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  1. Can anybody find out when and where Yanick Paquette will be at a Comic Con ? I have Three Submissions for him and Roy Thomas ( easy to find )
  2. YES I DO !!! This is a Strange Request and a Long Shot .... Looking to buy a page or pages from the Topps Space: Above and Beyond Series ! Penciled by Yanick Paquette / Inked by Michel Lacombe . my wife ask me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her I wanted this series on DVD . it was one of the only Sci-Fi series I did not have and I have been watch them , well I am all jacked up on it now . Can anybody take on this Long Shot ? Drop me a line . Ken
  3. Looking to buy a Hulk Annual #12 signed / autographed by Herb Trimpe . Raw or CGC post or pm Thanks , Ken
  4. I want a Marvel Battlestar Galactica art for Christmas . Will buy or maybe trade for it . If you have a page and might be interested hit me up . Critter
  5. hoping my wife can print info off the website at work . thanks for the help
  6. I was hoping this would get there attention ! Trying too find out more info but they are not responding .
  7. Wanted Sal Buscuma signature for CGC books . Contact me please !
  8. By looking at that picture it looks real good ! I will send you a pm .
  9. WTB Marvel Battlestar Galactica #16 Raw NM / Mint Or CGC 9.2 or better !!!! Please Help Me ..... ARGGGGGGHHH !!!!!!
  10. Esquire has answered and a not for sale CGC #16 . Still needed Raw or CGC ! Somebody help me out .
  12. After getting a very disappointing NM # 16 from Mile High Comics Denver .... More like fine - . I still be searching for this comic ! If you have a NM 16 or a CGC graded 9.2 or better to sell , pm me ! Ken
  13. BUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYBODY ELSE ?????? HELP !!!!!! Only issue I need !!!!!!!!!!!