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  1. Chillax23

    Greatest supervillain of all time any universe

    Hmmmmm I would lean towards the Joker ....... but picking someone else it would be Magneto top 5 villains would likely be Joker, Magneto, Doom, Darkseid, and his knockoff in Thanos maybe throw in Luthor as well as he is the main enemy of the most popular superhero ......
  2. Could one of you kind boardies point me in the direction of a good Transformers forum where AFA Graded G1 transformers are sold (if such a forum exists)? I am looking to add a few G1 bots and want to start to understand the market and hopefully find a good forum where collectors sell to each other (hopefully it exists as I love buying CGC graded books off the forum here)
  3. Chillax23

    1st Smurfs 1958 Spirou 1071/1072 Club

    This is a great thread - but I am still a bit confused - so hoping everyone could assist: - First Smurfs is Spirou 1071 - First Smurfs cover is Spirou 1072 (such a great cover in the yellow as well) - Are there both French and Belgian editions? If so, is one more describable/considered the original whereas the other is considered a reprint? i.e., which one do I want to purchase the French or the Belgian?
  4. Last drop $130 shipped for both in the US or Canada!
  5. $140 shipped in the US or Canada for both Wolverine Books!
  6. Bump and Updated Prices: Wolverine 2 and 10 CGC 9.8 - take both books for $150.00 Shipped in the USA or Canada Batman 497 Newsstand - SOLD
  7. Thanks - but the budget for this book permits a 7.0 .... I may stretch to a 7.5.
  8. Bump - there have to be some 7.0 copies of ASM129 out there in the new holder - shoot me a PM
  9. Chillax23

    Is TOS 39 still as highly regarded?

    Not to mention X-Men 1 also brings Magneto who is arguably the most important mutant and arguably the most important Marvel villain (although I may be willing to concede it is Doom ). For me it goes AF15, Hulk 1, FF1, X-Men 1, TOS39 - I am trying to buy a TOS39 this year as my “big book” and am finding low grade copies surprisingly difficult to find.
  10. Added ASM129 CGC 7.0 White Pages - looking for a good centering and wrap on this one ..... 🤞
  11. Chillax23

    The most affordable key comic book?

    Its funny I was actually going to say TMNT #1 for the exact same reasons - but thought it may be too "high value" for this list But I agree!
  12. Chillax23

    The most affordable key comic book?

    I approached this as established keys that are undervalued - I don't think any of these are "cheap" but I think they still present bargains relative to their peers Gold: Batman 47 - first detailed origin of Batman - not cheap, but massively under valued IMO (I love this book and got a copy last year after years of looking for a nice low grade copy) Silver: DD1, AV4, Showcase 22, Showcase 17, X-Men 14, Silver Surfer 3, Strange Tales 89 all come to mind Bronze: X-Men 109, TOD 10 (although starting to rise), Batman 232 (it should be worth a lot more IMO) Copper: Not really sure tbh, not my wheelhouse