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  1. Yeah. I have a built-in on the other side of the vanity/desk to the right on the photo that's opposite this one (closet side on the inside as well with an existing drawer section along the side wills). So I'm going to do the same on the inside cabinet on that side. Since there's already drawers in the outer cabinets but can't fit comics, I use them for comic supplies, trading cards, statue boxes, shipping supplies, etc. Taking them out to do the same as this part would be a huge undertaking that I really don't feel like doing. I definitely have the books to fill the drawers. And it will let me remove one of the smaller filing cabinets in the process. If money wasn't an object, I'd probably convert all of it & try to get rid of most of the filing cabinets, but for the time being, I'll settle for the equivalent of 8 legal filing cabinet drawers.
  2. So I haven't updated here in a while. I had these built-ins in my comic room that weren't really being used & rather than going out to find more filing cabinets & adding more weight to the floors, I decided to clear out the closet & add flat walls & then have custom drawers built for it. Each drawer holds the same amount as 1 legal filing cabinet drawer. So that's pretty rad. I'll be doing the closet on the other side in the not too distant future. I wanted to test on this one first.
  3. I loved this copy the minute I saw it. It presents great. There’s a little damage in the top corner on the spine where there’s part of the book missing but I don’t care. I love looking at it.
  4. This books is my grail book. I’d have loved to buy a higher grade but this is what I can afford at the moment & I absolutely love it
  5. That's the Lim variant that's getting more copies released. The standard pre-AP version just has the regular cover minus the AP masthead. From what Brian has said on his patreon & twitter, he's only offering up the Lim variant. He hasn't mentioned anything about releasing more copies of the standard version tho.
  6. Rags #1 pre-AP version still hot. I'm selling another copy (lowest grade of the ones I had with a clear CBC on the spine) and it's at $360 with 3 days left to go. That's also the highest price so far other than the Lim variant.
  7. So best to maybe contact them before submission?
  8. Stupid question, but does anyone know if CGC grades self-pub books? I have 2 more copies of Rags pre-AP & 1 is a 9.8 candidate (I also have a copy of the Patreon variant #1 that I don't want to sell but still might after seeing the prices on a raw one). I don't know their policy when it comes to grading stuff when there's a self-pub version that's identical to a later-released small-press published version.
  9. I know Rags got mentioned a few pages back when it first came out & sold out from AP, but I had a feeling that once the market realized there was a pre-Antarctic version (2 actually), those would spike even higher than the $30-50 the AP Rags #1 copies were going for. So far, a handful of pre-AP copies have sold. $166, $285, $297, $277 and now $242. Rags 1 pre-Anatarctic Press self-published version There's also the Patreon Variant (the 1st is for sale now) that's still rising with another day left and is already at $255 make that $530 with 18 hours left.
  10. I think it's really really good so far. Loved the first issue.
  11. So this might be a really dumb question, but does anyone know the order ratios on the upcoming JSC variants (regular A & B, Virgin A & B) for this X-Classified #1 that's coming? It's a diamond orderable & I'm really debating whether I want to pre-order any of them but I haven't been able to find the order ratios. Or if it's a threshold or whatever.
  12. I would be very reluctant to store any comics in plastic boxes. Especially any plastic boxes that seal & don't "breathe" simply because of the off-gassing risk.
  13. You may be correct, however that's an awful fast turnaround to launch a solo after only an appearance or maybe 2. From August (1st appearance) to March (1st solo issue) is basically right on the border of "determine if it's a popular enough new character to decide to do a solo or just a flash in the pan, get a proposal for story direction, hire creators, get a few issues written/drawn/inked/lettered/colored, and then released". Even books that were assigned back in July aren't hitting the shelf for another month or 3 (Spencer on ASM, Coates on Cap, etc). so I'm very inclined to believe that the decision was essentially made before the 1st appearance that it was going to get a solo series. But maybe giving themselves enough lead time so that if the character flops, they can still scrap it before it gets too far along. I very much doubt it was in any way organic. They planned to do it & because they didn't get any significant dislike for the character, they forged ahead. That being said, the WoMD story was alright in itself. I guess what I'm saying is that this was a character that didn't get me curious enough to care to want more. And of those comic buying friends that also checked it out, they had the same response. I guess we'll see if it lasts past 6-8 issues. Or if the novelty wears off as fast as I expect. Because design aside (which I admit is cool), they need to really improve the character from what we got in WoMD & Weapon X. Because he had a personality as interesting as a beige wall.
  14. Mosaic was a editorially created character that existed for no reason except for diversity points (black inhuman when the vast majority were white) & was instantly given his own book before he even appeared in a single issue & had a chance to connect with an audience. And because his intro was so bland (so as to not step on the toes of whatever was going to be done in the solo series), nobody cared enough about the character to follow him to a solo series. (Not to mention that there was already this exact power-set character from the NYX series except a mutant that they could have used if they really wanted to) If they wanted Mosaic to succeed, either intro him in his own solo book or make his intro interesting enough & with enough personality & character to get fans to think "oh, I'm curious what this guy's motivation is? How does he cope with [insert flaw in powers or character]?" or something else. But "he can jump into bodies" was all we got. That's a power set. Not a character. This was the exact same thing. A character that already had a solo-series planned before he ever appeared & even tho his solo was going to be written by the same writer that intro'd him, his intro was so boring that most people didn't care to want to know more. There wasn't a single panel of his WoMD crossover & Weapon X issues that got me even mildly interested in knowing more about him. Do something to compel me to want to know more. Concept alone can pique interest, but once you've released the concept into the wild, the execution of it matters far more than the concept itself. To your point tho that gluing 2 popular characters together is appealing to readers?; Yes, to a degree. But when there's already a glut of carbon copies of each of them running around simultaneously, the novelty wore off before the character was introduced. There's like 9 Wolverines already & a half dozen Hulks. The last thing anyone is screaming for right now is a boring copy of both of them amalgamated together. The only "more wolverine" and "more hulk" anyone is asking for is the real Logan & the real Bruce. If this was a universe with 1-2 Wolverines and a Hulk & a She-Hulk only, then maybe people would be into this. But doing it in 2017/2018? It's just throwing another carbon copy on top of a stack of them. And it also didn't bother to explain where all the Adamantium that covers his bones goes & why his bones aren't sticking out everywhere when he's in human form. He can't "grow" adamantium over his bones & his Hulking ability doesn't affect foreign elements inside the body.
  15. My only complaint about this character is that it's entirely unnecessary & bland. I read the intro of the character & subsequent issues with him in Weapon X & nothing about it struck me with an urge to know more. Nothing about his story was compelling at all. I didn't care about his personality (or lackthereof) or really see any future for it. It seemed like a throw-away character. Mosaic redux.