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  1. Another bump ..... there must be someone looking to upgrade their X-Men 1. Please see the requirements above.
  2. Marvel: - Strange Tales 89 - Tales of Suspense 50 - Iron Man 1 and 55 (yes it is bronze - but you have GSXM1 listed ) - ASM Annual 1 (I didn't see it listed - but likely you have it in your run?) DC: - Adventure Comics 210 and 283 - Superboy 68 - My Greatest Adventure 80 - Tec 225 - Flash 123 and 139 - Showcase 8 and 9
  3. Going to bump this back up Will expand the range in what I am looking for to include a CGC 1.8 - 3.0 BLUE Universal Label - I would prefer to be in the 2.0-2.5 range. Again - key requirements are: (i) No Rust on the staples, (ii) No writing, (iii) No Tape, (iv) No pieces missing from FC Send me a PM if you have something that may work.
  4. I am betting the Census will expand rapidly in the next little bit - prior to the announcement it was likely not a book many people went out of their way to slab ...... but who knows, it will be interesting to watch both books to see their trajectory.
  5. Hahahaha fair enough - mark me down for the camp that AV47 or AV48 will decline value wise after the movie appearance and that prices being paid right now are too high. I presume you are in the other camp. Neither of us knows - and no point going around in circles when it is all opinion. Cheers.
  6. Sure GOTG books have done well relative to when they were $1 bin fodder - but compared to peak prices they have not. If you bought AV47 or AV48 as a dollar bin book - then yes have at it and sell sell sell. Likewise if you can find a copy for pre-announcement pricing then yes buy it. However, absent those two situations, the trajectory of this book is not good for a purchase. So wait until after the movie (which will be in a year or two? NOt sure when Eternals will release) - but I don't expect this book to sustain value - but happy if it does (as a rising tide etc.). As to the question - as to which book to pick-up prior to the movie - if you want to make money on it then likely neither as it has popped (unless you find it for pre-pop price) and if you want to hold long-term because you are a big fan - then likely neither as well, as it will likely decrease substantially after the movie so you can pick it up then for cheaper.
  7. I understand the big picture here - just think this book is massively overvalued. The character does not have a huge following - this movie is not likely to change that, and even if it does, it is likely at or near peak pricing already. This is an obscure reach for Marvel - more obscure than Guardians of the Galaxy was - so even if we say it becomes as successful as Guardians of the Galaxy - how have any of those first appearance books fared price wise (maybe TTA13 has done well - but that is more due to scarcity - which AV47 and AV48 don't have)? Do you see the Black Knight being more popular than the Guardians of the Galaxy ..... I think that would be tough, and those books have not held value. Heck MSH13 and Captain Marvel (a bigger comic character, with an on going series and a bigger actor/actress) have not held their value particularly well - and that was a $1B movie with the plan for Captain Marvel to be the face of the MCU moving forward. So not sure why someone would be buying AV47 or AV48 right now - BUT then again buy what you want and what makes you happy. However, if the ultimate question is which one of these two books will be worth more in the long-run, I would vote AV48 - just due to the cover appearance. But I don't think either will hold value well and both are massively over-inflated price wise - so if you want the book, just wait a year or two and buy then when it is back to being a modestly priced "key".
  8. I understand MP15 is a TV Show - my point was it will be a rather insignificant book that will pop because of new found hype and will deflate rather qickly like MP15 did (I think MP15's fall was quite quick after the show and I expect either of these books to do the same). I actually think Iron Fist is a more marketable and bigger character than the Black Knight as well. I just think this is an obscure character that no one really cared about (more so than other movie hype characters) and it is not going to translate well to a fan base. But hey maybe some GoT fans will latch on due to the actor and maybe Marvel will surprise (as they typically do). But really no point to buy this book - because even if you are a fan it is too inflated right now (so just wait) and if you are speculating it is also too late as this book went nuts. But maybe I am missing the huge loyal following that the Black Knight has ...... who knows.
  9. I would vote neither ...... they will both pop (as they have) and then recede after the movie hype dies down - similar to all books, but I think a bigger crash than other movie "keys" - i.e., I could see it being like Marvel Premiere 15. If I had to pick one - I would say 48 - because of cover appearance ...... but who knows.
  10. Still looking - has to be someone with a low grade X-Men 1 looking for an upgrade in Canada
  11. Agreed on the IG Arc - it was one of the first big comic events that got me hooked as well ....... I need to grab a copy of this book Beautiful 6.0!
  12. Thank you for the heads-up - I appreciate it.
  13. Are these signed lithographs available for sale separately or only with the package? I am unable to attend - but would love to pick one up for my son's room depending on price ......
  14. I have been tasked with buying another group gift for a good friend (it worked well last time on an ASM50) - so here it goes ....... looking for a Jimmy Olsen 134 CGC 7.0 White Pages. Strongly prefer the new holder. No rust, No tape, no writing Must be shipped to NYC before September 10th (lots of time - but just want to be sure) Looking to be around $260 shipped to NYC. PM if you have a 7.0 that works with the above