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  1. What’s the funniest is that people post their opinions like it’s fact loll ..bunch of trolls IMO
  2. No you are missing the point dude. The whole reason this started is because someone said the SS wasn’t Kirby. Go back and read page 1 .. jeez
  3. That’s your opinion. Jack had it in his wall so he enjoyed seeing it. It’s his birthday and that’s why I posted it too. And here’s you are talking about ruby shoes - what a rude comment Mitch
  4. Have you read anything ? Mark Evanier confirmed he remembered Jack working on this exact piece. its you guys that are assuming I said it’s 100% jack.
  5. You guys are hilarious - tell me please WHERE i said it was 100% kirby. Someone said it’s NOT kirby and I am setting the record straight on that original rude opinion
  6. Hey listen you keep bringing this back to money. I don’t care Jack had help on this piece and many others who don’t mind. How many Jack Kirby Silver Surfer pencils with Dr doom do you know that exist? I am guessing not many. I know of one and he turned 100k down. Its a great piece to own and looks amazing on the wall. If you care kirby had help on it then that’s your preference
  7. I wouldn’t get lost in the % numbers. Mark was nice enough to provide an idea that it’s majority Jack Kirby. You can jus translate that into “he had some help”.
  8. Jack had it hanging in his home. That’s magnificent enough for me.
  9. No it’s not fact it’s an opinion. Don’t get confused. The fact is - Jack Kirby worked on this piece. Anything beyond that is just someone’s opinion that has no backing.
  10. No argument there. Not even talking about monetary value here. Just trying to set the record straight here that it is Kirby. So he had some help on it - it still doesn’t change how magnificent the piece is. And Saying it’s not Kirby is just a rude opinion.
  11. Anyways, this is getting off topic. All I am saying it’s a Jack Kirby piece. Who honestly cares if he had some help with it? Doesn’t bother me. Jack was proud enough to hang it in his home and it’s now an honor to hang in my office. Don’t think anything else matters.
  12. Well I am only talking about the final image a person would see - so not apples and oranges . You see 70% kirby in SS piece and you would see a similar percentage in a final cover. Here maybe some people are only okay seeing a final product - maybe you’ll like this better
  13. I guess - you must consider most of his covers C- as well. What cover is 100% kirby after the inker is done?