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  1. Unfortunately out of the budget 😞
  2. Looking for a copy of Raphael 1 CGC 9.2 (would also consider a 9.4) - Blue Label or a Yellow label signed by Eastman. Preference for the new case and would be a plus if located in Canada. paying in and around GPA. Message me if you have something.
  3. Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought the 5th print to complete the mini-set 😁 Need to get them reholdered to the new holder now I love this book and all of its printings - although I think my favourite is the 4th print 🤔
  4. Looking for a panel page from one of the following: Doomsday/Death of Superman: Funeral for a Friend - will look at whatever you have Reign of the Supermen - preference for something with Cyborg Superman or Eradicator - but will look at anything Hunter/Prey - would like a page featuring Doomsday (and have a nice page to trade if the seller wants to keep a page from the series) Doomsday Wars - would like something with Doomsday and Superman Bane/Knightfall Knightfall - will look at any pages, would love a minor Bane page Batman (V3) Issues 16-20 - "I am Bane" Story line - David Finch - love the art in this story line and would like to pick up something with Bane Silver Surer Issues 34-56 - would love a page from one of these issues with the Surfer ***While the above would be ideal I would be happy to look at other series featuring Superman vs Doomsday, Batman vs Bane, or Surfer vs Thanos*** Please PM with anything you may have that fits the above.
  5. Also if anyone has any Action Comics 1000 or Jim Lee JLA Pages (preferably with Superman on it) drop me a PM
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! Appreciate the info.
  7. Thanks - but looking for blue label only on the BB28.
  8. Will do - I also have the newsstand 1st print so will post a pic of all 6 when the 5th print comes in.
  9. Hahahahaha sounds like my dream of a modest discount on the listed prices is not gonna happen. 🤔
  10. I was worried you were going to say that 😞
  11. Thanks - too high grade for me unfortunately.