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  1. Ending soon on Ebay are a varied mix of golden and silver age comics. Some of the titles are Rocket Kelly #2 (1945), Mickey and Donald Firestone Giveaway (1948) Power #4 (1945) with scarce L.B. Cole cover, Flash Gordon FC #173 (Dell 1947), Twilight Zone #13 (1965) Crandall art, Adventure #141 (DC 1949), and the 2nd appearance of Supergirl in Action #253 among others. Also for those who like signed copies there are signed books of Spin and Marty (FC) and The Hardy Boys with signatures by Tim Considine, Tommy Kirk, and David Stollery, Ray Harryhausen's "Valley of Gwangi", and Dale Messick's Brenda Starr. Follow the link: Happy Hunting!
  2. Here's a #123 I bought off the stands in Lima, Peru when it came out in the early 60s. It was published by a company in Mexico although I bought it in Lima when my father was stationed there to work with the Peruvian Navy to foster good relations with the U.S Navy. Imported American comics cost about 16 cents then, but this was probably around 12 cents (3 soles) as it was in Spanish. Over the years I've never given up my Flash comics, especially #123.
  3. Here's a pink Action from 1957.
  4. Golden age listings this week include Whiz, Master, Superboy, Adventure, Plastic Man, and a coverless Batman #47 among others. Sales ends on Sunday , Feb. 18th.
  5. The All American Collectors Show is coming this weekend (18th-19) to 1401 N. Verdugo Rd (Glendale Civic Auditorium) in Glendale, CA. Any other boardies going? Stop and say hi. This show is an amazing assortment of popular culture collectibles with an emphasis on toys (wind-ups, cars, space ships, superheroes from all eras, vintage advertising (gasoline, soda, and beer), comics (gold and silver), western, movie memorablia, television toys and games from all eras, Disneyanna, and tin toys and models. Well, you get the picture. If you collect any aspect of popular culture, chances are good that it will be there. There are dozens of dealers. For more info, google "The All American Collector's Show. It's just a great, fun show.
  6. This week I'm listing another variety of gold and silver books. A few of the listings are Doll Man #1 to Al Williamson's Out of the Night #1, ducks, westerns, L.B. Cole and crime, Archie and Veronica . Even a Life Magazine #1.
  7. Hello fellow board members, I've put up a variety of Four Colors that will end next Saturday (15th). Also there are golden age superhero and pre code horror which will end next Sunday (16th). There are a variety of artists including Reed Crandall, Jack Kamen, Matt Baker, and Norman Saunders. Click on this link to check these books out. Thanks for looking. Mark (Brenmark)
  8. I am also a big fan of Krenkel's artwork, and his collaborations with Williamson and Frazetta are nothing short of amazing as are the works that you have presented here, ThothAmon. I bought this work many years ago from a comic dealer at SDCC.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Bob , and your report was excellent for all the great comic wall shots that I didn't get. I didn't realize until I got home that I barely took any actual comic pictures at all, and you nailed it. See you at Jimmy's show in August.
