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  1. I’ll join in on the 180 fun with a group shot 😁
  2. I hear you ..... but if a 7.0 is really $1,750 now that is tempting ........ EDIT: Last sale was $1,900
  3. XM94 is really picking up steam - I am tempted to sell my CGC 7.0 copy ......... but it is such a great book.
  4. The 996 has certainly hit its price floor (likely last year as they have been creeping up slightly). 996 Turbo is a great buy IMO. Might be using some comic money to target a 996 C4S. But not the X-Men 1 it’s my favorite book.
  5. I get that FF has some great keys in its run - 2, 3, 4, 5, 48 and 49 - but it’s not like X-Men doesn’t have some great ones in their original run 4, 12, 14, 58 and if you factor in Bronze keys GSXM1, 101, 129, and depends if you give Hulk 181 to the X-Men - then X-Men is not devoid of keys. People act like FF is some sort of enduring legend - it is a great book no doubt - but hasn’t been relevant or popular since the mid 70s really. So while it has historical importance it is no longer more important than X-Men (and hasn’t been since the Bronze Age). So this really depends on how much his
  6. AF15 is top dog without a doubt. I would guess the next two people would normally pick would be FF1 and Hulk1 - which means X-Men 1 would have to beat one of those. But if we are not making this Marvel exclusive - you would also need to throw in Showcase 4 (especially if people are going to argue historical impact for FF1 and Hulk 1). Making the case for X-Men 1 - it has been Marvels hottest property (comic wise), excluding Spider-Man, since 1970 and it also has the first appearance of Magneto who is at worst the second most important villain in Marvel. So X-Men 1 is great - but
  7. Finished it last night (a Friday/Saturday night split 😁) and it was epic! So much better than the 2017 POS version ....... and I am really really hoping there is a sequel. No spoilers - so no details - but Wonder Woman is great in this film and the score they use for her is so incredible (love it every time I hear it). Cyborg is so much better now that he actually has a role (imagine that). Really well done and so glad fans got to see this ......... do the right thing WB and let him finish his trilogy ......... please 🙏🤞🙏
  8. GSXM1 is definitely the more important and valuable book, but it shouldn’t be 5x as expensive IMO.
  9. I want this shirt! But I want the movie more ....... the JL deserves so much more than what Whedon did to it, so I am pumped to see the original vision for this movie! Crave better be dropping it on the 18th in Canada 🤞 I know they are supposed to - but just no advertising from them that I have seen.
  10. Had a great transaction with Dan - honest and fair. Would definitely buy from again!
  11. For me it is easily X-Men 1 - but for me it’s a top three Marvel silver age book (always has been and this surge has nothing to do with it). ASM1 is a great book but it easily ranks behind AF15, X-Men 1, IH1, FF1, TOS39, and JIM83
  12. But I also feel it doesn't work at low grades either - i.e., there is a price to get into a low grade say 2.0-2.5 range and it is often higher than a price per point matrix. Its almost as if there is a minimum entry point for certain books (higher than a price per point average) - then a price per point average can be applied for 4.0 -8.0 ranges and then it gaps again in higher grades. But maybe it is just books I look at
  13. Ya I think it will have a nice run up - however, I don’t think it will approach the value of GSXM1. The market seems to have really focused solely on first appearances to drive value. But it should be fun to watch from the sidelines 😁