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  1. Is there is still time to opt in? Not been here in awhile and need to sharpen my grading skills.
  2. Thanks everyone for their inputs! 6.0 was my thinking. The corner creases let it down, but inside the book doesn't look read. There is a graded 5.5 from the other company on eBay and it looks rougher than my issue.
  3. Bought this as part of a JIM/Thor lot. This issue, like for many other cover collectors is a classic. The flaws are all identifiable on the front and back, nothing inside of any note/damage.
  4. So confused with using both the new boards and the old boards with this tournament that I missed the round. No idea what was going on after the seeding round. Impossible to find the threads as each time it seems a new one was created. Sorry to have a moan but it was not clear to me at all.
  5. Much more intuitive on an iPad but the colour scheme is a bit grey and drab. I prefer the inoffensive beige look.
  6. I went 8.5 before scrolling down, it has a really clean back cover. I hope you're happy with the grade, lovely book!
  7. 5.5 a lot of colour loss in the bottom right corner.
  8. Yes I guess 5.5-6.0 depending on the mood of the grader.
  9. My first foray into a Comic Link auction. Who knows what unexpected delights I will find on the back cover!