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  1. I just had a request for a cancellation on a graded book. In the description I wrote “the cgc case presents with newton rings so if that bothers you, then this may not be for you.” the book sold, but I got a message a few hours later stating they looked up newton rings after buying (not before) and decided they didn’t like them. Fortunately no payment was made yet, or even worse, shipped out.
  2. Here are some recent editions to the Wrightson collection
  3. Hey all I have a few moden slabs left on eBay, all priced competitively to move. EDIT: the power girl and wonder woman are now 5 day auctions Power Girl 27 9.6 wonder woman 184 9.8 and more shipping is free!!! check it out My ebay listings
  4. I have an account now to submit directly, but not too long ago I didn’t and submitted through a dealer to get them pressed/cleaned then graded. They were both modern books. I made the payment for the grading fees on 5/6 and then they were sent out. As of today they still are not in the cue for grading. what I will obviously do in the future is if I want to have something pressed first, go through a vendor that will allow me to use my account
  5. Well that’s what I sort of figured too. Got them listed on eBay right now
  6. Okay here is a question concerning getting a HoS 92. I really want one and I can probably pay for one around 1000. So here is the deal. In order for me to get it, it’s going to require me to sell the modern slabs I have to get it. Books like power girl 27, wonder woman 184, detective comics 880, zatanna 16 and others. Would you do it?
  7. Someone go get out their 2010 overstreet and check prices on what is shown. it would be interesting to see what the value was back then
  8. Just trying to see if those are available. Something like 6.5-7.0 thanks for the help
  9. Just have it sent back and refund them
  10. I recently got one of those plastic bcw boxes and they have spaces for dividers so I use those
  11. So there are these things, flat file cabinets. Meant for blueprints. They seem to work pretty well too. Video of flat file cabinets in action