wilson Portfolio. I woke up 10 minutes too late, or I would have gone higher. The LIU book, Helicon really surprised me. $6k+. I paid $200 yeas ago. The Meatballs were $50-$100 on abe at the start of the auction, but someone bought them all up after the auction.
  9. Tales from the Ozone 1 sold for $1,900 $2,270.50 w/BP) two days ago on Heritage. I have a cgc 9.6 also. I figure after the vig, I would have gotten $1500 or so. Save money, buy mine for $1300. I will trade for more in value (golden age Silver age Ugs art whatever in comics. Grade vg or better is okay)
  10. I am posting on the public Underground comix group (upper case ( U ) I posted some art- a Corben, Dr. Feelgood, the first title page to Book of Raziel among others. Comic wise, Aruba 1, 25 cent comics, 1st print Sunput (not what you think) ,75 cent Gopher Freedom. (I have some VF missing the price for $75 each), and other junl
  11. All my pics are here Underground Comix Group on FB You guessed correctly. Several rare ugs and nice art By the way, do you know anything about Gopher Freedom. I actually have copy with a 75 cent price in the price circle. Seems all copies are not priced except this one. pic is on FB
  12. Hi Guy: Thanx a lot, now I have to get the Peanuts. Oh well, I just got one no one is going to get. Cosmic Circus 2 (print eun of ........2!!!!!!) BTW #3 was never printed or made. I will put the pic on the Facebook underground comic site or the old cbg forum. Screw putting stuff in a photo bucket and re sizing all the time. When I get another Jesus I wlll contact you. I also just finished about a 1700 item ug catalog excel list. It will be added to
  13. I hope this works. Oops, it asks for a url, but I want to get the pic from my hard drive. Is this possible?