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  1. Rockblazer

    CGC Label Error

    I have a couple of books that have the wrong issue number on the label. They are both Gold Keys which sometimes confuses Cgc with the numbering system they used.
  2. The most recent purchase from Metropolis did take longer than 3 weeks to ship. 27 days to ship , 29 to receive.
  3. Mark it was a Turok 37 9.8 . A lot of the ones I had come up short on were Thor from issue 128 through 160. Those books are going up into the upper hundreds of dollars on high grade issues.
  4. Rockblazer

    Nice acquisition and meeting The Man

    Neal Adams is also a class act. The first time I met him he would not accept any money for his autograph. The second time the following year he did accept five bucks. The only other artist or writers that have refused payment for an autograph I've talked to were Joe Staton and believe it or not Stan Lee!
  5. I wanted to get your thoughts on what do you consider to be slow shipping when you buy a comic online? I did a" Buy It now" from Metropolis on May 25 of a Turok 56. Nice 9.6 , good price but ultra slow shipping. I got an email from them on June 6 saying they were about to ship. That's 12 days after purchase. They then sent an email on June 13 saying it shipped. Seven more days. It arrived June 16 finally. Now to be fair it does state that they take 2 to 3 weeks to ship but I've never bought a comic from them that has taken more than 10 days to arrive. On the same day at the same time I bought a Thor 131 9.4 from Worldwide Comics and had it 3 days later . I bought a Comic from Comiclink a few days after the Metropolis purchase and it beat the Turok here. So what do you think is slow? On a brighter note I had a string of being second on online auctions come to an end with a win on Heritage the other night. Recently on the 9.8 and 9.6's I would come up just short but finally broke through with 40 bucks to spare from my high bid. Well today the images of those two books are not loading or any other picture or I would post them. Sorry about that. TRYING to load again, Hope it works.
  6. Rockblazer

    Comic Books throughout the years.

    I stopped my subscriptions when Jane Foster became Thor. I agree, older back issues all the way.
  7. Rockblazer

    1st Comic was a Thor book

    Hopefully the other books will grade as high. One more thing, Thank you for your service.
  8. Well tomorrow (3/24-3/25) in Dayton Ohio is the 2018 Gem City Comic Con. It's not a big show but it has grown over the years. It is a true Con not a celebrity sign fest where you can actually buy comic books! I am making my list for tomorrow and plan on being there by 8 am and will spent the extra 5 bucks to get in an hour early at 9. Last year my best buy was in the first five minutes of the early entry hour. So if you are within a few hours of Dayton I would suggest stopping by if you can. In the picture are my two most recent buys. The Thor annual 2 is a 9.4 Boston Pedigree and a Thor 140 9.4. I think I am becoming a 9.4 collector by default as I bid on a lot of 9.6 and 9.8's but come in second a lot. Then I go buy a 9.4 of the same books after the auctions. For a lot less though!
  9. Rockblazer

    1st Comic was a Thor book

    RayJr 9.0 is great since back then CGC was even thought of and to get white pages too.
  10. Rockblazer

    My First NEW Journal

    Surfer glad you see you back.
  11. Rockblazer

    Trimmed blue label

    I was about to buy this comic this morning but saw the trimmed label and figured it could be an issue down the road when I retire from collecting. I too have some comics with mistakes on the CGC label. Most common for me is on Gold Key comics they sometimes get the wrong issue number as Gold Key used a date code on their covers . One of my last submissions they did it again until I had to email them when I saw the verified page with the incorrect info. Actually I had to email them twice as after a number of days it still was not corrected.
  12. Rockblazer

    1956 GI Combat 9.4 Quality Comics

    Sharp comic from 1956. One thing that stands out is the large size of the comics code logo. It takes up more space than most on the cover.
  13. Rockblazer

    New comics in comic cave

    I see you have one of the last issues of Charlton's Dr. Graves. They bought the title back but it was already too late to save the company. However AC Comics has returned some Charlton characters and I hope they continue on. Bought many an issue of The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves off the drug store spinner rack back in my younger days.
  14. Rockblazer

    Oops they did it again!

    Yes, they are some amazing stories. I can't protest too much as the well known dealer has some other books I may buy in a day or two. Getting the free shipping will require me to email him when the book or books are in the "cart" as I am sure he's forgotten his offer already.