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  1. Dreadnaughty

    NEW SET REQUEST THREAD (full sets only) 2015

    Good morning Gemma, I will like to request the following set be added: Man-Thing Vol 2 (1979), it ran for 11 issues from Nov 79 to Jul 81. Thanks in advance, Sean
  2. Dreadnaughty

    New Respect for Stan Lee

    Great stuff, Thanks for the journey down memory lane. I was already an avid reader of novels when I got into comics in 1978 as an 11 year old and read every aspect of the comic except for a lot of the adds that were not Hostess Twinkies. The letter pages and Stan's Soapbox were both great reads even then and with the passing of time along with a lot of Marvels stories of the 60s and 70s, has taken on greater relevance. Like several aspects of Stan he was then ahead of the time and as they say had his finger on the pulse of readers. A lot of the things he did back then eventually and in a round about way has been incorporated into marketing in general. As a long time True Believer, Make Mine Marvel!