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  1. thanks for explaining it- that makes total sense to me, but I just don't know enough about figure collecting to know.
  2. so back to my question- how, as a collector, does that affect the value? if I slab some comics, they're not going to rip in the slab. that Joe has never been touched, but now it's not worth as much?
  3. I have a ton of MASK toys- some day I would love to complete the set, but Bolder Hill is the only thing I really think I will pick up. My dad and I went to Toys R Us just when the line was ending and found a few of the Split Seconds line, but some of them are extremely pricey now.
  4. Picked up the Transformers G1 Reissue Hot Rod for $5 at Wall-Mart today. wanted Optimus Prime but not for 49.99.