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  1. Thanks - I had already reached out to him, but the staples are rusty
  2. See above for prices being paid - message me and we will hopefully be able to work something out.
  3. Great set of books! Really nice presenting X-Men 1 for the grade as well
  4. X-Men 1 all day - first x-Men and first Magneto - easy choice IMO.
  5. Oh no - I did not want a fight where Hulk wins, I actually wanted Thanos to win again and I wanted him to kill Cap in battle (and for that to be the rallying moment (see my initial comment above)). I just wanted a powerful Hulk, and wanted him to go after Thanos. Just like I did not care if Thor beat Thanos, but I wanted him to be the force he was in Infinity War. With respect to the Thor fight, it just did not make sense how in Infinity War he could not deflect or stop Stormbreaker with the Gauntlet fully powered - but in Endgame he could stop it, pick it up and use it - all without the Gauntlet. But
  6. I agree on a couple of things: (1) the Hulk character was not great - and when you factor in his no show in Infinity War it is even worse, everyone had to want an epic fight between him and Thanos and it was nowhere to be seen, it was a real disappointment and (2) while I foudn Fat Thor funny and I understood how he got there (the pity and self-hate) I wanted him to bounce back and be as formidable as he was at the end of Infinity War - I feel like they dropped the ball there. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie - especially Iron Man's arc in it, but I do wish some changes were made (I also wish Cap had sacrificed in battle against Thanos and that was what rallied the Avengers - I think again this could have been a monumental moment that they just missed)
  7. For me Action 23 is the second most important Action, but I accept I am in the minority with that opinion Amazing books everyone!
  8. Ok maybe some prices will help? Paying (for a blue label CGC): $4,000 for a CGC 3.0 $3,600 for a CGC 2.5 $3,300 for a CGC 2.0 all over last GPA sale and you pay no sellers fees. No rust, no tape, no writing on the FC. PM me if you have one.
  9. There have to be some copies out there - message me and we can work something out.
  10. Something that has been bugging me about the movie - is the lack of Hulk actually fighting, I wanted him to throw down with Thanos. I get that they went professor Hulk - but I wanted that fight 😡 don’t get me wrong Cap duel wielding his shield and Thor’s Hammer was insane - but I wanted Hulk to get his rematch. I really think it was a big miss not having it. That being said - some pretty epic fights: loved the 3 originals going toe to toe with thanos, loved Wanda doing her thing, loved the Captain marvel scene where he headbutts her and she just takes it and smirks. Although I do wish Thanos killed Cap in battle and that his sacrifice was the rallying moment - but c’est la vie
  11. I really do not get the Captain Marvel hate - I think her smirk and the attitude she portrays is perfect for the version of Captain Marvel they want, she is different and fresh, and I think really handles the role well. She is viewed as the most powerful and believes she is, she acts serious, and she is indifferent to the lesser/more human characters - but I think that is intentional, because while she is human, she is very powerful now, thought she was kree, and spends her time fighting and solving issues throughout the universe - so maybe human emotions and problems are trivial to her? Of course people are not going to have the same attachment to her yet - she is a brand new character - but I like the direction they are going with her. I do think the loss of RDJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be tough - I am not sure how they are going to handle it, but I am excited to find out.
  12. Wanted to give this club a bump - I have been trying to become a member (see my WTB thread) but have been having a hard time finding a nice low grade copy in the CGC 1.0-3.0 range, so if any members want to exit the club, just shoot me a PM Awesome books everyone!
  13. Another question - if there is restoration on a book that says "Small amount of glue on spine of cover" will the Grader's Notes give ny indication of where that glue is located/where the resto is? I am wondering about being able to possibly remove the small amount of glue.