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  1. Hi Mollie, Pls add the following books to Savage (Valiant). I believe that this is the last book from that series to be slabbed. Set: Savage (Valiant) Book: Savage #3 Second Printing (2039317010)
  2. Hi Mollie, Pls add the following books to Divinity (2015). Set: Divinity (2015) Book: Divinity One Dollar Debut #1 (2039317003) Please NOTE: To avoid confusion, there is also a Divinity One Dollar Debut #1 which was released in 2/16 that already exists in the set (different cover art). The *NEW* Divinity One Dollar Debut #1 was released in 3/19 and looks entirely different on both the front and back than the Divinity One Dollar Debut #1 released in 2/16. BOTH Divinity One Dollar Debut #1s should be listed in this set.
  3. Hi Mollie, Pls remove the following books to Divinity (2015). I do not believe it actually exists. (very much appreciate the update though). SET: Divinity (2015) Book: Divinity #0 Rae Variant Cover NOTE: The cover for the regular edition was drawn by Juan Jose Ryp, which is a possible source of confusion. The book has been removed. :-)
  4. Hi Mollie, Pls add the following books to Divinity (2015). Good lord that Warped Tour Edition is impossible to find in the wild! Set: Divinity (2015) Book: Divinity #0 Photo Variant Cover (1256529005) Book: Divinity #0 Variant Cover (2021933005) Book: Divinity #0 Bagge Variant Cover (2021933004) Book: Divinity #0 Henry Variant Cover (2021933003) Book: Divinity #0 Warped Tour Edition (1254562006) Book: Divinity #0 Ryp Cover (1239561002)
  5. Set: Savage (Valiant) Book: Harbinger Renegade/Savage Ashcan Double Feature #nn Certification Number: 1450113021
  6. Best in Set Type Best Set Presentation Congrats to everyone who scored big this year!
  7. I figure the workday on the east coast ends in about 1 hr 15 min. Even still, there are still a good 6-7 hours until midnight EST, and a few more if you go by PST!
  8. Mico Suayan's Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0 Page #22 full-page-splash
  9. Valiant Entertainment's Divinity #3 (LaRosa 1:20 Variant) original cover art by artist Lewis LaRosa.
  10. Also, while we are on the topic, copies of Harbinger #1 with the coupon cut out are considered “incomplete” and sell for significantly lower prices than complete copies. Often sellers will list a raw copy for sale stating that it has a coupon, but when it arrives the coupon is missing, or only part of the coupon is inside the comic. Pay attention to raw copies for this, and make sure that you are not being deceived either purposely or by accident. As stated in my last post, I have owned more than 30 copies of this book over the years, and this exact scenario has happened about 20-25% of the time unfortunately. The struggle is real. There are also copies of Harbinger #1 (w/ coupon) that were printed with “blank coupons” due to a printing and/or production error at the time of publishing.