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  1. Wanted to bump this up - I understand that Overstreet now lists Action 27 as the 1st Lois Lane Cover - assumign this is correct (I do nto have the new Overstreet) - how long will it be before CGC adjusts their label to reflect Action 27 as the first Lois cover? I am trying to hunt down a low grade Action 27 (shameless plug if someone is selling a CGC 2.0 or so) - but wondering if I can send it in for a label upgrade.
  2. Looking for one of the following: - Action Comics 242 CGC 1.8-2.0 - Adventure Comics 247 CGC 1.8-2.0 - Strange Tales 89 CGC 2.0-2.5 Blue label, no rusty staples, no tape and no writing. Paying in and around GPA PM me if you have a copy that may work.
  3. I’ll bump this up for you because More Fun 101 is a personal favourite of mine and a true Superman grail 👍
  4. Published Amazing X-Men #4 Page 1 - Andy Kubert - Original Age of Apocalypse Storyline from 1995.
  5. Only three acquisitions this year (as the TOS39 required foregoing some purchases - but was well worth it ) #1 - Tales of Suspense 39 CGC 2.5 - a book I never thought I would own after the price increases the last couple of years, but sold a few books to make it possible - and I love it #2 - Original Art Page from Amazing X-Men #4 Page 1 - I had been looking for a page from the Original Age of Apocalypse storyline for quite some time, so had to snag this when it came up: #3 - Superman 75 CGC 9.8 SECOND Print - by far the smallest purchase, but I love this book so figured I would make a run of all the printings in 9.8 to go with my MOS 18 CGC 9.8 Print Run 1st and 2nd Print down, now just to grab the 3rd and 4th
  6. I hope so! Would love a MOS sequel - such an underrated movie IMO and I really enjoy Cavill as Superman. Would be great to see a sequel with Brainiac or something building towards Darkseid ....
  7. Looking for a minor panel page from the Death of Superman Storyline or Reign of the Supermen Storyline. For a DOS page - I have no preference and will look at anything you may consider selling (although budget constraints are the issue here - hence the minor panel page) For a Reign of Supermen Page - I would be partial to a Cyborg Superman or Eradicator page - and would have a strong preference for a Green Lantern #46 page. PM if you have something.
  8. Would have been the perfect candidate - but for the tape Thanks for reaching out though. Still looking.
  9. But of course I love newsstand copies and will pay a premium for them - I think they should be a variant 👍 a newsstand Batman 497 in cgc 9.8 is one of my favourite books I own (even though it is a copper book). I am trying to reconcile whether I need the 5th print - given it was printed a couple years later..... but if I can grab for a good deal I will pull the trigger. I want to put together a 9.8 run of Superman 75 printings as well.
  10. Another bump ..... there must be someone looking to upgrade their X-Men 1. Please see the requirements above.