  10. Wow! After reading Robotman’s excellent con report (Hi Bob) with full blown pictures of wall after wall of comics and dealers, I wasn’t sure I would have anything left to say about this years WonderCon, but there was plenty to see, and this year was no different. During setup I went to see if Sergio Aragones was in artist alley. Frankly, when I bought the last issue of Mad, I wasn’t sure if the “Final Issue” caption on the cover was a joke or the real thing. For several weeks I didn’t see anything about it on the CGC boards and didn’t google any further. Indeed, Sergio informed me that #550 was the last one as there will be a whole crew of new and some old “usual gang of insufficiently_thoughtful_persons” relocating to Los Angeles with new editor Bill Morrison. There will be a complete rebooting back to number one, and my Mad run (with only a few missing from the ‘70s) will come to a close. 550 issues. What a history! Not quite as long as some (Action 1,000 is around the corner), but 550 issues are still impressive. They are truly a history of this country from the 50s to present day. I have met many of the original crew over the years but regret not meeting Bill Gaines before he passed. Sergio reminded me that he was the youngest of the original New York crew at 80 years young. I should hope to look so good at that age, and I’m only about 12 years away . Al Jaffee just turned 97. Now that’s a goal to aim for. I saw a lot of Mads for sale at good prices and even bought a few upgrades. Will the new reboot be successful? I hope so, but only time will tell. The convention got off to a roaring start on Friday, and I was able to walk around for a few hours without the crowds to get the lay of the land and meet with old friends. Since my hiatus from San Diego, this show is my main convention for the year so I was eager to get caught up on comic and original art news. The GA/SA comic booths were conveniently located in one area, but the original art booths were scattered all over with some up by artist alley, some in the middle, and others around the GA/SA comics. Bedrock was not able to make it, but there were plenty of the usual suspects: High Grade Comics, Graham Crackers Comics, Terrys, Amazing Adventures, Dale Roberts , Koops, Harley, Marc of House of Comics etc. Gator was walking around checking out the wares but did not have a booth, and our very own Robotman was seen box diving to his heart’s content. In the comic art booths were Saul, Bechara, Scout Eder, Cool Lines, and other art scattered to and fro in different booths and artist alley. Marc from House of Comics John from Topedo Comics Sal and Jimmy Speaking of artist alley, Saturday I went specifically to find Kelley Jones and found him in the last row. I brought two pages I bought years ago from inker Tony Zuniga from a Deadman story in Action Comics Weekly. It was a real pleasure meeting him for the first time, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture as I had forgotten my camera. When I saw that he was listed to attend, I wanted Kelley’s signature as he is one of my all time favorite artists. He was excited to see his old pages as he credited those stories in Action Comics Weekly with giving him tremendous exposure in the comic world. I missed seeing Marv Wolfman as well. Maybe next year. Detail Meanwhile, outside the building, Cos players were out in force with some pretty incredible costumes. It seems that this year was fairy godmother or princess themed with plenty of Harley Quinns for good measure. Noticeably absent were the scores of zombies I use to see. There were lots of families with kids in tow who were ecstatic at being able to meet Sponge Bob, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Captain America,and Mermaids. Being a recent grandfather myself, I understand the excitement of the guy in front of me with his baby getting their picture on the cover of an Action 1,000. They will have a memory that will last a lifetime. It was good to see Jerry VanDerStelt and his family again with some of his art from Lord of the Rings. He does the most amazing paintings, and my pictures cannot do them justice because of the overhead lighting. Jerry Vanderstelt and family Other incredible artists I always enjoy seeing are Heather Theuer and Gary Montalbano plus a whole host of new faces. You turn the corner at Artist Alley, and there is new art everywhere. Not to mention booth after booth of jewelry, make-up , costumes, precious stones, endless variety of prints, plants, backpacks, movie stars (Nichelle Nichols) and countless furry animals. The convention is getting close to filling up the entire space, and I expect that to happen within a few years as this year’s convention was certainly bigger than last years. Some of Heather Theuer's art Although there was a fair amount of great comic artwork and fine art, I just didn’t see anything that jumped out and said, “Take me home.” Just being there among all that cosmic goodness was good enough for me. The DC booth was incredible with great giveaways. Century Guild Scott Eder Pasqual watercolors That's all folks. See you next year.
  11. It was a great show and even though it lightly snowed on the Grapevine, Brenda and I made it safely home. For sheer mind-boggling displays of toys and popular culture, the American Collectors Show in Glendale is one of the best. There were a lot more comics this time, and I was able to pick up a Firestone Donald and Mickey giveaway, and the first appearance of Gyro Gearloose and The Beagle Boys in Disney's Comics and Stories for my own collecting pursuits. Thanks for sharing the report and pics , Bob. Enjoy your books. Your booth was a continuation of the wonderful items many people enjoy from your pics on the boards. See you at Wondercon in March. Mark