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  1. Rockblazer

    Jerry Lewis 123

    It's a shame the younger generation has no idea who Jerry Lewis was. I am the oldest person at my work and often ask my 20 and 30 year old co-workers if they know who Bob Hope was or others and its always the same response no, but they do get on their phones to look up whom I'm referring to.
  2. You are correct sir. It should be normal not the new abnormal.
  3. Just wanted to mention I received an email from Jeff Harper that the July 19th Buckeye Comic Con ( Columbus, Ohio) is still on. He did say bring a mask. He also mentioned that the Akron-Canton Con which is another of his shows on July 12th is cancelled. I posted a picture of two recent pick ups. A Journey into Mystery 103 and a Thor 191. The 103 completes my JIM CGC set . The Thor 191 was a recent online dealer purchase I have been watching for like a year. I decided to buy it after I saw a same graded copy sell for $308 from an actual live bidding auction online. The listed price was $175 on the site I had been watching. Usually auctions are better but sometimes they are not.
  4. I just wanted to mention that Buckeye Comicon is just around the corner on March 1st. If you like celebrities then this smaller con is not for you. If you love comics ( like 99% of you do) then stop by if you are in the Columbus , Ohio area. You can look up the info on the web. I recently acquired two issues I have be wanting to add to my collection for a while. Thor 137 CGC 9.4 is a tough issue to get in high grade because of it's black cover. I also added an Fantastic Four CGC 5.5 with the green printing error. I have been tracking these for over a year and noticed prices are coming up. You only get one point in the registry for this issue but it's a major error which looks so cool in the collection.
  5. I am just getting back full force to collecting since my new neck parts were added back in September. Basically my spinal cord was being crushed in my neck either from old injuries or old age. I had to have spinal fusion surgery on four vertebrae . I have two titanium rods and eight screws holding my neck together. Much less titanium than the Titanium man though. Normally they would use spacers but my body tried to fix the problem itself by growing new bone thus the rods. I was told I was very fortunate to have had the surgery when I did. Half of my left hand is still numb but slowly improving. I am back to work and back to buying comics. I did want to mention I did pickup a couple of Dark Horse archives of Turok and Eerie off Ebay which arrived today. The seller bought over 50,000 copies (according to his listing) and his pricing is far below other sellers. They were still sealed and well packaged. His shipping was fast for media mail too. I feel very thankful the way things turned out for me and wanted to give back so I joined our town's Homeless advocate group. Our town is around 10,000 people but we do have a homeless population. In closing here are two recent pickups. A Turok 58 with a cool robot cover and a Thor 150 which has another great cover. Hopefully the picture won't flip on me this time like my last journal.
  6. I share a similar memory when you mentioned the increase from 10 cents to 12 cents. I was around when that increase happened but not reading yet. I do recall being steamed when I went to the local drug store and was hit with the 12 cent to 15 cent increase. My main source of income then was my paper route which got me $5 to $8 dollars a week. I was used to eight comics for a dollar. I was upset that a dollar would only get me 6.When you were a kid back then that was a substantial increase.
  7. Good find! Ray Jr. Thor's my favorite title since I picked up issue 209 way back when.
  8. The only con I remember going to way back then in Columbus was at the Lincoln Levque tower. Not sure what it was called though. Only was there one time.
  9. P.S , I did find a short 1:38 video Buckeye Comicon July 2019 on YouTube from the con someone posted. I made it in it at the :27 to :31 mark. Back turned , white shirt , green backpack. Finally on YouTube after all these years.
  10. I just returned home from Buckeye Comic Con. It's a small show in a hotel. Just like back in the 70's when I attended my first cons. I like it because it is dealers loaded with comics. There are some small press writers and artists in attendance. They say the attendance is 400 for the one day event and that looked a little low to me. Very busy. It is held every four months and I plan on being there in November for the next one. I picked up some high grade Swamp Thing , pristine Spawn 1to 7 ( $40 bucks for those).Wolverine 10 and a Spawn 9. The Thor 134 looked to be a 3.5 but it was cheap and finally a Spiderman 129 CGC 8.0. It wasn't cheap but a decent price. I stopped going to Mid- Ohio Con a couple of years after it became a Wizard World. I would rather spend $4 to check out 20 dealers in a hotel than $50 to shop a few in a convention center. All and all quite pleased with this show.
  11. Sometimes it can be a determined bidder on auction web sites that will run items up. A recent example was on some high grade CGC graded Twilight Zone comics. I bid on 12 issues and was number 2 bidder on 11 of them. I only won issue 2 which was an 8.5 for 51 dollars. It was the lowest graded copy. Most were 9.6 and 9.8's. I bid in the upper $400's on a number of 9.8's and still lost. This person was willing to spend more than I was. Could have gone higher but that same money on silver age Marvels would benefit my collection a lot more. Speaking of silver age Marvels I found two titles that were a bargain compared to other Marvels and were buying those for a few years but now the jig is up and I have moved on to other bargains. If you search you can still find good books for decent money.
  12. Ray J , those are some good signatures to get.
  13. Rockblazer

    My White Whale

    Tnerb, It's good to see you back. I would say wait one more day since you have already been waiting.
  14. Rockblazer


    David, A few years back I posted similar questions and the majority of my fellow collectors thought I should have sent in some pedigree comics I own. I ended up picking what would help my set completion and value comics. The pedigrees are mainly titles I could never finish due to length of runs. You'll do what's right for you.