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  1. Been looking for awhile for a Reign of the Supermen page - please message me if you have one you are considering selling or if you have any leads.
  2. Posted the GSXM1 awhile back but just recently added the XM94 in 7.0 so thought I would take a group pick with my Bronze Age collection ....... one of them needs an upgrade 🤔
  3. MOS 18 has fallen in value - however, the 4th and 5th print variants still demand a healthy premium over the other printings especially in 9.8. In addition, the 4th and 5th are hard to price as they don’t sell/change hands a lot in 9.8 so pointing at one sale is tough.
  4. Looking for the following in CGC Blue Label (new case much preferred): - Action Comics 242 CGC 2.0 - 3.5 - presentation on this book is key due to the purple cover so it will depend on how the book presents - No Rust, No Writing, and No large chunks missing on FC - Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.2 - looking for WHITE pages and well centered/aligned and would much prefer a Newsstand Copy Paying in and around GPA. Big Preference for books located in Canada but happy to consider books in the US as well. PM me if you have something that may work.
  5. I need to get a Superman 75 CGC 9.8 Platinum - I keep putting it off, but need one for the collection - they look so great in the new case as well .......
  6. Looking for a panel page featuring Omega Red and the X-Men, would love something with Wolverine and Omega Red. Something by Kubert would be great (as a Jim Lee page is likely too expensive) - but something from X-Men 18 for example would be perfect. But happy to take a look at anything that may fit Also looking for a panel page from the Reign of the Supermen - ideally something with Eradicator or Cyborg Superman - but will look at anything! PM me if you have something that may work. Happy to pay a fair price.
  7. I have completed Prints 1-5 and Newsstand for MOS18 in CGC 9.8 (still think the 4th print is the best): Working on Superman 75 Prints 1-4 in CGC 9.8 - just need the 4th Print:
  8. With the huge run-up price wise in GSXM1 - is X-Men 94 primed for a run-up as well? While I understand and agree that GSXM1 is the more important book containing the sought after 1st appearances - there was a time when these books were equally priced, now it seems that X-Men 94 is 1/4 the price in some grades (which seems crazy).
  9. with the huge run-up in GSXM1 how is X-Men 94 doing and/or are people anticipating a big jump for it?
  10. Thanks everyone have some copies lined up in Canada - so should be able to close a deal up here 👍
  11. Looking at another Age of Apocalypse Page so wanted to gather interest/put my existing page up for sale. Page: Amazing X-Men #4 Page 1 - Andy Kubert - Bishop being interrogated at the beginning of the last Amazing X-Men series. Shipping: Will be from Canada and be split with the Purchaser (PM me to discuss) CAF Link: Asking Price: $900 OBO Note: the dialogue boxes are affixed to the page by the original artist/team. Pics:
  12. Thanks but looking for some copies in Canada as shipping from the US right now is tough and a bit unreliable.