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  1. I told my dealer friend all the Batman/'Tec books were in NM- or better condition. (We discussed the collection after Dormian had reported back to the thread.) He was willing to pay slightly more than a $1/book. He said if it's a long enough run of either ASM or Batman, then he will pay a premium because there will eventually be a buyer for those titles. You weren't specifically mentioned, but the dealer was surprised more than one person in this thread would have turned down the 60 box deal. He echoed earlier posters by saying a list and ordered books made the collection much more valuable. There would be no guessing on the condition of the big books if he could easily pull them. I have a feeling the dealer would bring a mutual friend to help pick up then pick through the 60 books for him. The picker would, I assume, be willing to be paid with books from the collection.
  2. I mentioned this thread to a dealer today. This dealer barely has the room for 60 additional boxes in his basement, but he said he would have paid $900 for the Batman and Detective Comics runs alone. Mind you this dealer seems obsessed with Detective Comics #880 ever since he found a copy for $1.25 at a convention in November. That may be clouding his judgment.
  3. I sincerely disagree. Even his run on D.P. 7 (I'm 10 issues in) is good. Gruenwald was strong on plotting and characterization. His exploration of morality (and what it meant to be a superhero) across many of his works intrigues me to this day. And he hit emotional highs and lows with surprising frequency. Unfortunately the age of binge-reading hurts classics like Squadron Supreme, because what once was a strength (any issue is a jumping-on point!) has now become, to some readers, a weakness. ("Why is there so much recapping in every single issue?") It's too bad stylistic changes over the last three decades act as a barrier to fresh readers.
  4. I'll pass. The tournament was fun. Thanks BlowUpTheMoon, sckao, and thehumantorch.
  5. Spawn #175 (often sold with Spawn #174) has had some pretty high sales on eBay this month.
  6. Now that I have a (nanoscopic) chance of winning, count me back in!
  7. The eBay ID and language used in the listing are dissimilar to the image the seller cultivates on the boards. I also vaguely remember the seller calling out eBay for corruption and looking for anywhere else to sell his books. However, somewhere in my brain I did know it was him. I apologize if my post offended the seller or was in violation of community standards here. "On-topic" and "poignant" are mutually exclusive adjectives for any post in this thread.
  8. This part of the listing is bizarre: "DON'T WASTE TIME IN THE CRAZINESS OF THE MALLS!" Does the seller believe malls are busy in February? Are malls thriving year-round in California but struggling everywhere else in the country? Has a single person ever not gone to a mall because they bought a comic book on eBay? The FOMO! FOMO! FOMO! section at the top of the description was cute too considering the seller listed another signed CGC 9.8 Rai #0 slab the same day this sold.
  9. RMA makes a compelling (if unstated) case for government regulation in the signatures on comic books industry. He tried to reason with these people, but either they do not understand or, even worse, know exactly what they're doing. Say "no" to discrimination!
  10. I am fairly sure it was you. You had a booth at CAPE 2015 and CAPE 2017. I bought a Black Lightning #1 and Shazam #32 in 2015 plus ASM #149 and Detective Comics #566 in 2017 from you. My biggest regret is not buying your Venom Vs. Carnage mini-series in 2017! PM me if you want details of our conversations or a physical description of me. Back to Batman Damned #1: right now 23 copies of this book occupy all 12 spots on Lyria Exchange's most active, modern age, popular keys blocked, non-CGC list.
  11. Incredible Hulk #441 KEY ISSUES Comics has a good eye for "what will be hot" in my experience buying from him. I regret not buying at least five issues from him that seemed a tad expensive at the time. They were a clear bargain within a year. But I only have eyes for the Gen13 #1 variant when it comes to Pulp Fiction homages. I usually flip past the 441.
  12. Marvel Tails #1 is going ham on eBay. A fine copy sold for $49.99.
  13. Batman #475 is moving again. Renee Montoya will supposedly appear in an upcoming Birds of Prey movie.
  14. I bought some extra copies (fine to very fine range) last month to fill out the Rob Liefeld Fan Club page with my LCS guys' information as a joke. Do I dare destroy two copies of a book that is leaving the quarter bins for the $2 boxes?